Mexican Restaurants, Candy Stores, and Grocery Stores in Ogden, Utah


Ogden offers some of the finest Mexican restaurants, candy stores, and grocery stores – perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo all year!

Javier Chavez Sr. has always displayed great tenacity and never compromised on giving everything he has in any aspect of life – whether as a track star in Mexico or, later, when operating Ogden restaurants.

1. Sonora Grill

Sonora Grill is a locally owned and independent Mexican restaurant in the historic East Bench neighborhood. Boasting outstanding cuisine and service, Sonora Grill makes for the ideal dining experience, whether with family or partner – offering catering and hosting private party rooms.

According to legend, this dish was first created when a restauranteur accidentally dropped a burrito into a deep fryer while shouting the nonsensical word “chimichanga.” This delicious food wrap features ground beef, cheese, and other ingredients wrapped up into a flour tortilla before rolling up and covered with red or green enchilada sauce before being wrapped again and served with refried beans and Mexican rice for maximum enjoyment by all ages, even children!

Enchiladas are one of the most beloved dishes in Mexico and the United States. Made with soft tortillas stuffed with flavorful fillings like meats, beans, chilies, or vegetables – enchiladas are usually enjoyed alongside sauces such as guacamole or sour cream for maximum enjoyment!

Tamales are delightful little packages of bliss! Filled with chicken, beef, pork, or fruit filling and enveloped by soft masa or dough made of corn flour, they are then steamed in corn husks before being doused with an irresistibly green sauce made with tart tomatillos and moderately spicy Poblano chilies for extra zesty goodness!

2. Luis’s Mexican Cuisine

Ogden is home to a significant Hispanic population, making us lucky enough to enjoy great Mexican restaurants. In this video, we tour local favorites from bakeries, candy stores, and grocery stores serving Latin-inspired treats just in time for Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Luis Rodriguez from Sabores de Mexico taught us how to prepare Godorniz en Chile Guajillo, a Mexican dish consisting of a cornish hen wrapped in banana leaves with spicy red chile guajillo sauce and served with rice and beans. This restaurant will participate in Ogden Restaurant Week April 6-15th; click here for more details.

Eva Longoria traverses Mexico’s vibrant regions to sample their delicious cuisines. In Oaxaca, she sampled different moles at the Mercado de Abatos market before visiting a traditional cantina for some delicious Tlacoyos (thick oval-shaped tortillas stuffed with cheese or meat).

Longoria explores Nuevo Leon, where she samples carne asada, the region’s signature grilling style. At Monterrey’s Grilling Competition, she met a grill master. La Gritona serves up green chorizo tacos while Casa Tochan serves up meals from its residents’ homelands for housemates in Mexico City’s first refugee shelter; Hiyoko in Ogden offers both Mexican flavors with Japanese ingredients for dessert options!

3. Sabores De Mexico

Sabores de Mexico will open on the corner of 25th and Grant (where Berlin used to be), offering authentic Mexican fare such as guacamole, empanadas, seafood, and margaritas/sangrias.

Luis Rodriguez will operate this Mexican restaurant and specialize in its cuisine. He has a talent for creating delectable dishes using traditional Mexican ingredients and modern techniques for contemporary palates. In addition to culinary skills, Luis also possesses excellent business acumen to run a successful establishment.

Sabores de Mexico offers delicious Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices, such as its signature dishes of enchiladas, fish tacos, salsa & chips, and more. Customers appreciate its service as well as its family-friendly ambiance.

Sabores de Mexico is an excellent restaurant to bring friends and family. Their fresh and flavorful food, excellent service, courteous staff members, reasonable prices, and relaxing ambiance combine for a fantastic dining experience! If you want the best Mexican cuisine in Ogden, this restaurant should be on your itinerary – you won’t be disappointed!

4. Wimpy & Fritz

Table Twenty-Five is an essential stop for locals and tourists alike. This unique establishment combines industrial modern with mountain cabin elements, offering small bites and shared plates from seasonal menus. No one leaves disappointed after experiencing one of their craft beers alongside your meal – be sure to stop by for an unforgettable dining experience!

This whimsically designed restaurant, bar, and food truck has quickly become a crowd favorite for its high-end Mexican cuisine. Their tagline says, “You’ve never experienced Mexican like this before!” Try their chile rellenos, blackened shrimp salad, burritos or enchiladas, and smoky carnitas taco plate, and don’t miss their vast array of vegetarian and vegan offerings, too!

A trip to Ogden wouldn’t be complete without stopping at this famous pub, with its extensive menu and excellent outdoor and indoor seating putting it at the top of Ogden restaurants. Popular dishes at Angry Goat Pub include their crispy Brussels sprouts, grilled cheese sandwiches, and buffalo mac and cheese, but their actual standout dish is their mouthwatering burgers; the Angry Goat is their flagship Angry Goat Burger served on a bun with pickles, jalapenos, and fries – not forgetting their strawberry Rhubarb Jam which must also be tasted before leaving Ogden!