Flower Granny Square Pattern


This crochet pattern is an excellent choice for crocheters creating eye-catching designs using cluster dcs and standing dcs stitches. Although this may look complicated at first glance, it’s very straightforward!

Step One: Work two double crochet stitches in the following ch-2 spaces. Step Two: Create the Corner Stitch Pattern (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc). This should be repeated three times.


Crochet flower granny squares can be an excellent next step after mastering the basic granny stitch while showing off your color skills. There is a wide selection of colors from which to select for this project; mix and match to create unique patterns!

This crochet pattern is easy to follow, with written and video tutorial instructions included. All that’s necessary for success is basic knowledge of single and double crochet stitches. A good idea would be to purchase several blocks in each color so that you can work on this while waiting for appointments or events.

This first round of this granny square features three groups of double crochet clusters to form petals. Start by chaining three stitches and working two DCs into the center ring for your first granny cluster; create three more in this manner for additional rows.

After your flower granny square is complete, join it with other blocks using a single crochet seam to give it a clean, uniform appearance and create an effective alternative to sewing them together. However, be wary when joining flower granny squares!


Make an eye-catching flower granny square blanket using any yarn you choose; bulky yarn works quickly and efficiently for the best results. Furthermore, be sure to use the hook recommended on the ball band of the thread you select; depending on the size of your project, you may require multiple balls of yarn.

At first, you will need to learn the fundamentals of crochet granny square making; being familiar with stitches such as double and treble crochet is essential. In addition, other tools such as scissors and yarn needles will come in handy; having a crochet chart can also be invaluable as it helps monitor progress while ensuring all petals are correctly placed.

Once your granny squares are complete, it’s time to join them together. You could try various joining techniques; single crochet hook is particularly suited to this kind of square as it provides an elegant frame around its flowers while adding textural depth and dimension to your blanket.

Start by attaching the new yarn color between two petals of an existing granny square (ch 6 counts as one TC stitch) and working two TC and three DCs in that space – this will form the corner. Repeat these steps for all remaining corners.


This colorful crochet flower granny square pattern is an excellent beginner-friendly project, only requiring basic stitches. The designer provides detailed photos and video tutorials, making the way accessible for novice crocheters. Furthermore, it also covers how to do cluster stitches and dc2tog stitches – two fundamental techniques in crochet that beginners often struggle with.

This flower-inspired granny square may be more complex than others on our list, but it still makes an excellent beginner crochet project. To complete it, the skillset necessary includes cluster and standing double crochet stitches and long single crochet stitch (also called spike stitch) work – plus it comes with its free pattern available from Draiguna blog!

This pattern uses an eye-catching color combination and a unique crochet technique called popcorn stitch, similar to slip stitch but working in the round, to make itself stand out from other floral granny squares. Plus, its interactive nature provides a great way to learn new stitches while working on an exciting project!

The author of this pattern recommends wet blocking completed granny squares before sewing them together to prevent them from being stretched out of shape and distorting their shape. This step is essential when working with bulky yarn and should always be done before joining up your squares. Choosing an effective wet-blocking method depends on which yarn type you’re working with, so research before trying it yourself!

Time required

Granny squares are an increasingly popular crochet pattern and are easy to create. Used in projects ranging from blankets and tablecloths to scarves, granny squares offer the chance to use scrap yarn efficiently. Add flowers for an added flair!

Flower Granny Square Patterns offer crocheters an ideal opportunity to practice new stitches and techniques. The pattern uses basic crochet stitches that can be worked in various colors; you may even add beads for a unique finish! Upon completion of your project, it will result in an eye-catching blanket or shawl!

The first step to creating this granny square is to create a center ring using a chain stitch. Work your next round by making three double crochet stitches in every space designed by chaining three chains around the center ring; when finished, join with a slip stitch back at the first ch-3 chain.

Combining granny squares can be done using numerous methods, but two of the best are invisible seam and single crochet join. Both ways will give your flower granny squares a neat and polished appearance with blockable techniques such as wet blocking. Wet blocking involves spraying or submerging squares into the water for several minutes until blocking occurs.