YS Park Salon Hair Combs and Combs


Supported by top stylists worldwide, ys Park is an industry-leading hair tool brand. Their heat and moisture-resistant brushes and combs offer superior styling capabilities.

YS Park Professional was established by Mr. Young Soo Park seven years after opening his first salon in 1980 in Tokyo. Mr. Park still works in his salon, developing new ideas for products through experience and research.

YS Park Combs

YS Park Combs have long been the go-to choice of many stylists around the world. Created by Tokyo native Young Soo Park, these professional combs are constructed of Ultem plastic that is 428 degrees F resistant. Furthermore, each Parting Space Head shortens one of its teeth for quicker gathering and sectioning of hair faster and more efficiently than with other combs; additionally, they feature fine teeth to grip even fine hair securely without snagging or tangling; additionally, they come in an array of fashion-forward colors to catch clients’ eyes and draw their eye as soon as they see them!

YS Park 339 Fine Cutting Grip Comb is ideal for essential cutting work and features gently spaced teeth that are gentle on the scalp. With its shortened first tooth to aid with faster sectioning and extra-rigid structure that won’t bend under clipper-over comb work, this comb offers maximum precision when it comes to precision cutting. Furthermore, its spine contains holes at centimeter intervals for use as guides when creating sections, making this an excellent option for precision cutting.

The YS Park 150 Teasing Comb is a wide-toothed, finer-tipped comb designed for backcombing and teasing, featuring durable Ultem plastic that can withstand temperatures up to 428 degrees F. Compared to its 339 Fine Cutting Grip counterpart, its finer teeth are more spread out, with its shortened first tooth making picking up smaller sections easier during backcombing or teasing.

YS Park Brushes

Professional hairstylists from around the world trust YS Park brushes and combs for their precision hair styling needs. Their mission is to develop quality products that are gentle on hair, people, and the environment – this means focusing on producing maximum results with minimum resources. At How High Brands, we carry an assortment of YS Park combs and brushes in various styles such as round, flat, and paddle brushes – these feature high heat resistance while being gentle to use and feature a “Parting Space Head” feature to make sectioning simpler!

YS Park brushes feature either natural boar bristles or a combination of boar and nylon (nylon pins), engineered to be heat and moisture-resistant and perfect for straightening or creating curls. We carry them in various sizes; select the ideal brush according to your desired look – for instance a small barrel brush works wonders for adding volume at the roots or creating waves or curls; while medium size barrel brushes work great in creating long sleek styles with curves.

YS Park offers an expansive selection of paddle brushes that are popular among stylists for creating a sleek and tidy style without lift or volume. Paddle brushes feature a soft cushion base with bristles on one side that are often slightly curved, making them the ideal tool for brushing out loose or curly locks as well as speedy blow-dry finishes to reduce heat damage risk.

YS Park Hair Clips

The YS Park Shark Hair Clip (also referred to as L Clip or Duck Clip) offers an innovative take on classic haircutting supplies. Crafted from extruded aluminum and anodized with vibrant hues, this strong clip stands the test of time with its extra strong spring gripping power, while its finger length ease-of-use feature makes this newcomer the ideal partner. Look out for its Goriki mark to ensure authenticity – stylists in New York, Beverly Hills, and London hail it as their number-one clip choice! One package contains two clips!

Shear Integrity is an authorized YS Park dealer.

YS Park Hair Tools

YS Park Hair Tools were designed by professional stylists specifically for use on their clients and created to be gentle on hands, hair, and the environment.

Young Soo Park of Japan first made his world-class YS Park professional brushes and combs world famous through his successful hairstyling career, beginning in Tokyo before expanding his services globally, including London, Paris, and Vancouver – learning everything he could about the industry along the way. By immersing himself in it all, Young Soo Park gained insight into what features salon professionals desired when selecting their hairbrushes.

YS Park combs and brushes offer many innovative features you won’t find with other brands, including their “Parting Space Head” that shortens the first tooth to make sectioning hair more accessible, as well as their innovative “Air Hole” system that allows heated air to pass freely through their bristles without collecting heat or creating harmful hot spots that damage hair follicles; this allows hair to dry faster while saving energy, time, and power.

YS Park brushes offer a range of bristle types and shapes designed for all types of hair. Their Tortoise Brushes come equipped with soft cushion bases featuring bristles on one side that often slightly curve inward – these brushes can help straighten naturally straightened locks quickly and effortlessly!