Scag Power Equipment at a Scag Dealer Near Me in New York


Our shop has an impressive selection of high-quality Scag power equipment, including commercial riding and stand-on mowers designed with innovative features for optimal comfort and performance.

There comes a point when only perfectly cut lawn stripes matter; this is when you know a Scag is necessary.

Liberty Z Riding Mowers

Scag’s Liberty Z is one of the most comfortable and well-built riding mowers on the market, featuring an expansive deck and powerful engine capable of managing uneven lawns. Additionally, this riding mower was created to last longer than many competitors while offering several key safety measures that simplify users’ lives.

The tube steel main frame gives this mower incredible strength and durability, while its hydraulic drive system delivers plenty of power. The Kawasaki FR series engine provides reliable performance while high-strength cutter blades stay sharp for increased cut quality and reduced maintenance needs. Furthermore, adjustable contoured padded seats fit like a glove, making this experience pleasurable!

Dual hydraulic pumps deliver positive power to each wheel for effective and safe maneuvering in tight spaces. Constructed decks made from heavy-duty materials are equipped with deep designs for increased scuff-free performance – beneficial when managing tough grass or overgrown lawns – making this mower suitable for acreages, estates, and farm lawns.

This zero-turn mower is powered by a Kohler 7000 series or Kawasaki FR series engine, both reliable brands that will stand the test of time. Additionally, this mower comes equipped with HydroGear ZT2800 (36”, 48”, or 52” deck) or ZT3100 (61”) transaxles; both will surpass and outlive their residential-grade counterparts, respectively.

The Liberty Z is an ideal mower for homeowners looking to maintain beautiful lawns. Easy to operate, with features like cruise control and washout ports that blast away caked-on dirt. Regular oil changes don’t pose a burdensome process for most people – plus, it comes equipped with an hour meter so you can stay on top of its maintenance schedule. Furthermore, headlights make this mower ideal for mowing in shaded areas or at dusk.

V-Ride II Walk-Behind Mowers

The V-Ride II is an innovative walk-behind mower with all of the comforts of a riding mower, offering easy entry and exit from tight spaces faster than traditional mowers while remaining more comfortable than competing walk-behinds to allow longer working hours without straining backs or knees.

The V-Ride II’s main frame is high-strength single-tube steel for strength, durability, and stability – providing a dependable mower to take on even the most challenging jobs. Padded control levers help minimize hand force while providing operator comfort over many hours of mowing. Plus, its large fuel tank holds 8 gallons (48″, 52″, or 61′” models). So that means hours and hours of fun.

The V-Ride II comes standard with a heavy-duty hydraulic oil cooler to ensure your engine and cutter-deck drive system stay appropriately lubricated, prolonging their lives for maximum longevity. Furthermore, this innovative vehicle features a highly efficient and reliable dual Hydro-Gear pump-and-motor drive system, featuring cooling fans and a heavy-duty pump shock valve to reduce wear on components.

Scag’s Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System for specific models gives real-time data on various systems inside the operator seat. The user-friendly design enables time and cost-saving repairs.

Ogura PTO clutch brakes found on the V-Ride II are designed to quickly and reliably stop blades and feature an adjustable air gap for increased blade life.

These stand-on-zero-turn mowers are the ideal lawn care tools for contractors and homeowners with two acres or more to mow. Boasting one-piece frames, Ogura clutches, and Scag’s cast iron spindles with tapered roller bearings – as well as easy-to-remove covers, an unrestricted engine compartment, and grease Zerks for quick maintenance – they are built for years of daily high use. Spend less time in the shop and more time mowing!

Patriot Riding Mowers

The Patriot zero-turn mower was created explicitly with commercial lawn care professionals in mind to deliver hassle-free, high-performance operation without maintenance requirements and leave both customers and neighbors applauding your work. It can handle large estates and rugged terrain with up to 16 mph forward and five mph reverse cutting speeds, respectively; its 52″ Hero deck provides excellent cut quality, while its 22 HP Kawasaki FX engine, it offers unmatched power.

As with other Scag mowers, the Patriot is designed for maximum durability. Constructed from tubular steel and entirely fabricated for strength, its adjustable suspension seat adds comfort, while its controls are conveniently located for quick use. Furthermore, an optional cup holder and storage tray further increase convenience.

It comes equipped with a hydraulic dump valve for effortless grass clipping disposal, bagging or mulching accessories depending on customer preferences, a deck adjustable from 1-1/2 to 5″ cutting height range, and heavy-duty aluminum spindles with sealed ball bearings for long life and maintenance free operation.

Featuring a 6.5-gallon fuel tank for extended run times and less time spent refueling, this mower features a digital hour meter that alerts operators of any maintenance required; additionally, its angled fuel neck allows quick and effortless filling; plus, you can lift without starting its engine!

The Patriot has many features that make it ideal for commercial landscapers, including an anti-scalp roller on its deck to protect from rocks and debris, an effortless electric start system with convenient control panel access, foldable ROPS for safety, and a hydraulic deck lift for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

For larger yards requiring more excellent maneuverability than what a walk-behind mower provides, consider purchasing or renting a zero-turn riding lawnmower (ZRT). Also known as ZRTs, these mowers feature tight turning radiuses for effortless navigation around curbs and fences; designed specifically for larger yards, they can use gasoline or electric engines for power. When purchasing one, consider the costs both upfront and ongoing as you’ll also have fuel expenses to consider; alternatively, renting locally might be more suitable, or looking into renting an alternative lawnmower would work instead –

Riding mowers resemble small tractors and generally cost 30-50% less than zero-turn mowers, though they don’t do as well tackling uneven or hilly terrain. If you regularly mow more extensive lawns, investing in a ZRT may save time and energy in the long run.

Zero-turn mowers use an innovative steering system that works differently from a riding lawnmower’s standard steering wheel. A pair of control levers known as lap bars is attached to the operator platform, and when pulled forward the mower moves faster in a straighter line while when pulled back it slows down and turns in an arc-like motion.

Zero-turn mowers do not feature any brake mechanisms other than their parking brake since they rely solely on traction. If they lose grip on the ground, however, they could completely stop working; top-rated zero-turn mowers often come equipped with features designed to increase comfort and safety.

No matter the size or layout of your yard, Bobby Ford’s has a zero-turn mower model to meet all your needs, be it large yards or small lawns. Our selection includes Cub Cadet PRO Series ZRTs that have earned trust among professional lawn care teams for handling complex tasks.

The EGO Power+ 52″ Z6 Zero-Turn Mower is an excellent option for homeowners with larger yards, offering a spacious cutting deck capable of managing up to three acres of grass at once. Plus, its expandable battery system ensures you can complete the task efficiently.