ZO Skin Care Products


Zein Obagi’s innovative skin care solutions were first created as medical-grade solutions designed to provide strengthening nutrients, hydration, protection against signs of aging, and more – even being recommended by celebrities! Utilizing cutting-edge scientific research and proprietary formulations.

Charmed Medispa provides advanced skincare technology utilizing cutting-edge ingredients and state-of-the-art delivery systems, featuring skin therapy ingredients, plant stem cell components and advanced delivery systems. For more information about your options, please schedule a consultation session!


No matter your skincare goals – whether they be softening wrinkles, fighting acne, or reducing brown spots – cleansing regularly is critical. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter cleansers aren’t strong enough to flush away all dirt and oil, leading to the drying out of the skin, which only exacerbates issues further.

Dermatologists with advanced ingredients developed ZO skincare to restore your skin to total health. ZO products work on improving it from its core, with products designed for all types of skin tones and complexions.

This serum features an exclusive combination of ingredients, such as retinol and peptides. Retinol helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, even out uneven skin tone, unclog pores, and boost collagen production, while peptides enhance skin firmness and elasticity by stimulating more collagen production. Furthermore, two matrilines (peptides that regulate cell activities and signal the skin to produce more collagen) regulate cell activities to signal it to pay more.

Unfortunately, this serum includes many fragrance ingredients despite not having to list them on its ingredient list. Fragrances can lead to skin sensitivity in some people, while fragrant essential oils could potentially dry the skin.

ZO Skincare provides products designed to tackle common skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and signs of aging and solutions to treat disorders like rosacea or cystic acne.

An effective combination of products, treatments, and aesthetician consultation is vital for optimal skin results from chemical peels, lasers, and microneedling. Your skin type and concerns can dictate whether a cleanser should be hydrating, exfoliating, or include essential nourishing ingredients; consulting with a professional aesthetician is recommended.


ZO Skin Health is a medical-grade skincare line created by dermatologist Zein Obagi that utilizes advanced ingredients to address hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. Used both by estheticians and physicians worldwide, its products can be found at Medispas and dermatology offices around the globe.

Cleansing is an integral component of healthy skin. ZO Skin Health’s Exfoliating Cleanser for normal to oily skin types helps clear pores by clearing away dead skin cells and excess oil and offering salicylic acid antimicrobial protection, providing a glowing appearance for healthy-looking skin.

Toners are an integral component of any effective skincare routine. A toner helps balance the pH level in your skin’s epidermis barrier function, providing the necessary comfort for proper functioning. ZO Skin Health Calming Toner offers a gentle, soothing effect against redness while soothing your complexion – suitable for all skin types!

After cleansing and toning, it’s essential to use a serum explicitly designed to address specific concerns. One popular product from this brand is their Growth Factor Serum which works to combat fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production; additionally, it features peptides for firming effects and an antioxidant blend to fight free radical damage.

Serum is also an effective solution for common skin concerns, including uneven skin tone and acne scarring. The ZO Skin Health Retinol Serum features 1% Retinol for smoothing out and even out tone, while the botanical extract blend provides antioxidative benefits.

Moisturizers are essential products for all skin types. The ZO Skin Health Hydrating Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that will hydrate without adding unnecessary weight, featuring peptides to firm and tighten and shea butter to nourish complexions.

ZO skin care products are widely utilized by dermatologists and estheticians yet are unavailable over-the-counter at high street stores. To purchase them, a consultation must first occur with a medispa, doctor, dermatologist, or aesthetic practitioner who stocks these products – an integral component of ZO’s skincare philosophy, ensuring safe and effective usage under professional guidance for safe results.


When dealing with skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, sun damage, or an uneven tone, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by cleansers, exfoliants, and moisturizers that claim to help. Unfortunately, this often disrupts your natural balance and leads to irritation, dry skin, or breakouts.

ZO skin care products are essential to keep your complexion in top condition, eliminating impurities and helping balance its complexion. Some of our favorites are calming toners with pH balance and an exclusive blend of conditioners explicitly designed to invigorate weak, dry, or sensitive skin. In addition, ZO also offers anti-acne options designed to tackle different causes of breakouts, so your face stays clear and beautiful.

ZO Skin Health products provide solutions tailored to all age groups and ethnicities, using cutting-edge skincare technologies + treatments, bioengineered complexes, and unique formulations based on modern bioscience research. Their innovative solutions work to optimize skin functions while encouraging youthful-looking complexions.

When it comes to skincare, finding a solution tailored specifically for you and your condition is the goal. An aesthetician can help you select ZO skin care products that meet these needs and concerns.

ZO skincare provides all the tools to achieve a beautiful, radiant complexion. Their products include daily essentials like cleansers and toners and specialty items, such as serums to lighten dark spots or creams to smooth fine lines.

The company provides medical-grade products, which contain high concentrations of active ingredients and must be prescribed by a physician. Among these are potent retinoids such as tretinoin for cell turnover, scar remodeling, and hydroquinone to address irregular skin discolorations. In addition, several ingredients reduce inflammation, stimulate growth factors, and boost collagen production for improved skin elasticity, firmness, and smoothness.


Your skin needs the appropriate sun protection products in order to avoid sun damage, premature signs of aging, and skin cancer. ZO offers several solutions explicitly designed to address sun protection for use alongside existing skincare products or as standalone solutions – from oil- and fragrance-free sunscreens, blue light protection filters, and infrared protection solutions, as well as UVA/UVB filter products that help shield from infrared radiation rays.

At Sculpt MD, our ZO skincare products can help you attain healthy, radiant skin that lasts. These can be combined with our advanced procedures and treatments or included in your everyday regimen – correcting existing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or acne; our experienced aestheticians will develop an individualized skincare regime for your specific needs.

Too often, we overcomplicate our skincare regimens by using multiple cleansers, exfoliants, and toners that may not be appropriate for our skin type – this can put undue strain on its natural balance and make achieving beautiful, even-looking skin more complicated than necessary.

ZO Skin Health offers an effective skincare line to address these needs, with products to improve skin at its cellular level. Created by Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health features an anti-aging regimen designed to soften facial lines and stimulate natural collagen production, as well as products targeting acne or blemish-prone skin and helping them reduce blemishes.

While other popular skincare brands may be available at high street shops, ZO products must only be purchased after consulting with an approved stockist such as a medispa, dermatologist, doctor, or aesthetic practitioner before purchasing them. As ZO skin care products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that require expert guidance to ensure they work safely and effectively for you, our experienced skin experts can meet with you face-to-face or via video link consultation to identify which ZO products would best meet your skin type and concerns.