Rooms and Exits Pet Shop Walkthrough


Rooms and Exits is an engaging puzzle-solving game with 27 challenging levels that will test your detective abilities, quick reflexes, and hidden object abilities.

The initial room is almost devoid of objects other than a table and door. You must collect items from around the scene and add them to your inventory before tapping a loose brick to move it.

Level 1

Rooms and Exits is an exciting escape room puzzle game available on mobile devices that provides players with an incredible gaming experience. Boasting beautiful graphics, stunning gameplay, and captivating sound effects – players must explore every area to interact with objects in each level, gathering items for inventory to solve challenging puzzles! There are over 27 challenging levels to keep players busy exploring!

To complete this level, you need to retrieve batteries for the thermostat from one of the drawers. You can do this by accessing the social menu from the main menu and tapping on community members’ or neighbors’ shops – this will take you directly to their stores, where you can collect your item(s).

Just tap on the Teddy bear near the playpen to gain extra XP and collect gifts such as letters, rattles, and keys dropped by customers when visiting your shop – tapping will earn bonus XP! In addition, collecting these small toys and gifts may net you one or more pet breeds, which will then be placed for sale once collected!

Level 2

Rooms and Exits is an exquisite puzzle-solving game with amazing graphics and exhilarating gameplay, quickly becoming popular among Android users in no time at all. The game is easy to pick up and play while being packed full of great features that users love!

You are currently trapped inside Little Critters Pet Shop after dozing off while petting a kitten and becoming stuck within its confines. In order to escape, all puzzles must be solved to access an exit route from within this store.

Start by gathering all available objects in the room, such as letter clues from the kitty cage, key from pawprints, crowbar from the counter, and scissors from the back of the cupboard. Next, move loose brick on the bottom right of the driveway before selecting your inventory to open locked doors with a crowbar from the list.

Level 3

Rooms and Exits is an incredible puzzle-solving and escape room game with stunning graphics that has quickly become one of the best games available for Android devices. Additionally, its impressive sound quality sets it apart as one of Webelinx Games’ latest releases – made public on August 17, 2020.

This article will focus specifically on Level 3. To escape, you need to collect several objects to escape. First, open the cabinet at the right side of the entrance; when an object has been found and collected it will be added to your bag by tapping.

At first, collect a battery from the reception desk. Collect also a green rag from its cage in the left corner of the room as well as a wallet from a table near the computer and a cupcake bag from the chip stand kept at the right side of the main door.

Level 4

Rooms and Exits is an engaging puzzle-solving game from Webelinx Games with stunning graphics and gameplay designed to run flawlessly on Android devices. As a hidden object game, Rooms and Exits puts your detective skills and quick reflexes through an intense challenge!

You will find yourself in a hardware store on this level, where your mission will be to explore and discover objects automatically added to your inventory – these objects will then help solve puzzles in order to escape from the room and escape alive!

First, open the table drawer to obtain a key. Next, head back into your inventory and use it on the door handle of the room that houses a jack to connect to it. Afterward, direct to your sink, where there is an access valve for water usage, before using the loose brick by tapping on it – this should allow you to reach the exit door more quickly.

Level 5

Rooms and Exits is an exquisite puzzle-solving game with stunning graphics. Based around an escape room theme, it offers a realistic gaming experience across over 25 challenging levels and many other features that make this an aesthetically pleasing game.

The goal of this game is to find objects and use them to solve puzzles. Tap items to collect and add them to your inventory. Combine or dismantle old things to get new ones – all while accessing it through tapping either the main menu settings cog or level levels!

If your shop is complete, you can earn a free designer breed to add to it later in your shop. In addition, community members and neighbors may give gifts that help unlock more pet displays in your shop.

Level 6

Rooms and Exits is an incredible Android escape room puzzle game with stunning gameplay that has quickly become one of the most acclaimed titles available. It provides an unparalleled gameplay experience as well as features that few can rival – drawing praise for both graphics and sound quality!

Developers provided player support through the settings cog in-game, email, and Facebook messages for this game, as well as giving a FAQ section on their website.

In this level, you must accept all gifts given to you before visiting the collections menu to see what sets need completing in order to unlock free breeds. You can access this menu either from your inventory or your shop; once all required collections for a species have been fulfilled, a designer breed baby will be added directly into its upgraded playpen!

Level 7

Rooms and Exits is an incredible puzzle escape room game that quickly became popular. Offering stunning graphics and sound quality, users of Rooms and Exits enjoy an excellent gaming experience without experiencing any lag during gameplay.

On this level, you will encounter a bear on the right side of the entrance door. Open its drawer to collect objects which will be added to your inventory when tapped upon. In addition, collect your wallet from the reception desk and a cup of ice cream from the chips stand kept to the left of the main entrance.

Once these tasks have been accomplished, tap lightly on any loose bricks on the bottom of your driveway to move them out of position. Select a rag and add it to the water device; this way, you will be able to use it later to cut rope from double doors.

Level 8

Rooms and Exits is one of the most beloved puzzle-solving games available for Android devices, boasting outstanding features that offer players a realistic gaming experience with its stunning graphics and audiovisuals.

In this level, the player must collect several objects. He/she must open the first drawer and tap on a wallet near the computer in order to collect an object; additionally, they should contain some chips from a stand near them as well as coffee from an office desk nearby.

Once all objects have been collected, the player should move into the second room and use scissors to cut through the rope of both double doors before taking out their green rag from its cage in the left corner and using their water device on it to fill with water from a sink in this same room.

Level 9

Rooms and Exits is one of the most beloved escape room games available on mobile devices. Boasting gorgeous graphics, its easy gameplay is made even better by smooth controls that deliver an authentic gaming experience. Furthermore, Rooms and Exits developers provide player support from within the game itself should you become stuck on any level.

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 10 Garden Walkthrough requires you to collect all the items on the list found within each room. You can do this by moving loose bricks from the bottom right of the driveway, clicking wardrobe doors, playing minigame with a crowbar, selecting a wallet when finished for opening, and finally picking a cup of ice cream from the chips stand on the left side of the door for collection!