Devil Returns to School Days


Devil Returns to School Days is an engaging manga with an exciting plot, depicting a bullying revenge narrative with stunning artwork and instantly iconic characters.

Revenge stories are always captivating reads, and this one should not be missed! The dark and foreboding panels create a beautiful ambiance while its gripping narrative gradually escalates tension and stakes to create the ultimate reading experience.


Devil Returns to School Days is an extraordinary manhwa that has won over many readers. The series centers around a student being relentlessly bullied by his classmates; what was his reaction? He reaches out to Satan himself to seek revenge against those responsible and makes a sinister deal with him to achieve this end goal. With a captivating storyline and intriguing characters, it keeps readers riveted week after week.

Chapter 16 of this intriguing manga has just been released, and it will help readers gain more insight into his current situation and plans. Not to mention its captivating artwork! Don’t miss this incredible chapter.

Devil Returns to School Days follows a high school student whose classmates constantly bully him. Though he tried telling his teachers about it, they pretended ignorance and left him to endure their abusers’ torture until graduation day when they pushed him off a roof into a vegetative state – only for it all to return with full force in 10 years!

This captivating manga follows a character who is determined to exact revenge against those who wronged him, even at a significant personal cost. His goal is relentless; nothing will stand in his way in pursuit of justice. With beautiful artwork and captivating plot elements, this captivating manhwa will delight any reader.

Devil Returns to School Days is an immensely popular manga that follows a young male protagonist as he seeks revenge against those who wronged him during his school days. Its stunning art and captivating plot are sure to attract new readers; the manga can be found online through various websites like BakaMitai, Batoto, and 1stkissmanga.

Devil Returns to School Days’ latest chapter can now be read online and on Naver. Additionally, English translations of this manhwa can be found at sites like BakaMitai and Batoto – making this manhwa great for sharing among friends! Although all chapters can be read for free on these websites, be aware of potential legal ramifications when doing so.


The Devil Returns To School Days manga is a gripping, dark tale about a young boy who agrees with Satan in order to exact revenge against his bullies. Featuring well-developed characters and an engaging plot that keeps you guessing until the very end, The Devil Returns To School Days explores corruption and morality issues, which will appeal to readers of all ages.

The main character is an academically talented, physically attractive student with formidable combat skills and a keen mind, yet he becomes the victim of severe bullying by his classmates throughout school years – to such an extent that on graduation day, they push him off a rooftop, sending him into an unconscious vegetative state; however, their bullies continue to defame them in the press.

With help from his friends, the protagonist will avenge himself against those responsible for his tormentors. Along the way, existing friendships will strengthen while new alliances are formed as the story unravels more of this character’s inner conflicts and anxieties, deepening its overall depth.

Since its debut in 2017, this engaging manga has garnered massive fandom. The story revolves around an aggressively bullied high school student who makes an unsavory deal to take revenge against those responsible. Boasting stunning visuals and thought-provoking social commentary, the series has quickly become an instant classic.

The story opens with an unexpected bloodbath in an unexpected hallway, shocking readers alike. After that, our protagonist will start discovering more about himself and his involvement with an evil organization known as the Golden Circle; its founder used high school bullies and criminals as paid enforcers to coerce vulnerable students out of money by forceful means.

As the main character uncovers more truth about the Golden Circle, his journey will continue. He must make some tough choices and sacrifice his happiness for those of his classmates and friends whose lives depend on him, all this while keeping you on your toes with an exciting plot! The tale will keep you coming back for more action-packed adventures!


Devil Returns to School Days stands out among manga offerings with its beautiful artwork, instantly iconic lead character, and powerful bullying revenge narrative. Creator Crareat also weaves in several clever Easter eggs such as references or parodies of other popular titles into its pages to heighten impactful story moments while providing unexpected comic relief in what could otherwise be a dark narrative.

Hongjin High is a high school with an authoritarian hierarchy that enforces social conformity. At this school, Seonwoo must fight hard for any vestige of dignity he achieves; to stay alive, he must defy the system and become judge, jury, and executioner for his classmates. During this bloody crusade, he uncovers profound conspiracies within the school system while his downward spiral into darkness creates an impactful piece of social commentary.

Although most bullying stories focus on physical violence, Devil Returns to School Days takes an entirely different approach. Here, the characters’ dislike is driven by mental manipulation rather than physical contact between surfaces, creating a relentless current of malice that draws readers into the plot and keeps you wanting more! This method of storytelling makes for captivating reading that will have you turning pages to read further volumes in this manga!

This manga offers breathtaking full-page or double-page illustrations that highlight impactful scenes with stunning precision, featuring breathtaking full-page or double-page illustrations that emphasize their impactful impact. Additionally, its art is exquisitely detailed, which further adds an ominous tone. Alongside this spectacular artwork lies an engaging story packed with captivating and complex characters as well as fast-paced plot twists, making this manhwa an excellent read.

Devil Returns to School Days can be found digitally via Mangagg, TopToonPlus, MrBlue, and Tapas. Written in English for easy comprehension by non-Korean speakers, it’s high rating on Mangagg makes this book worth exploring if you enjoy manhwa with an edge – particularly revenge manga and high school drama fans who like something darker, as well as those searching for dramatic entertainment with dark themes.


Devil Returns to School Days is an action manhwa with an irresistibly captivating plot, keeping readers spellbound from start to finish. It follows a high school student as they embark on an incredible journey of righting injustices and seeking revenge; its cliffhanger endings and mesmerizing artwork keep readers enthralled with this thrilling story!

This captivating manhwa was first posted online in 2017 and quickly rose in popularity due to its stunning art, instantly iconic lead character, and cathartic bullying revenge narrative. Crareat employed many clever Easter eggs within his art to help further immerse readers into this captivating world – making this series essential reading for those seeking an action-packed adventure full of humor, sex, and violence!

Chapter 17 takes readers on an exciting adventure as Siwoo tries his hardest to maintain his bond with Kim Hyun-sung despite bullying threats and efforts by others to do so. We learn more about his past as we witness the extreme measures taken against Siwoo. Yet, his determination remains firm as Siwoo refuses to let bullies get close.

As the story develops, the characters become closer. Their bonds form through mutual respect and loyalty as they work to overcome any challenges or difficulties they encounter together. Unfortunately, their lives are threatened by an ancient evil that seeks to harm them.

Devil Returns to School Days is an engaging manga that will have you turning pages with excitement! The artwork is stunning, and its characters are captivating. The plot is straightforward, making this an easy read that offers quick, action-packed chapters suitable for all ages and audiences of any background – especially fans of manhwa or anyone looking for captivating storytelling! This series can be found online via Naver and other authorized platforms.