Computer Learning Institute Near Me


No matter your lifestyle or professional goals, computer skills can help keep you connected and advance your professional profile. Data entry specialists, customer service reps, and administrative/human resource professionals can all gain an edge by mastering essential technologies like online shopping, email, and word processing to increase their earnings and career profile.

NYC boot camps and schools like Noble Desktop and Flatiron School provide courses designed to boost technical confidence. Others, such as ONLC and Certstaffix, hold virtual classes in computer labs equipped with pre-loaded software; class recordings reinforce these lessons.

Hack Reactor

If you’re curious about learning to code, boot camp programs could be the way to go. These intensive programs combine classroom instruction with hands-on practice to equip participants with the skills needed for finding work in tech. While the curriculum may differ depending on which school is chosen, most include topics like front-end and back-end development, as well as career support services designed to help graduates find employment after they finish the program.

Hack Reactor is a coding school offering intensive on-campus and remote courses in software engineering, lasting from 12-19 weeks and including job placement assistance. They also provide a pre-boot camp that helps students prepare for their class – applicants must pass both technical assessments and interviews to be accepted into this boot camp program.

The course can be intense, with 12-hour days spent learning from Monday to Friday – some recent graduates even compare it to “drinking from a firehose.” Students spend much time outside of class as well, working on projects and networking – but many find the program is well worth their while.

After graduating from Hack Reactor, students can apply for employment with companies like Amazon and Google. Additionally, this school teaches its graduates how to build an online presence that makes them more marketable in their industries. Established by brothers Tony and Marcus Philips in 2012 and with locations all across the US, Moringa School in Nairobi, Kenya, and San Quentin State Prison are partners of this institute.

Hack Reactor offers both on-site and remote software engineering programs, as well as an in-person academy for those wanting to learn to code in New York City. Their program begins with part-time prep courses before moving onto full-time junior and senior phases, where students learn skills like HTML, CSS, front/back end development, and JavaScript development.

Hack Reactor stands out among coding schools by reporting its outcomes publicly through the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). According to their self-reported data, 75% of its alumni find employment within 180 days and earn an average median salary of $80,000.

Practical Programming

Practical Programming is an NYC computer training center offering both in-person and online courses in coding and data science, including Python, SQL, and Java coding courses, as well as certifications. They specialize in both and also offer boot camps or intensive programs for those wanting an edge in their careers.

This course emphasizes digestible instruction, high-quality lessons, and constructive feedback to prepare students for future careers. They begin by helping students grasp the fundamental concepts behind programming languages before teaching them how to utilize programming toolkits to build real-world projects – providing a more interactive learning experience than hours of lecture alone. In addition, the school also offers various other computer-related classes, such as data science, software engineering, and web development.

Programming practice is an essential component of computing education. Now that GCSE Computer Science no longer includes non-examined assessment, exciting and engaging practical work can now be added into all key stages’ schemes of work more efficiently and excitingly. Ideal practical programming activities might include writing a program to solve a problem or meet an established design brief, anticipating how it will behave, making modifications, explaining it to another pupil, devising tests on it, and finding bugs within its code.

Pupils should also be encouraged to create open-ended, creative projects to express their approach to solving a problem or meet design briefs. Furthermore, learning a single programming language until its syntax and keywords become automatic may prove beneficial in solving computational problems efficiently.

NextGen Bootcamp, Noble Desktop’s youth training division, offers summer coding classes for teens in NYC. Led by expert mentors, these camps focus on the development of practical coding skills. Noble Desktop also offers online courses as well as workshops for teachers and businesses.

NYC Career Centers

Computer skills are an indispensable asset to modern life, both professionally and personally. They allow you to stay organized with work by tracking files and emails as you complete it, organizing emails into folders, and writing documents – as well as increasing employability by helping you secure higher pay rates. Furthermore, these skills can benefit you both when shopping online, using social media sites, etc.

NYC Career Centers offer courses suitable for students of all skill levels. Their offerings include beginner computer classes, coding boot camps, and business-focused classes like project management and financial modeling. Students can enroll either physically in Midtown Manhattan or remotely through a live online class option – individual students or corporate teams alike can enroll.

In addition to its wide selection of courses, the school also provides customized training for specific industries and careers. One example is Microsoft PowerPoint boot camp training aimed at adults that covers basic slideshow creation as well as more advanced features like customizing slide masters and recording presentations. There are no prerequisites, as instructors at this school are known for being knowledgeable of their subject matter, as well as engaging teachers who offer follow-up support after classes have concluded.

The price range for NYC Career Center courses depends on their length and type, with shorter workshops/courses often costing less, while more extended boot camps tend to run more toward the high end of the scale. Sure, their practices qualify for student financing/installment plans, which may help alleviate the total cost of attendance.

Our school is housed in an Art Deco skyscraper at 2 Park Avenue and conveniently situated between Murray Hill and Midtown South neighborhoods of New York City. Public transport (subway, bus, LIRR, and NJ PATH) makes accessing it very simple; ample parking and multiple high-speed elevators are also provided.

NYIM Training

NYIM Training offers both in-person and online computer classes, boot camps, and courses to meet every computer learning need – from web development and data science to project management and career guidance services for specific boot camps and certificates. Courses range in duration from three to twelve weeks, with object-based experiential learning taking place over this timeframe; prices typically fall within the $500 to $3,500 range, with more extensive programs costing more.

The company has been in operation for more than two decades, and its instructors possess industry experience. Their courses are tailored towards teaching students skills they will need for their desired careers; curriculum updates have taken place regularly. Students can receive mentored instruction or group instruction, depending on the course. Many classes focus on Microsoft products, while online training opportunities may also be available.

Studying computer courses or boot camps in New York City can be an ideal way to kick-start or advance a new career or enhance existing ones. Thanks to its excellent salaries in all tech fields, NYC is a perfect environment in which to develop the necessary skills needed for success. Various schools are providing such classes or boot camps in NYC, including Noble Desktop, NYC Data Science Academy, BrainStation General Assembly Boot Camps, and Columbia Engineering Boot Camps – Certstaffix ONLC also holds courses using state-of-the-art labs with live instructors providing instruction from offsite locations.

If you want to learn programming, NYC offers several schools offering Python courses. These classes will teach the syntax of this programming language and prepare you for careers across industries and businesses that wish to increase productivity.

NYIM Training in midtown Manhattan offers computer training classes that are easily accessible by train or bus in both in-person and online formats. Their instructors are industry professionals with years of experience teaching high-demand skills – their lessons are practical yet focused, allowing their students to apply the skills learned directly in the workplace.