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Craigslist can be an invaluable source of information and can be an excellent way to find cars, furniture, and even pets for sale, as well as local deals on clothing and household goods.

Reduced Cocker Spaniel puppy rehome fee of $300 in Jacksonville (with 10/2 pictures).


Savannah Pets – Craigslist offers pets for sale, such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and fish for adoption or sale. In addition, you’ll also find hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals listed there for sale. Dog breeds for purchase on the site include German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and Rottweilers, with mixed and purebred puppies available for adoption or rehoming fees may apply depending on individual situations.

The “m4m” section of Savannah Pets – CL features males looking for men, whether gays or straight. Anyone can view ads, and you can search by city, state, or region to find something specific. Registration with Savannah Craigslist is free but requires valid email addresses, as a valid email address must be entered to set up an account on this platform.

This Ad is for a Male Dog I Need A Good Home For. He is five months old, fully vaccinated, and wormed with the Canadian Kennel Club registration in good health; he loves nature with wonderful personality traits! If interested, contact me, and he would make an excellent addition to any home!


No matter the age or breed of cat you’re searching for, Craigslist has plenty of choices available for sale or adoption, from purebred cats to strays who need homes. Additionally, the website provides many supplies aimed at keeping pets happy and healthy, such as food, toys, grooming items, litter, etc.

This website features jobs, apartments, cars, and furniture classifieds that you can browse by category or region or post your ad free of charge. Ads are updated daily with pictures of each item listed, as well as helpful tips to make the most out of posting ads.

Your ad will appear prominently at the top of search results and be highlighted with color. You can add images to increase its visibility and draw in viewers; posting your ad across several websites such as Facebook and Twitter is one effective way of doing this, while local print and online media outlets could help as well; for further assistance, submitting your ad quickly to buyers if that is your goal. For help posting, please don’t be shy to ask friends and family members; they likely have great ideas you hadn’t considered yourself!

Pet Supplies

Find all your pet supply needs on Craigslist without risking becoming victim to scammers by knowing what signs to look out for when searching the listings. Any offers too good to be true or demands for payment before seeing the animal may indicate scams; for your safety, it may also be wise to meet at a public place with someone accompanying you as part of your purchase process.

As always, when buying through Craigslist, check the seller’s photos and descriptions carefully, pay cash only, avoid using credit cards, and do not respond to sellers who want you to contact them via email or text messages.

Craigslist Savannah Pets – Craigslist provides free classified advertisements in Savannah/Hinesville, Georgia, that include jobs, apartments for rent/sale/services offered, and community connections. Search the site to find jobs/apartments/houses for rent/sale, furniture items/cars & trucks to make life simpler!

Craigslist can be an excellent way to save money when purchasing vehicles from individual sellers yet remain risk-free. Before making your decision, it is wise to research both its history and safety record so you can make an informed purchase with full knowledge that will bring you years of satisfaction driving safely and reliably on the roads! Good luck, and drive safe!


Savannah Craigslist Pets is an excellent way to find local classified ads for pets, cars, jobs, and more in Savannah. Additionally, you can post free ads to find or sell a pet or post something you no longer require – plus, there is even an extensive boat section!

No matter if it is your first boat purchase or you are an experienced veteran, Savannah Craigslist provides an impressive selection of boats to meet every buyer’s needs – from inflatables to powerboats. If budget constraints prevent a purchase for less than $1000, you could even find something suitable!

If you own a dog or cat in Savannah, Craigslist provides several reputable kennels. Customers highly rate some, while others have been serving locals for decades. All offer safe and loving environments for both animals while offering amenities such as private dog parks and spas.

Craigslist can be an excellent way to find apartments or homes for rent in Savannah, GA. There is an assortment of properties ranging from $900 per month up to $2,500 per month with studio apartments, one-bedroom units, or even two-bedroom properties available – many are situated within Savannah’s historic downtown district, while some provide parking on site.

Boating Accessories

Craigslist provides an abundance of new and pre-owned boats for sale in both new and used conditions, with sellers occasionally offering free shipping options. In addition, there is also an impressive array of marine supplies such as engine parts and accessories – everything you could ever need, from outboard motors to trailers, can be found right here!

If your dog needs somewhere safe and clean while you’re away, consider pet boarding facilities in Savannah, as they provide safe environments with ample exercise opportunities and care. Many facilities also cost less than traditional dog kennels while still allowing you to visit while away!

Craigslist provides pet lovers with many items for their furry companions. A pair of bowfront boa cages can be purchased for $1000 in good condition – an affordable alternative to buying new enclosures! In addition, aquarium equipment like reptile tanks or aquarium setups can also be found for much cheaper. Furthermore, toys for your pet, such as stuffed animals or puzzles, may help keep them entertained while you work or travel; additionally, grooming tools and bedding products may also be found here.


Craigslist can be an excellent way to purchase new cars or furniture for your home, from used vehicles and antiques to pet supplies and pet supplies. Just make sure that you follow some basic safety steps so as to avoid getting taken advantage of by unscrupulous sellers.

Before purchasing on Craigslist, be sure to read through its entire ad and look for any warning signs, such as prices that seem too good to be true or requests for payment before viewing items; this may be a scam. Likewise, avoid ads with poor grammar and spelling errors, as these could indicate scamming attempts.

Savannah’s housing market offers plenty of choices to fit your needs, with apartments and houses available for rent in every price range imaginable – studio apartments can start as low as $600 a month; condominiums and townhouses may also be found here.

Savannah has an average walk score of 3/10, so a car will likely be necessary to navigate. Savannah’s public transit system is reliable. There are also various dog parks located throughout Savannah – just be sure to comply with local laws in order to avoid harming your animal friend!