Devil Returns to School Days Manga Review


Devil Returns to School Days is an exhilarating manhwa that weaves action, revenge, and school life together into one captivating narrative. It follows a bullied student as she makes a deal with Satan to gain justice against her attackers.

Readers will be taken aback by this captivating tale’s many turns and twists, leaving them breathlessly engaged throughout its pages. It’s stunning artwork, and the compelling plot will keep readers riveted to their seats until the very end!


Kim Hyun Sung is the main character in this manga. Once an ideal student, he was suddenly thrown off of a rooftop and has since been living as a vegetative patient. Now determined to rewrite his life and seek revenge against those responsible, his journey through this series introduces readers to some of his enemies along his journey.

Devil Returns to School Days manga is full of memorable characters with captivating narratives that draw the reader in, drawing them into their world and creating a compelling story arc that pulls them in with its pacing storyline and fascinating plot, full of twists and turns. Not only offering up revenge as one storyline but also providing satisfying romantic tales.

Devil Returns to School Days has earned widespread critical acclaim thanks to its striking art and cathartic bullying revenge narrative. Additionally, this manga features its distinct style, using unique full-page or double-page illustrations to bring impactful scenes alive – showing off an author who excels at creating vivid visuals that add an edge-like edge to his tale.

As the story advances, its characters grow increasingly complex and explore their pasts more deeply, creating an engaging manga experience for its readers who wish to get answers to any lingering questions they might have had about a character or theme. Furthermore, this tale features some noteworthy morality/ethics themes, which add an edge that keeps audiences riveted to their seats!

Readers of this riveting manga can look forward to experiencing exciting developments and revelations that are sure to leave them guessing in its future chapters, which are set for release on June 3, 2023. Expect some unexpected twists in store!

As the story progresses, Kim Hyun Sung will reveal more of his mysterious past – giving both readers and himself insight into what may lie in store for him in his future. This will establish an emotional bond with both parties as well as clues as to his fate.


Devil Returns to School Days is an intense and captivating tale filled with rich imagery and perceptive commentary. From its haunting atmosphere and pulse-pounding revenge plot to tense action sequences and unforgettable bloody hallway opening, Devil Returns to School Days promises to become an instant classic in manga history.

Devil Returns to School Days explores themes of obsession, survival, and revenge through its main character – a high schooler – as well as bullying prevention and awareness. Additionally, this series features unexpected comedic moments to make characters more relatable and humanized.

When Crareat first posted chapters to his blog in 2017, the manga quickly went viral thanks to its beautiful art, instantly iconic lead character, and cathartic bullying revenge narrative. Additionally, its creator often includes striking full-page or double-page illustrations to emphasize impactful moments from the story, along with hidden Easter eggs and references to other popular manga and anime titles that help balance its dark tone.

Devil Returns to School Days is an intriguing high school drama with a dark, twisted tone. It follows an exceptional student whose peers bully him. After reaching his breaking point, he makes a deal with Satan for terrifying new abilities that allow him to unleash havoc against each one of his former bullies – one by one!

As the drama progresses, it becomes evident that the underworld has made an alluring offer to our protagonist. Chapter 19 provides yet another illustration, featuring an intense battle between them both.

This captivating manga will quickly draw in fans worldwide. From its dark atmosphere and action scenes to its memorable characters and quick pace, readers will indeed become engaged by this tale of intrigue.

Release Dates

Devil Returns to School Days is an engaging manga with a dedicated fanbase. It follows a bullied student given the power to rewrite his fate and seek revenge, creating a chillingly captivating plot that blurs lines between retribution and justice, exploring second chances, as well as forgiveness through the journey of its protagonist.

Devil Returns to School Days will make its next installment available on July 5, 2023, and readers will experience an exhilarating new twist in its narrative, leaving them on edge as they read. As more unexpected turns and turns unfold throughout its pages, more drama will unfold!

One of the most captivating aspects of this manga is the dynamic between its characters. Although they sometimes disagree, their friendship and loyalty help maintain balance in their lives despite sometimes opposing each other. This can be seen through how they work together towards accomplishing their goals, even though their opinions don’t always line up perfectly.

Siwoo has grown increasingly suspicious of Kim Hyunsung, knowing full well that he could be plotting against him but refusing to believe him, still protecting Kim from bullies and standing up for him against those seeking harm for fear that others may attempt harm against his beloved partner in crime, Siwoo.

But Taejoon’s desire to expose Kim’s true nature and restore justice at school could put him into an unwise confrontation with his teacher, Kim. Fully aware of any possible repercussions, it will be interesting to observe how Taejoon responds in this potentially hazardous situation.

Fans can access the latest episode of Devil Returns to School Days via Naver’s Naver Series platform, where its chapters can be read in their original form if available. Reading manga content requires creating an account, and reading will require payment via Naver Comics; both services offer access to raw chapters that need time for translation into English language versions of chapters. The latest chapter can be read freely but may require waiting some time until all are translated into English language versions of each manga series chapter if it is available only in raw form.


The Devil Returns to School Days manga series is an essential read for fans who enjoy action-packed stories with twisty plotlines. Its riveting plot will keep readers on the edge of their seats while they eagerly anticipate each new chapter! Luckily, fans can read it on various devices with multiple format versions available.

Vyvy, the creator of this manga, explained that its inspiration comes from actual events occurring in his hometown. Many of its characters are drawn from real people he knows; readers will experience their struggles first-hand as part of reading the comic. Furthermore, its goal is to raise awareness of bullying and how it affects lives.

While this manga takes place at a high school, its stories explore the complexities of teenage life as well as bullying tactics employed by bullies against their victims. Visuals depict atrocities committed in pursuit of power; the storyline highlights the importance of second chances.

As the story progresses, the line between revenge and justice becomes increasingly uncertain. As a bloody crusade escalates out of control for our protagonist, he uncovers deep conspiracies that allow bullying to continue unchecked.

The series features an eclectic cast of characters such as Kang So-young, Kim Dae-hyun, Lee Hye-Jeong, and Seo Ji-hoon – among them is Kang So-young herself; Kim Dae-hyun, Lee Hye-Jeong, and Seo Ji-hoon all playing significant roles. Our hero excelled academically as well as in fighting skills but was unfortunately bullied off of a roof on graduation day and into a vegetative state; after being saved, he spent ten years suffering before coming back out alive to exact revenge upon those responsible. Our manhwa contains lots of action and romance as well as action; the plot lines are well written, and the characters are likable; plus, there will definitely be some explicit scenes and an ending cliffhanger to keep readers entertained throughout.