Get Busy Lyrics


Get Busy Lyrics

This song stars Yeat (born Noah Oliver Smith). He became well-known during mid-2021 after his mixtape 4L and debut studio album Up 2 Me became viral hits on TikTok.

The lyrics of this song depict an idyllic life filled with luxury goods like diamonds and Bustdown watches, as evidenced by its lyrics.

Money So Big

Money So Big by American rapper Yeat was released in 2021 as a party anthem and references various vices; its narrator boasts about his wealth by listing expensive possessions and sexual prowess; drugs mentioned range from Tose (a popular drink within rap culture) to Percocet, an effective painkiller.

TikTok users have taken to this song with great enthusiasm. Its music video features choreography by popular YouTuber ShivNeezings in a club setting and professional production values; its lyrics are exceptional; catchy melodies and infectious energy make this an excellent addition to any playlist! This sound clip belongs to our music category, where there are various tunes you can select and share easily – just one click will allow your friends to access and enjoy playing this clip without downloading it themselves! Tuna and other apps offer users accessible sharing features so they can play this sound clip without downloading it the first time, all without the hassles associated with downloading an MP4 file! Tuna and other apps make sharing easy; sharing sound clips is quick and simple, so everyone can access them without downloading an MP4 file.

Get Busy

Get Busy is an upbeat dancehall song by Sean Paul that encourages listeners to let loose and surrender to its rhythms. It was inspired by Sean’s Jamaican roots and the vibrant dancehall culture surrounding him, one of his breakthrough hits and instrumental in popularizing dancehall worldwide and Jamaican music into the mainstream.

This song boasts an energetic beat and catchy lyrics, along with elements of reggae and hip-hop music. With its catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, this hit song has become a global phenomenon – inspiring millions to work hard towards their dreams while staying positive!

Skimayne and Flansie produced “Let Go,” released it in February 2003, and directed its video by Little X. It shows people dancing to the song at a house party; at one point, the homeowners come down to stop partygoers from banging on their duct pipes during performances of it. The song became an instant classic and has even been nominated twice for MTV Video Music Awards and appeared in numerous popular television shows and movies – also becoming a staple on the dancehall scene and inspiring many to live life to the fullest!

Bettr 0ff

Yeat has unleashed his latest single, “Bttr 0ff”, produced by Bugz Ronin and Leiso. Showcasing his impressive flow and lyricism, this song from Yeat’s forthcoming project, “AfterLyfe,” will undoubtedly impress his fan base.

Yeat’s lyrics are catchy and infectious, inviting listeners to join him at his wild party. In its chorus, he makes an interesting commanding statement: “Pull up now, we finna get busy.”

Production on “Bttr 0ff” is exceptional, with a beat that perfectly complements Yeat’s flow and lyrics to create a timeless banger sure to become a smash hit both on charts and streets alike. Check it out now and share “Bttr 0ff”!

Going Back 2 Ella

Yeat is one of the most exciting rappers to watch, from his head-nodding beats to high-energy anthems that will get you out of your seat to his signature style and distinctive flow cemented his place as one of hip-hop’s leading lights. His music ranges from 2021 hit “Money Twerk” to “Off Tha Lot,” here are a few of Yeat’s finest tracks!

“Goin’ Back 2 Ella” is an exuberant song that showcases Yeat’s lavish lifestyle and wealth. With an infectious beat and bass that will have you bobbing your head along to its lyrics – which include references to Yeat’s Rolls Royce dealership, clothing from Maison Margiela, diamond-filled watches he owns, as well as drug use; his lyrics are both relatable and slick – solidifying him as one of the premier rappers today.

Next up is “Poppin,” which became a commercial hit in 2022. Its infectious beat and catchy chorus had fans dancing around town, while Yeat’s energetic delivery and lyrical flow propelled it straight to the top of the charts. Cole Bennett directed the video for this song, which adds further appeal. Any Yeat fan should listen closely. This track should not be missed!

No More Talk

Yeat made waves with his mixtape 4L and debut studio album Up 2 Me in 2021, quickly building momentum through his mixtape and album releases: Money so Big (EP1) and Get Busy (EP2), plus TikTok singles that helped solidify his newfound fame – quickly making him one of the significant rap names.

No More Talk is a song that expresses growing frustration with conversations that appear pointless and unproductive. The speaker says their unwillingness to discuss certain subjects anymore or has already voiced everything necessary; No More Talk reflects a desire for change while refusing fruitless dialogue.

No More Talk’s lyrics explore themes of excess and living an extravagant lifestyle, with its artist boasting of their luxurious lifestyle, which includes owning a mansion with a surround sound system as well as drugs and partying as vices. Furthermore, this song addresses issues surrounding materialism and decadence in modern society.


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Get Busy is the rapper’s debut single of 2021 and features lyrics revolving around drug use and partying, highlighted by lines such as “got a blick on my side.” Additionally, phrases like “big money ties, big mob ties” reinforce that idea that this individual has strong connections in music industry circles.

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