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Defendants maintain that the purpose of the State Fair’s statute allows it to educate fairgoers about medical cannabis grown at its farms; however, they impose additional restrictions on Ultra Health that are neither reasonable nor further the Fair’s purpose.

What is Ultra Health?

Ultra Health was established in New Mexico and quickly became one of the premier medical cannabis companies nationwide. Their team is committed to helping patients find relief and reach their wellness goals, with an extensive range of tinctures, oils, capsules, and edible products on hand for sale.

Vapor Plus also carries an extensive selection of vape pens and accessories, and their Albuquerque location near Coronado Center serves patients from Zuni, North Easterns, Quigley Park Fair Heights Mossman Las Pampas La Jolla neighborhoods, even providing services in rural areas!

Ultra Health has long been at the forefront of fighting for patient rights in New Mexico. Most recently, they sent letters to prominent health insurers and state departments asking if their plans cover medical marijuana as a behavioral health service in response to the state law that took effect January 1, 2022, which eliminates all cost-sharing or out-of-pocket payments associated with behavioral health services and medications; meaning qualifying conditions can receive medication for free! This victory for New Mexicans means better quality lives!

How do I get a medical card?

Ultra Health is New Mexico’s top medical cannabis company, being at the forefront of patient rights issues and fighting to ensure adequate supply and rural access across New Mexico. They partner with numerous tribes across New Mexico and share a percentage of proceeds to stimulate tribal economies. After opening its first dispensary location in 2015, Ultra Health has since expanded to seven more dispensaries, one being Bernalillo.

Bernalillo patients can look forward to being warmly welcomed by the staff at this Ultra Health location in Bernalillo. Their team works closely with each individual to understand their concerns and goals before finding suitable cannabis strains and effective consumption methods to address symptoms. Furthermore, they educate patients on the advantages of various marijuana strains while answering any inquiries about this healthcare approach.

Ultra Health offers patients a rotating selection of in-house flowers and edibles, Charlotte’s Web high-CBD products, smoking tools and accessories, and veteran discounts for all their marijuana products purchased here.

LaVelle Road’s former Western Baking Corporation cookie factory is being converted into an ultramodern production and manufacturing facility for Ultra Health, featuring 225,000 square feet of temperature-controlled property that will serve cultivation, production, warehousing, research & development, maintenance, and office spaces – this project should be complete by 2020 with 200 jobs being created as the facility will become one of the country’s most advanced vertically integrated marijuana production facilities.

What do I need to do to buy medical cannabis from Ultra Health?

An Ultra Health pharmacy requires customers to present a valid medical card when making purchases from cannabis products, employees, or pharmacists. Newcomers to the industry should speak with one of our team members to learn which products might work best with their symptoms.

Ultra Health Launches Capital Expansion Projects Across State Ultra Health is expanding its operations and infrastructure in various regions to meet anticipated adult-use sales demand as recreational sales open in April. This expansion ensures customers continue accessing the quality products they expect from Ultra Health.

Ultra Health reported in its press release that New Mexico’s regulated marketplace has experienced exponential patient enrollment since Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham reinstated medical cannabis use last January, likely leading to supply shortages and retail saturation within months. Ultra Health plans to mitigate these concerns by increasing production, doubling plant count limits, and opening storefronts as soon as possible to address any problems.

Ultra Health works closely with local communities and businesses to bring quality, medically-oriented cannabis to market. Their Santa Fe dispensary features caring and knowledgeable individuals who consult with patients to address the source of their ailments, educate them on how cannabis may benefit them personally, and offer educational resources to raise awareness.

Ultra Health isn’t only informing its community on the benefits of cannabis; they’re also adding a unique spin to the industry by taking an innovative approach to litigation. Their class action lawsuit seeks to have health insurers recognize that medical cannabis is behavioral healthcare treatment – this will allow patients to get maximum value from treatment without incurring out-of-pocket expenses. Their targets include Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, Cigna Health and Life, Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Western Sky Community Care, and True Health New Mexico.

What forms of medical cannabis does Ultra Health offer?

Ultra Health offers diverse medical cannabis products, such as edibles, tinctures, sprays, oils, vape pens, and cannabis concentrates, such as waxes, shatter, budder, and extract. Furthermore, they have topical creams, lotions, and balms that relieve localized pain or inflammation without getting high.

Ultra has several dispensary locations across New Mexico. Their Nob Hill/Birdland branch is particularly well-regarded, thanks to their welcoming staff, who take special care to meet each patient’s needs and welcome each one warmly. Furthermore, Ultra’s staff works one-on-one with patients to identify symptoms and lifestyle factors to find cannabis products tailored specifically for them.

Ultra Health’s retail operations extend into the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis and partnership agreements with several Native American tribes in New Mexico to distribute profits among themselves. Duke Rodriguez, its CEO and president, is a former secretary of the New Mexico Human Services Department who is passionate about tribal affairs.

Rodriguez has long advocated lifting the state cap on how many plants non-profit growers licensed with the Department of Health can produce yearly. As part of their fight, Rodriguez has engaged in litigation against them to force change on this issue.

Recent success in exporting low-THC/high-CBD cannabis extracts to Israel has prompted Panaxia to open a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility in Bernalillo. Panaxia will utilize its smokeless proprietary cannabinoid dosage and treatment protocols to produce cutting-edge cannabis medicines.

Ultra Health has long been at the forefront of New Mexico’s medical cannabis industry and represents what the future of medicine might hold. Their founders are staunch supporters of legality and meticulous in their attention to detail, providing patients with the highest caliber possible holistic care. Ultra Health aims to make medical marijuana part of mainstream healthcare systems.