The Chris Plante Podcast


Chris Plante spent 17 years with CNN, including 10 covering the Pentagon. With this knowledge and experience comes quick wit that helps deliver listeners the severe news of each day.

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Chris Plante

Chris Plante of KCMO Talk Radio brings his unique perspective to current events with his show. His program features lively debates and interviews with guests such as politicians and journalists; his use of pop culture references and humorous comments makes his show both entertaining and informative. This show should not be missed for anyone passionate about politics or current events alike!

Plante has 18 years of journalism experience with CNN. He spent 11 of those years covering Pentagon and intelligence matters as a correspondent and assignment editor in Washington; additionally, he covered stories in Saudi Arabia and Bosnia for coverage assignments – and earned several prestigious awards, including the Edward R. Murrow Award and Reed Irvine Award for his efforts.

The Chris Plante Show is a daily political talk radio program hosted by former CNN correspondent Chris Plante. Broadcast on WMAL Radio in Washington, DC, and distributed nationally by Westwood One, it replaced Herman Cain’s program at WMAL and has gained many listeners since its introduction. Interviews are conducted with political figures and experts alike and featured as top podcasts on iTunes.

While the program covers various issues affecting America and the world today, the focus remains on major ones. Guests include politicians, journalists, and activists. Listener mailbags and debates on current affairs also appear while hosts discuss recent news developments regarding foreign policy, domestic politics, and the economy.

Plante is known for his radio show and his work writing columns for Fox News and several national publications. An advocate of marriage and family values, he has spoken at events nationwide. Plante holds a bachelor’s degree in history from The King’s College (New York) and completed leadership training through The Institute for Leadership Training.

The podcast industry is increasing, and competition for new audiences can be fierce. To stand out from the crowd, podcasters must establish themselves with an identifiable voice and style that resonates with listeners. The Chris Plante Podcast was recently recognized with five stars on iTunes after over 10 Million downloads!

Political Talk Radio

Talk radio has long been used for political commentary in the United States. In the early 1990s, Rush Limbaugh revolutionized this medium by taking it by storm with his passionate political commentary about current news events and happenings. His revolutionary message changed how politics was discussed, perceived, and conducted across America.

Limbaugh’s success helped create political talk shows; some were local, while others enjoyed national syndication. Many were marked by fiery political rhetoric, unrestrained cheering for their favorite party, and general discontent among listeners.

More recently, talk radio has expanded to encompass political shows with less contentious and controversial hosts that feature moderate politics and less inflammatory shows. These shows have quickly become wildly popular across cities nationwide; some focus on local issues and heavily depend on call-in participation, while other hosts present social news and the latest polls or poll results and feature expert guests regularly.

During the mid-2000s, a new wave of liberally-oriented talk shows targeting national audiences emerged. One such outlet was the Air America network featuring The Al Franken Show; although advertised as an alternative to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative-leaning talk shows, critics contend it has an agenda-based bias towards leftist agenda.

Chris Plante is an esteemed talk show host based in Washington, DC, known for his expertise as a cover reporter at CNN covering The Pentagon and U.S. Military for 17 years. As an expert at breaking news reporting with an unconventionally quick turnaround time on stories affecting the public, he brings his conservative/libertarian worldview to the WMAL radio program with his show WMAL Live!

Chris Plante of WMAL Radio is well known for his irreverent sense of humor and depth of knowledge regarding daily news stories. Chris masterfully weaves pop culture references into his discussion of daily headlines to make his show entertaining and educational. Chris represents the third generation of his family to enter the broadcasting profession, unabashedly pro-American in his approach.

KCMO Talk Radio

KCMO Talk Radio, owned and operated by Cumulus Media in Kansas City, Missouri, airs a conservative political talk show hosted by Chris Plante that provides lively political discussions and updates on current affairs. Chris Plante offers unique insight and humorous comments regarding contemporary news stories, making his show entertaining and informative.

KCMO provides weekend coverage of nationally and locally syndicated talk shows on topics ranging from finance, health, religion, cooking, travel, and gardening – among others – from various national networks. Their hourly newscasts from both CBS Radio News and Fox News Radio can also be found there, and in the past, KCMO aired Michael Savage’s “The Savage Nation.”

Chris joined WMAL-TV Washington DC after 17 years at CNN – with almost ten of those years spent covering U.S. military and intelligence issues – including nearly 10 covering the Pentagon. Chris brings with him a comprehensive understanding of global issues as they impact local communities around the globe.

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The Chris Plante Show is a political talk radio podcast that covers various topics with humor and insight. A must-listen for anyone wanting to stay current on current events and politics, its lively debates feature prominent politicians as guests; furthermore, it has amassed an extensive following on social media.

This podcast can be found on iTunes and the app store, with free episodes containing advertisements, while the subscription version offers ad-free content and shows. Produced by Cumulus Media Washington DC, Megaphone provides its stats. Megaphone uses limited data such as device usage and approximate location to calculate how many listeners are listening at one time; they also utilize Dynamic Audio technology, enabling advertisers to insert dynamic ads per download or stream into the podcast itself.

Chris Plante is known for his 17 years at CNN covering the Pentagon and intelligence. Now, as part of their studio coverage team, he brings his unique insight to call balls and strikes while entertaining listeners with irreverent humor!