Roto Grip’s Hyped Solid Bowling Ball


Hyped Solid is the newest ball to join HP2’s versatile HP2 line-up. Boasting its trademark Hyped core wrapped with VTC Solid coverstock, Hyped Solid makes an excellent weekly league bowling ball as it fits seamlessly between big core/big cover balls and small core/pearl cover balls for optimal versatility.


Roto Grip’s latest addition to its HP2 performance line, the Hyped Solid, is an outstanding mid-performance bowling ball. Boasting a similar symmetrical Hyped core that was found in previous Hustles and Pearl versions, the HYPED SOLID utilizes this VTC (Versatile Traction Control) Solid coverstock finished at 3000 grit for earlier traction as well as better control when it comes to friction on the lane, making it perfect when additional oil may be necessary or when more power may be required! If you want to get HYPED, then contact your nearest pro shop as soon as possible!

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Mid-Mid-Mid Performance

The Hyped Solid extends the versatility of HP2 to new heights! Boasting its signature Hyped core wrapped in VTC solid coverstock with an exceptional 3000-grit finish, this ball can meet all your weekly league bowling needs as well as provide an option to experienced bowlers looking for something in-between big core/big cover balls and small core/pearl cover balls.

Roto Grip’s Hyped Core bowling ball features a low Relative Gravity rating to provide more overall motion than entry-level balls but less than their upper-mid performance bowling balls. Hooking may be easier than with the Hyped Pearl or IQ Tour Solid balls, making this ideal when there is just a bit of oil on the lanes or when there is too much friction downline, and you need additional control.

The Hyped solid is equipped with the VTC solid coverstock’s sanded finish, which allows it to respond quickly and read lanes early, offering flexibility depending on bowler style. As a result, this versatile ball can meet many conditions and conditions with ease.

Mid-Mid-Mid Traction

Hyped is excited to introduce their latest member: Hyped Max! Featuring VTC Solid coverstock and finished at 3000 grit, this ball offers maximum versatility! Ideally suited for players looking for more motion than their Hustle core balls but less than those found in HP3 lines, the Max is packed with versatility!

Roto Grip’s R&D team set out to design a core that would provide more overall ball motion than their entry-level ball line but would still offer less performance than mid-range and upper mid-performance bowling balls. The Hyped heart achieved this objective by providing medium flare with a solid, angular backend reaction.

The Hyped core combined with VTC solid coverstock finished at 3000 grit provides a smooth angular motion through the front of the lane and a strong, controlled continuation to pins. This ball will work great for league play on medium conditions, while it may also help bowlers who like “balling down” during middle lane play to control rotational energy.

Mid-Mid-Mid Control

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Roto Grip recently unveiled their HP2 Performance line of bowling balls: the Hyped Solid. Featuring Roto Grip’s Hyped core with low RG, this ball offers more motion than their entry-level balls but less than their upper-mid performance bowling balls. Wrapped in VTC solid coverstock and finished at dull 3000 grit finish grit level 3000, the Hyped Solid makes an excellent option for medium conditions.

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