My High School Bully Manhwa


Atsushi, Mario, and Kenken are three juvenile delinquents who attempt to bully Sakamoto but fail miserably. While they were high on drugs, they thought that they would beat him, but instead, he avoided any hits whatsoever and even attacked without breaking a sweat!

Shoya faces the daunting task of earning forgiveness from classmates and Shoko alike, yet is determined to make things right and earn her love again.

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Contrary to most bullying manga, this one features psychological manipulation as the focus. A girl acts as the silent queen who draws her victims into an irresistibly vicious current of malice – making this story genuinely original and highly recommended!

The main character is a second-year high school student who is subjected to repeated bullying by several girls at school, without suffering physical harm but suffering humiliation nonetheless and feeling like her life has no purpose or value. Her only friend in life is an intimidatingly large girl known by the nickname Miss Nagatoro, who also acts as her rival.

He becomes upset as she makes fun of him for failing to live up to his self-created hero, prompting him to cry. At first, he attempts to avoid her, but she interrupts his drawing session at Art Club and insists he draw her instead – even suggesting she pose nude so that he would be satisfied and providing him with an extra special surprise for completing it!

Initial pressure was difficult for him to bear, but he soon realized it was an opportunity to show her just why he was worthy and win her trust – eventually, she accepted, and they began their rivalry.

This series is packed with intriguing characters and doesn’t rely on stereotypes for its story. The main characters are well-developed, making it easy to relate to the emotions they experience. This dark tale will make you think twice about bullying as a serious issue that affects everyone equally.

Vertical has released volumes 1 through 6 of this manga in English translation, and two box sets have also been made available that collect them all together into an acrylic standee of Miss Nagatoro for display on their boxes. The digital version can also be found at MangaFan, with a dedicated fansite for the storyline.


A self-drawn manga dropped at school brings laughter from his classmates; only one girl stands up for him – first-year Nagatoro is unaware that she is actually an oppressive bully who takes pleasure in tormenting him, teasing him about his appearance, drawing thighs on him, which causes tears, then threaten to make him look like a girl until eventually, reluctantly, taking up Nagatoro’s challenge and becoming her disciple.

Though she appears sly at first glance, she is actually quite sweet at heart, and the two begin to develop feelings for each other. Unfortunately, she’s too good at what she does, making the MC feel guilty for his actions as an attacker of bullies, yet still decides to get revenge against their bullies and seek their destruction.

He’s part of an educational correction committee that dispatches its members to schools to remedy bullying issues by any means necessary. When confronted with problems, he finds himself using both wisdom and cruelty as solutions, eventually blurring the lines between what’s right and what’s wrong.

The MC must experience everything his victim did in high school, which causes him to experience psychological trauma. Over time, however, he overcomes it all and emerges stronger – making the story both crazy bullying and psychological drama.

Void Scans offers the manga My High School Bully online and for free to read, updated each week. Additionally, other popular manhwa titles from genres including romance, comedy, and horror may also be found here – make sure you take a look and see if anything grabs your fancy! My High School Bully stands out as it features plenty of action with likable characters, making for an exciting story arc; both Japanese and English versions of the series can be found for reading pleasure!