All Natural Skin Care – What You Need to Know


Not all products using “natural” or “organic” are created equal; some contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that could cause skin irritation or cancer.

An organic product will feature only organic ingredients free from herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers – these may take longer to show results than conventional products, but the wait will pay off!

1. You’ll Know What You’re Putting On Your Skin

Environmentalists or those looking for alternatives to mainstream skin care will find plenty of choices in the beauty industry. Natural options can be great ways to go, though it’s essential that before spending money, it is fully understood what all is involved, and a decision is made as to which is the most suitable one.

The term “natural” doesn’t have a definitive definition and is often misused by brands to market products with minimal ingredients, such as water, that still qualify for labeling as “natural,” without this having any bearing on how beneficial or detrimental these ingredients may be for skin health.

Noting the distinction is crucial: just because a natural product doesn’t mean it is safe or free from allergies. Certain plant-based ingredients, like poison ivy leaves, can cause contact dermatitis (the itchy red rash caused by poison ivy leaves). Furthermore, even products without direct extracts from plants may trigger similar reactions as their formulas often include essential oils that have not been adequately regulated.

On the other hand, all-natural brands tend to be run by small operations managed by experts in aromatherapy or herbalism who understand exactly what each ingredient offers in terms of benefits for the skin. Their goal goes beyond pretty packaging and comforting scents – they truly want you to look and feel your best with each use!

Remember when selecting natural beauty products: results may take longer to show than with traditional skincare solutions, according to Garshick. But you will likely be more than rewarded for healthier and less toxic skin!

All-natural skin care offers several advantages over its conventional counterparts, including knowing your purchase didn’t test on animals – something many large companies are notorious for doing – making it much less likely that animal cruelty will occur while purchasing something you trust. Unfortunately, all-natural products may contain ingredients whose safety hasn’t been thoroughly studied yet (such as hydroquinone, which hasn’t been adequately investigated during pregnancies).

2. You’ll Avoid Allergies

Allergies can be an excruciatingly unpleasant condition to live with. From pollen and food allergens to ingredients found in skin care products and even fragrances – they can have any triggers, from pollen to dust mites. Some individuals even become allergic to certain skin care ingredients found in skin products themselves and develop contact dermatitis – an itchy rash with red patches on itchy areas across their bodies caused by contact dermatitis triggered by contact. Common allergens found in skin care products include colorants, preservatives, and fragrances, which contain allergens that affect users’ bodies negatively. Natural products can reduce allergens in one’s skincare regime and reduce contact dermatitis symptoms significantly.

Though natural and organic skincare products may appear similar, not all are created equally. There’s no official definition for what constitutes “natural,” and therefore any product can claim this label without FDA regulations governing what qualifies. When shopping for such products, read their labels thoroughly to gain awareness of their ingredients; look out for hypoallergenic products without fragrance-based components such as limonene, hexyl cinnamon, jasmine, or any of the substances on the European Union Cosmetics Directive’s list of frequently reported allergens.

Chemical-based skincare products contain harmful chemicals that wash down drains and seep into soil or air pollution, contributing to global warming and oxygen depletion. On the contrary, organic skincare products and natural ingredients grown without pesticides or fertilizers do not contribute to environmental contamination.

At least, there are all-natural, organic skin products on the market that dermatologists have cleared as suitable for sensitive skin – it just takes some research. Furthermore, conducting a patch test on your arm before trying a new skincare product could prove extremely helpful if it causes any irritation or redness – this should always be done before introducing anything new into your skincare regime or onto your face!

3. You’ll Save Money

Natural products can help save you money in the long run. Their quality tends to surpass those found at drugstores, and many products classified as organic are less costly overall. Another cost-cutting strategy for skin care can be to make your cleansers and moisturizers from ingredients you already have in your kitchen – check online recipes for help here.

Reduce Waste with Organic Products You will also reduce waste with organic products. Traditional products contain chemical components that pollute our planet. In contrast, organic products use no toxic materials and reduce carbon dioxide emissions; they don’t require harmful pesticides or fertilizers that damage the environment.

Unfortunately, “natural” is an unregulated term and doesn’t guarantee safety or healthiness for products labeled “natural” or “organic.” These items could still contain chemicals that cause allergic reactions and skin rashes.

To prevent an allergic reaction, it’s wise to opt for products with certified organic and natural content – this requires reading labels carefully and checking for the USDA Organic seal on them.

Another effective strategy for saving skincare costs is switching from a conventional regimen to a minimalist approach. By ditching unnecessary products and only keeping those necessary to achieve desired results, simplifying your skincare routine can help save money in the long run – sticking with it will be much simpler!

Last but not least, remember that healthy eating habits can do just as much to improve the look and feel of your skin as expensive cosmetics can. A diet filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and water can help skin appear brighter and younger; staying hydrated through drinking plenty of water keeps skin supple and wrinkle-free. So, if you’re fed up with paying top dollar for skincare products that don’t produce the desired results, try all-natural, eco-friendly beauty products.

4. You’ll Have More Options

If you already practice clean eating, it makes sense to incorporate that philosophy into your skincare routine. Finding effective beauty products without chemical additives may prove more challenging than buying organic eggs from a grocery store, but you have options.

Significant brands respond to consumer demand for natural and organic skincare by labeling traditional products “natural” or “organic” to increase sales. When looking for new natural products, always read through their complete ingredient lists and search for ones with USDA certification as the ideal.

All-natural skincare has many advantages for you and the planet thanks to the ingredients used. Synthetic skincare products often release harmful toxins into the environment that harm plants and sea life; on the other hand, natural products tend to be much kinder. Our Keep It Supple Body Clay features volcanic rock filled with nutrients essential for plant growth!

This holds for other all-natural products; coconut oil in our Face and body Clay is filled with beneficial fatty acids for you and the environment.

If you choose all-natural skin care, numerous products are designed specifically for your needs and without harsh chemicals that will meet that standard. Choose wisely.

Should any difficulties arise, remember that plenty of natural and organic skincare professionals are ready to offer advice. With all their benefits, why wouldn’t you try natural and organic products? You might be amazed at how wonderful your skin will look and feel after using them!