Which Option is Used in Tally to Close Opened Company in Tally?


If you want to close an opened company in Tally, there are two methods available to you – using either the company menu or shortcuts.

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Company Menu

Tally offers two methods to open companies – using either the company menu or shortcut keys. When opening through the company menu, click it in the options bar and then select your company from the list that appears – once selected, you can begin working on it immediately! ALT + F3 shortcut key can also be used directly.

If you need to update or modify an existing company, navigate to Gateway of Tally > F3 > Company Info > Alter Company and open up the Alter Company window. Here, you can make any required modifications.

Pressing ALT + D will also delete a company from your hard drive; however, closing one does not mean it has been deleted completely; rather it means it has been closed off from working with. To reopen a closed company again, if necessary, select it from your list of opened companies or choose Quit from Tally Gateway; alternatively, close it through the company menu or shortcut key if available.


ALT + F1 can be used to close any open companies within Tally. This shortcut key was also used in earlier versions of Tally to open new companies from a list.

By clicking this option, you will see a list of all opened companies and an option to close one specifically. Doing this will both seal and remove it from the list of extended companies simultaneously – saving time when working with it again later!

If you wish to modify any information about a closed company, open it from Gateway of Tally > F3: Cmp Info > Alter. Select it from the primary list and press enter to access the Company Alteration Screen, where you can make any necessary alterations and save or accept changes before shutting it. However, note that closing does not permanently delete it from the system.


Whenever working on one company and needing to close it, either using the SHUT COMPANY option in the Options Bar or by opening its info screen and selecting its company from among those available and pressing the CTRL + F3 shortcut key will do. This will remove it from both our list of open companies as well as our Gateway of Tally.

This method for closing a company in Tally is both quick and efficient; it is the recommended way. To do this, go to the Company Info. screen and click the Shut Company button; Tally will then ask you to confirm whether or not to close it.

Tally offers another method of closing a company – using its Company Alteration screen. To do this, navigate to Tally’s Gateway and select Company menu => Alter Company before selecting and changing any desired companies as necessary. Finally, enter all essential details regarding them as required.

Please be aware that deleting a company in Tally will permanently erase all its information from your hard drive, so deleting should only be attempted if you no longer require the company in question. In addition, deleted data cannot be recovered, so regular backup is highly recommended to safeguard your files and ensure your data’s survival.

ALT + F1

Tally ERP 9 features some helpful shortcut keys that can make your work faster and simpler. These keyboard-based keys let you activate functions without needing your mouse – ideal for voucher transactions, data entry tasks, and GST-related work. These shortcuts allow you to perform tasks without navigating menus or company files and can save both time and effort!

Prior versions of Tally allowed you to select companies from the open list using F1, but Tally Prime has changed this keystroke into an alternative: Alt + F1. Furthermore, using this shortcut also lets you close and unload currently selected companies – just closing them temporarily will not delete or destroy anything; simply unloading means they won’t reappear later if desired.

Pressing “ALT+E” opens a dialogue box where you can configure different options for exporting your current data in various formats (xls, txt, xml). Furthermore, this menu allows you to import data from other companies that may not yet exist in Tally and print your current information using this option.