How to Make a Cartoon Plant Look Natural


Early Disney films use plants as a metaphor for social and environmental attitudes. The initial group of clips affirms traditional, heteronormative gender roles for men and the capitalistic exploitation of nature.

(Fantasia, 1940) An elk’s revival of Mother Nature underscores her dominance over meek and defenseless plants. Furthermore, this clip misrepresents plant genitalia; most plants are hermaphrodites.


Cartoon plants are frequently rendered with humanized features and personalities. For instance, the characters from Brave Little Toaster, servants in Beauty and the Beast, or mushroom people from Mario video games come to mind as examples of this trend.

Though not always done intentionally, anthropomorphism can often be misleading. It usually gives plants power or status that exceeds reality and may reinforce stereotypes or preconceived notions that strengthen stereotypes or preconceptions. Therefore, before including cartoons in your designs, it is always advisable to check their intended use first.

Disney’s early films contain numerous depictions of anthropomorphized plants. These early representations serve to naturalize the socioeconomic status quo. Scenes can be divided into two themes based on these plants: 1) Traditional heteronormative gender roles for them and (2) Exploiting nature like man.

The first category of clips upholds a unifying, hierarchical narrative in which animals are the active agents while plants passively rescue or eliminate them. To achieve this end, it equates plants with human characteristics like strength, wisdom, lust, and greed, neglecting to address how plants provide an essential support system that keeps herbivores and carnivores alive; without plants, none of us would exist today!


Add small flowers to make your cartoon plant even prettier; choose their size and color carefully! Dot these blooms around your plant wherever you like for added dimension, making the image even more natural while representing pollination processes more effectively. Or add human characters interacting with it! This makes the experience all the more fascinating!