Men’s Alcohol Birthday Cakes


Men’s alcoholic birthday cakes can be an engaging way to mark their special day and show their thoughtfulness on their big day. With each cake featuring their favorite drink or beer, these unique cakes make an impressive present and also offer an alternative option to conventional gifts such as cufflinks and fountain pens.

Jack Daniel ‘s-themed cakes make an excellent present for any man celebrating 30. For added special touches, consider using edible gold trim and lettering for extra effect.

Beer Mug Cake

If your man enjoys beer, he will appreciate this gravity-defying cake in the shape of a mug! Made of a white sponge and covered with icing creme, it features an adorable handle made out of white modeling chocolate that sticks into one side of the cake as a lovely surprise for Father’s Day, his birthday, or any special event! It is an ideal present to give for Father’s Day or another special occasion such as your husband’s birthday!

This cake is easy and very moist to bake. Any beer, such as Guinness, Corona, or Heineken, will do. As part of the baking process, much of its alcohol evaporates, leaving a fantastic flavor combination between the sweetness of the cake and the uniqueness of alcohol flavorings.

For the batter, whisk eggs slowly while adding beer. Slowly incorporate sugar, mixing as you go. Separately whisk flour and baking powder together before combining with egg mixture – mixing just until your dough becomes smooth and fluffy but without overdoing it!

Once ready to bake, fill individual mugs approximately three-fourths full with cake batter and bake it in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes before allowing it to cool completely before refrigerating or serving.

Frosting this cake is straightforward, but for an authentic appearance, you could set aside 1/4 of it as beer foam. The remainder should be yellow with just a touch of brown hues to mimic that classic dark yellow beer hue.

To create foam, roll some white modeling chocolate and use a piping bag with a round nozzle to pipe some onto the top of your cake. If desired, adorn with fondant letters spelling “cheers to dad” that adhere with clear piping gel to decorate its sides.

Football-Themed Cake

No matter what your favorite team is, this cake can help celebrate their favorite team in style! Featuring frosting “laces” and an edible goal line, making a football-shaped cake is a fun and easy project!

Make this cake with any homemade or store-bought cake recipe or mix, whether homemade or store-bought, that has an even baking time, such as two round cakes (or one large sheet cake). When they have cooled completely, trim off two-inch wide strips from each cake to form football shapes before stacking and frosting them together. If needed for gluten-free versions, swap in cup-for-cup gluten-free flour as an equal substitute for all-purpose flour in its place.

As for the icing, use your favorite frosting or buttercream if you have enough time and ingredients on hand, such as this vanilla version from Cake Central. Otherwise, store-bought chocolate or vanilla frosting works just as well; pipe the lace lines using either.

Create something even more creative by adding green field “grass” around the edges of your cake. To do this, mix shredded coconut with green food coloring or add drops of green food coloring directly to white frosting – place in a resealable plastic bag and shake or knead until desired green hue has been achieved; more color can be added if necessary). Or ice your entire platter with grass for an eye-catching display similar to Style and the Suburbs’ adorable Nutter Butter football players on top!

Minimalist Blue Cake

Blue cakes may be associated with new baby boys, gender reveal cakes, and the Smurfs; however, stylish and tasty blue birthday cakes can make an impressive presentation, too. To achieve maximum impact and elegance when creating this treat, keep it simple with clean lines for full effect.

Use a white cake mix as the foundation and add several drops of light-blue food coloring. I prefer to paste food coloring over liquid as it will create more concentrated hues that won’t turn your cake turquoise!

Frost the cake with the buttercream of your choosing and top it with deep blue or navy fondant for an impressive presentation. Add edible decorations such as tiny cars to commemorate a motoring enthusiast, golf clubs or tennis rackets for sports fans, etc., to suit the event and event specifics.

As for the glaze, combine powdered sugar with just a bit of milk for a runny frosting that can be drizzled over the cake after chilling in the refrigerator. Cover tightly with aluminum foil or store in an airtight container – your cake should keep fresh for up to two months!

Gym-Lover Cake

If your man loves hitting the gym and staying fit, a fitness-themed birthday cake will make an excellent present. A round vanilla cake covered in white sugar paste adorned with an image of lifting weights would be a fantastic surprise – plus, you could personalize it by adding any message of your choosing!

A gym-themed cake can be decorated with fondant recreations of exercise equipment like dumbbells, exercise balls, weights, and more – including dumbbells, exercise balls, and consequences. You could also include cute details like gym bags with protein shakers attached and even men working out at bench presses! This type of cake has become very popular among men who value keeping fit.

A chocolate cake featuring his sweetie could be an ideal way to show him that you care even when they prefer counting their calories. Or try surprising him on his special day with an edible photo that reminds you that life should be celebrated for what it truly is: blessings over calories. This gift will certainly make him feel extra special on that momentous occasion!

Businessman Cake

Your man who works in corporate will surely love this male businessman cake design, perfect for birthdays or any upcoming events, gatherings, or success bashes. This cake features white frosting cream with designs depicting him, along with his face in white frosting cream, and is decorated to look like him!

This elegant men’s alcohol birthday cake stands out as one of the top options due to its classy and sophisticated appearance. Made with vanilla flavor and featuring calendar design dates for added flair, this minimalist blue cake makes an impressive centerpiece to celebrate milestone birthdays such as 50th anniversaries. Additionally, customization options can also be provided upon request.