How to Get a Vehicle Wrap Near Me in New York


Your wallet might have seen advertisements promising extra income by shrink-wrapping cars for extra money, but these offers are scams. Companies such as Carvertise, Nickelytics, and Uber offer gig work wrapping jobs targeted toward drivers of Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash services who cover over 900 miles monthly.

Vehicle wraps transform your car or truck into an effective rolling billboard that displays business messages and images and is ideal for fleet vehicles.


If you want to quickly change the color and finish of your vehicle without incurring the cost and time associated with complete repainting, a vehicle wrap could be your answer. Wraps come in various finishes ranging from matte, gloss metallic, and satin to racing stripes for a customized one-of-a-kind look.

Whether you are launching a new product or brand or taking an established business to the next level, an automobile wrap is an effective and cost-efficient advertising medium. Unlike print or hoarding advertising methods, an automobile wrap offers more affordable yet highly effective options – especially in congested areas or along traffic corridors where vinyl car wraps provide powerful branding opportunities.

A wrap can also help shield your car from weather-induced damage that could otherwise chip its paint job, standing out in crowds by drawing attention and generating leads, improving the appearance of vehicles, and increasing customer trust. Ad wraps can benefit businesses such as cable companies, handymen, plumbers, dry cleaners, and delivery services that frequently visit clients’ homes for work; an ad wrap can increase visibility.

If you want to feature your brand or product on your vehicle, a full or partial wrap can easily cover it – and can even be changed when business needs shift. Car magnets or perforated window films also work great as privacy solutions while simultaneously displaying marketing messages on the surface of your car.

212 Motoring of Brooklyn offers customized car wraps of all shapes and sizes for cars and vans in all categories. Their team can transform your vehicle into an eye-catching rolling billboard that will draw customers directly to your business. From carbon fiber wraps, camo designs, and hot pink to nardo grey options, they will design something personal for each client that reflects their personal style and preference.


Car wrapping can be an affordable way to update the appearance of your vehicle without spending an arm and leg on repainting services. A car wrap is reversible, so you can peel it back off later to reveal its original paint color!

Wraps can provide up to 4 mm thick protection from the elements of your vehicle, shielding against rock chips, bird droppings, hard water deposits, road salt, and tree sap. While not as effective at deflecting debris at high speeds as clear bra, wraps still provide some defense between factory paint and hostile outside world conditions.

Automobile wraps can be an ideal way to advertise your products and services as they attract attention while remaining cost-effective compared to media ads, which must be renewed continually. They’re also customizable according to your specific needs – another benefit.

If you own a coffee shop, your automobile wrap should feature your logo and message to attract customers and raise brand recognition. Furthermore, its use as an advertisement tool can help promote forthcoming promotions – perfect for new businesses or established ones looking to promote their latest offerings.

Fortuna Visual Group provides full and partial car wraps, custom signage, graphic designs, banners, vinyl cutting/installation services, and more in its Brooklyn-based facility. Fortuna is known for their outstanding customer service as it specializes in attention to detail for local businesses such as dog groomers, nutritionists, and hair stylists, and national corporations like restaurant chains.

212 Motoring is an experienced vehicle wrap company offering an impressive variety of colors, finishes, and patterns for its vehicle wrap services. Their team uses cutting-edge trends and technologies to give each vehicle its own unique, one-of-a-kind appearance, adding racing stripes, trims, or other personalized touches for an eye-catching appearance that stands out in any crowd.


Vehicle wrap removal can be an essential feature for many drivers. When it’s time to change your look or return to its original hue, full vinyl car wraps can easily be removed without incurring costly repaint costs or waiting weeks at the body shop.

Vinyl car wraps add an extra layer of protection that extends the lifespan of factory paint, protecting it against scratching, fading, and road salt buildup. Wraps also help prevent the accumulation of bird droppings, hard water deposits, and even corrosives such as road salt or tree sap, corroding its finish over time. While they are not as reliable at deflecting debris from flying off at high speeds as a clear bra, they still protect the paint against bird droppings, hard water deposits, and tree sap that might harm its paint surface over time.

Wraps are also easy to care for. Thanks to vinyl’s lack of pores, a wrap can often be cleaned with just a quick hose down – and can even absorb minor scuff marks and scratches without buffing! Many find their wrapped cars easier than their original paint jobs to maintain!

Quality wraps won’t alter the resale or trade-in values of vehicles; they could help increase them! Vehicle exterior condition plays a large part in its weight; by adding vinyl wrap protection, you can protect the finish while improving your car’s appearance.

Business owners are discovering an effective means of advertising their brand by turning company vehicles into mobile billboards with vehicle wraps. By turning company cars into moving billboards, business owners can reach customers more effectively than traditional media ads; plus, it’s only a one-time cost and can attract and convert new customers!

Are you ready to transform your vehicle into a moving billboard? Reach out to SpeedPro Central New York‘s experts! We have extensive experience designing wrap designs to promote businesses. Let us help yours stand out.


Car wraps are an eye-catching form of advertising that can transform your vehicle into an eye-catching mobile version of an eye-catching magazine ad or billboard, increasing brand recognition, visibility, and conversion rates.

Car wraps offer excellent OOH (out-of-home) marketing options for businesses of any size, boasting superior ROIs and unmatched local reach. Furthermore, they’re a cost-efficient way to promote your company, not requiring ongoing fees like media ads.

Businesses ideally suited for car wraps include cable companies, electricians, plumbers, handymen, dry cleaners, and any service provider who works within clients’ homes. Car wraps allow businesses like these to help clients feel at ease by proudly displaying their brands on vehicles that make a first impression and build trust and loyalty while standing out from competitors who simply show a magnetic sign or screen-printed logo.

Car wraps offer much more than branding opportunities; they’re an effective way to put your business directly in front of commuters in densely populated cities like New York. Car wraps can also help increase social media campaign reach and have become an indispensable tool in marketing initiatives.

Vehicle wrapping provides another advantage: protecting the paint job. Vinyl decals adhere to surfaces without harming them – in fact, they may even help to defend against sun damage or minor scratches! In addition, car wraps can easily be removed when no longer necessary, saving money on maintenance costs.

However, professional installers will provide optimal results. Do-it-yourself installations may result in bubbles, wrinkles, and other defects that make your vehicle appear unprofessional. A professional will ensure the car is appropriately prepped before applying a wrap (removing any dents or rust) and using an adhesive designed to avoid peeling and bubbling over time.