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Jacobs Funeral Home of Iron River is located 2.5 miles from the city center in Iron River, MI and proudly provides service to surrounding neighborhoods such as Beechwood, Popple River, Alvin Tipler Nelma Newald Cavour Hiles.

At Hilliard Funeral Services, we aim to offer transparent pricing and assist families in making informed decisions when planning services during difficult times. In doing this, we abide by The Funeral Rule.

General Price List

As part of planning funeral services for a loved one, it is vital to understand the costs involved before making arrangements. As part of its “Funeral Rule,” the federal government mandates funeral homes provide a general price list upon request – helping families avoid being taken advantage of during an already difficult period. This rule applies equally across Jacobs Funeral Home as well.

Jacobs Funeral Home Inc. of Iron River is located 2.5 miles outside Iron River and services Beechwood, Popple River, Alvin, Tipler, Nelma Newald, and Cavour communities. Their services include preplanning memorial services, obituary creation, and telling family histories through storytelling; online obituaries are available as guestbooks.

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Funeral home services offered by this funeral home are an exceptional choice for anyone who is commemorating or honoring someone’s life or legacy. Their outstanding care can assist loved ones through every stage of funeral etiquette, memorialization, funeral costs, directions to cemeteries, guestbooks, online obituary creation, and storytelling of their story – no matter the circumstance, this funeral home will provide you with superior assistance.

Pre-planning a funeral is an important decision that can relieve your family of stress and anxiety during times of grief while at the same time making arrangements tailored to your personal preferences, standards, and lifestyle. Pre-arrange your funeral either by visiting the funeral home directly or through our step-by-step interactive website, which allows you to record plans with a unique username and password and then submit them now to them for safekeeping by the funeral home.

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Jacobs Funeral Home of Iron River, Michigan, is dedicated to offering quality products and services at competitive prices. Our staff members are available to assist families when faced with making difficult decisions during difficult times; pre-planning services and memorial tributes are also provided. Jacobs Funeral Home is proud of being a member of both the Michigan Funeral Directors Association and the National Funeral Directors Association, as well as participating in continuing education sessions on funeral industry changes and trends – we take great pleasure in serving our local communities!

Visitation will take place at Jacobs Funeral Home in Iron River on Sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. A funeral service will be held Monday morning, August 21, at St Paul Lutheran Church in Beechwood at 9:30 am with Pastor Jack Hudson officiating; interment will follow at Wisconsin Memorial Park in Brookfield, WI.

Bill leaves behind his beloved wife Joan; sons Dale and Keith Basting from Iron River; daughters Ellen (Arnie) Swanson from Iron River and Kathy Kingsbury (Paul Kingsbury) of Carney; grandchildren Keeli, Valentina, Elijah Braden as well as Kinsley Denecke; great-grandchildren as well as many nieces, nephews, extended family and friends.

He was a long-term employee at Allis Chalmers/Siemens and an active member of both UAW and VFW Iron River Ottawa Post #3134. Additionally, he enjoyed hunting and fishing, as well as being an avid Packers and Badgers supporter.

Funeral Services

Jacobs Funeral Home of Iron River provides a serene space where family and friends can come together to remember and honor loved ones who have passed on. Their staff strives to tailor services specifically to each family’s needs – preplanning assistance, selecting ceremony types, memorial tributes, and emotional support services after experiencing loss are just some of the services available here.

Funeral arrangements can be complex and emotional affairs for consumers who may be unfamiliar with their options or dealing with funeral homes for the first time, leaving them open to being mistreated or exploited by unscrupulous providers. To combat this risk, the Federal Trade Commission requires funeral homes to comply with guidelines that stipulate they provide a general price list whenever someone requests it.

Also, anyone visiting a funeral home or its associated services is entitled to receive this information over the phone, with this term being legally enforceable by either federal authorities, state governments, or local authorities. For any inquiries related to Jacobs Funeral Home Of Iron River funeral services, please reach out directly. Alternatively, visit their website or give them a call. This location has been serving its community for years and is expert at handling a range of situations. They can guide you through funeral service etiquette, personalizing memorials, costs associated with burial and cemetery arrangements, guestbook creation, and creating online obituaries.