MyUFHealth – Formerly Known As MyChart


MyUFHealth (or MyChart) is a secure patient portal that gives online access to portions of your medical records. You can communicate electronically with your physician as well as gain access to an abundance of real-time information.

Explore your test results, browse summaries, and use secure messaging to communicate with physicians and staff while managing updates to personal information, medications, and known allergies.

Access your health information anytime.

As a UF Health patient, MyUFHealth gives you access to your personal healthcare information anytime – day or night – from any device. This patient portal lets you view test results online and communicate securely with physicians via secure messages while updating medical details such as medication lists and known allergies, visiting summaries and appointments, or paying medical bills online. MyUFHealth can be found 24/7 across both computers and mobile devices. provides an intuitive platform that makes managing your health care more effortless. Accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones from the Apple App Store and Google Play for free use, MyUFHealth requires an activation code from a healthcare provider to register with this portal.

MyUFHealth allows you to quickly access and share your clinical records at any time of the day or night, 24/7. While the information may not correspond with legal medical history documentation, MyUFHealth is an easy and safe way for you and your doctor to interact.

MyUFHealth makes it easy to request prescription refills online; once your doctor approves them, choose your pharmacy and arrange an appointment with them to pick up your medicine. In addition, MyUFHealth allows you to download your medical history, so it’s easier than ever when visiting other doctors or hospitals.

MyUFHealth gives you secure and convenient access to your health records from any internet-enabled device, including push notifications on Apple Watch when there is new information in MyChart. Plus, the MyUFHealth app is easy and offers many of the same features found online!

MyUFHealth also allows you to easily connect with UF Medicine Telemedicine providers for On-Demand Video Visits, offering real-time video connectivity between healthcare professionals and you for On-Demand Video Visits that may help manage symptoms like colds, flu, headaches, infections, and rashes as well as minor ailments like cold sores. For more information, visit the MyUFHealth Features Page.

Communicate with your provider.

If you have questions about your health, MyUFHealth provides an easy and direct way to communicate with your provider. Available 24/7 on both computers and smartphones, this patient portal lets you access it wherever convenient – from home computers or smartphones! Ask your provider for an activation code or sign up online; existing adult patients can even self-register themselves using email addresses and personal details.

After signing up for MyUFHealth, you can log in at any time to view upcoming clinic visits and test results, request prescription refills and make appointments, receive reminders by text or email for your assignments, view after-visit summaries, and complete clinical notes from each visit and connect your account with Apple Health so your health data automatically populates MyUFHealth.

MyUFHealth allows you to access your medical records and communicate with providers, manage appointments, pay bills, and connect to other healthcare organizations to see all your documents simultaneously. In addition, MyUFHealth lets you manage appointment schedules, pay bills, and schedule on-demand video visits with providers through UR Medicine On-Demand Video Visits.

MyUFHealth also allows you to discover research studies you might qualify for; just read their privacy policy before participating. If the shared information bothers you, opt out by sending yourself messages about them instead.

MyUFHealth is a secure patient portal designed to give you safe access to portions of your medical record online and enable secure messaging with your UF Health physician or care team using encrypted communications. MyUFHealth is convenient and user-friendly – no software download necessary – making it accessible anywhere from work, home, or mobile.

MyUFHealth requires that users establish an email address and password to protect their health and privacy. It is vitally important that this password remains safe, as it is the key to accessing sensitive medical information on the site. Two-factor authentication options can also be implemented to safeguard accounts on this platform.

Manage your healthcare

MyUFHealth (formerly MyChart) is an online patient portal that enables patients to access portions of their medical records and communicate electronically with doctors. Although MyUFHealth doesn’t represent legal, medical records for individual patients, it is a valuable way of managing health.

MyUFHealth lets you easily view test results and physician comments and securely communicate with UF Health physicians and staff using your smartphone or computer. In addition, MyUFHealth simplifies managing appointments (both in-person and video visits), providing refill requests, and viewing billing accounts online. MyUFHealth can be easily set up, safe, and secure – plus alerts will notify you whenever new information becomes available within MyUFHealth accounts.

MyUFHealth allows you to do much more than view test results and communicate with healthcare providers: make appointments, schedule tests, get prices for care estimates, and send messages directly to them. Plus, by connecting Apple Health with MyChart, you can pull health-related data into MyChart to help you stay on top of your health while making scheduling appointments and price estimates even simpler!

MyUFHealth also allows users to sign up for research studies through MyUFHealth. Your MyUFHealth account allows you to view UF Health’s research opportunities and will notify you if a physician needs participants for his study. In addition, MyUFHealth apps for smartphones or tablets allow instantaneous access to your health records.

MyUFHealth can make paying your medical bills easy. Access your account whenever you like, and get an estimated price before visiting a physician – saving money and time on health care! Plus, it’s free!

Signing up for MyUFHealth is easy – use the activation code provided in communications from UF Health or at a clinic visit, hospital stay, or ED stay to access this platform, or self-signup using your UF Health ID number and valid email address to create an account and manage health care from anywhere – mobile phones, tablets or computers!

Schedule appointments

MyUFHealth is a secure patient portal that gives patients personalized online access to portions of their medical records from a computer or mobile device. MyUFHealth allows patients to take an active role in their health care by scheduling follow-up appointments online, reviewing test results online, communicating securely with physicians and staff through secure messages, managing billing statements and payments remotely, and working on billing statements while on the move with smartphones or tablets.

Due to new 21st Century Cures Act regulations, patients will now have faster and broader access to lab and imaging results through MyUFHealth. UF Health will now send nearly all physician-generated clinical documentation directly into MyUFHealth accounts – such as notes from visits and lab and imaging requisitions completed successfully.

Established adult patients can sign up for MyUFHealth by requesting an activation code from their UF Health provider or self-signup on the MyUFHealth website. Spouses, family members, and legal guardians may also submit requests via an Authorization Form submitted directly to their healthcare provider – these requests will then be reviewed by staff before activation. MyUFHealth does not replace legal medical records; all communications sent through MyUFHealth remain a part of your history with UF Health.