Clusia Plants – A Modest Air Purifying Plant


Clusia rosea and guttifera plants stand out with their exotic textures and drought tolerance, making them exceptional additions to home landscapes. Their drought resistance makes them great for use as hedges or accent plants, while they grow very wide if you wish to use them as natural privacy fences.

Named the autograph plant due to its ability to allow users to inscribe their initials onto one of its leaves, these low-maintenance plants require minimal care.

Cleans the air

This plant goes by many names, such as Copey, Monkey Goblet, Wild Mammie, Card Gum, and Pig’s Apple; what we care most about is that this incredible air-purifying machine works! Clusia removes toxic pollutants while converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and regulating humidity through its evaporation process – don’t overwater her, as yellow spots on its leaves will indicate when she needs less H20! She’s pretty shy, after all!

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Adds a touch of green to your space

Clumping plants are small yet elegant air-purifying plants, perfect for any indoor space that needs some greenery without becoming an obstruction. Their thick leaves are also quite decorative and can even be personalized by carving initials into them – something known as autograph trees that are beloved among botanical enthusiasts and artists. Repotting is easy, too, so your Clumpia will continue growing without outgrowing its pot! So, if you want an air-purifying plant to add life and green to any indoor area, look no further than Clusia plants!

Adds a touch of nature to your home

Green plants add life and character to any space by being beautiful shades of green and helping purify the air. Clusia plants offer subtlety without becoming overbearing in size or color, thus taking up minimal space.

Clumia plants are easy to care for and maintain! Plantmom offers an informative video tutorial on repotting your Clumia. Ensure your pot has drainage holes, and sterilize any tools or knives you’ll use when transplanting or cutting to ensure success!