MSI Q Calacatta Sol, Calacatta Mara Blanca, Calacatta Ultra, Calacatta Mara Blanca, Calacatta Mara Blanca


Quartz countertops make an excellent choice due to their durability and stain resistance, adding the look of marble while being easy on the eyes!

Calacatta Sol is a white artificial quartz stone designed to resemble calacatta marble in appearance and is becoming increasingly popular.

Calacatta Alto

This beautiful quartz countertop from MSI Q boasts an exquisite combination of a soft white background and thin gray veining for a classic marble design. With its neutral palette and stunning combination of beauty and performance, this quartz surface makes an impressive statement in modern and traditional interior designs alike. Durable yet stain- and water-spot-resistant surfaces like this quartz are suitable for countertops, waterfall islands, and backsplashes – offering stunning combinations of beauty and performance that provide lasting performance for years.

Calacatta Alto quartz slabs feature the beautiful marble look that you would find in natural marble, yet are ultra-durable and won’t etch, scratch, or be damaged by acidic foods like lemon juice, vinegar, wine, or coffee. Use it to create countertops, waterfall islands, backsplashes, and accent walls in any kitchen, bathroom, or bar setting – it looks just like natural marble without ever needing sealing! Perfect for countertops, waterfall islands, backsplashes, or accent walls in kitchens, bathrooms, or bars alike – no need to seal these quartz surfaces! This quartz countertop won’t ever need filling either; it’s perfect for use as a countertop! This quartz surface won’t etch or scratch like natural marble while remaining undamaged by acidic foods such as lemon juice vinegar, wine, or coffee spillover!

With its elegant blend of cool white background tones and beautiful long veining, this luxurious quartz is truly exquisite. Featuring light, airy design elements that complement most color trends and won’t go out of style soon after being chosen, it makes an elegant and timeless choice that never goes out of fashion.

MSI Q quartz’s latest addition combines warm creamy hues with short and long lines, specks, and other natural textures for an eye-catching surface that enhances any design style. Be sure to visit MSI Q for this exciting Quartz! It is sure to wow!

Calacatta Oro Quartz is an exquisite marble-look quartz featuring a white background with wispy veining and glossy polished finish, creating an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic in your kitchen, bathroom, or bar countertops. Easy to maintain due to nonporous properties, which help avoid water spots, stains, and bacteria accumulation – it makes this quartz an excellent choice!

Calacatta Lavasa

Calacatta Lavasa quartz features an elegant white background adorned with thick and thin gray veining for a classic marble look on your kitchen countertop. Easily adaptable for all design styles, Calacatta Lavasa quartz’s neutral and cool-toned palette makes this stone ideal for creating modern marble effects in the home, pairing beautifully with any color cabinetry.

Make an impressionful statement with striking white quartz countertops, waterfall islands, shower walls, floors, backsplashes, and accent walls using this stunning material. Made of durable yet low-maintenance quartz material, its long-term beauty looks great in both residential and commercial settings alike. Available both 2cm and 3cm slab sizes allow for design flexibility during installation.

As you stroll through a forest, this light beige quartz will bring back memories of nature with its natural-looking texture and honey and chocolate brown flecks. With its soothing beige tone and golden specks, this quartz will help any room feel warm and welcoming, while its versatile light hue and textural finish make it suitable for use across cabinetry colors.

This luxurious stone captures the sophistication of Italian marble. Its white background is accented with intricate vein patterns, specks, and other natural textures that complement any design style. Plus, this non-porous material won’t etch from acidic food sources or harbor bacteria and germs like its counterpart does!

Create a lavish kitchen that will wow your guests by selecting Calacatta Miraggio Gold as your kitchen countertops. Its pure white background is beautifully enhanced by subtle black, brown, and gold veining for an upscale appearance that cannot be missed. Furthermore, this material is non-porous, making cleaning it effortless while being resistant to staining and mold growth.

Calacatta Ultra

Calacatta Ultra quartz slab is an eye-catching white quartz surface featuring exquisite linear veining that mimics natural marble’s luxurious appeal, perfect for modern and traditional designs alike. This material requires low maintenance costs over its lifespan, lasting through years of high-traffic areas without fading or damage – perfect for kitchen countertops where lots of chopping, slicing, dicing, and cooking goes on!

This stunning marble-look countertop comes in various sizes to fit any space, with slabs cut and manufactured just like natural stone but at more reasonable rates than many alternatives. Plus, they’re heat resistant – ideal for kitchen islands and backsplashes where hot pans may be placed!

Quartz is an exceptionally durable material comprised of 93% pure quartz and 7% resin and pigments. The natural mineral adds a soft, natural aesthetic, while stain-resistant resin provides stain resistance and durability – two qualities that make quartz an excellent choice for busy households seeking luxurious yet practical living spaces.

White quartz countertops provide an ideal contrast against light wood cabinet colors. Their pale hue helps brighten the kitchen, while their veining adds visual interest and an air of luxury. If you want a stronger contrast, consider dark wood cabinets in rich hues like espresso or cherry for an even more significant impact.

Calacatta Botanica

Calacatta Botanica Quartz boasts an elegant white background with subtle gray veining for an understated elegance that complements nearly every design style and trend. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or any space where a touch of luxury is desired – Calacatta Botanica Quartz makes a statement in any room it graces.

Quarries that specialize in mining rare marble are located in the Apuania mountain region in Northern Tuscany, Italy. This luxurious material is known for its aesthetic beauty and long-term durability – typically found in high-end hotels or homes where it is used as wall cladding, flooring, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, or other surfaces.

MSI provides Calacatta replicas in both solid and slab formats to recreate this beautiful natural marble look in engineered stone surfaces, from dramatic veining patterns like Calacatta Laza and Monaco to subtler options like our Calacatta Botanica Quartz.

If you’re searching for an alternative to Calacatta marble’s bright white background and thick, grey veins, we offer several neutral-hued marble look-alikes that will leave an impression. Crema Marfil’s beige tones and Eternal Statuario’s spidery gray streaks offer similar designs reminiscent of Calacatta Ultra; both options complement various design styles beautifully.

Calacatta Botanica pairs beautifully with cabinetry in neutral tones. You’ll find numerous cabinet colors that coordinate perfectly in our online Design Center; use our Cabinet Painter tool to find one that perfectly matches your existing cabinets! When it’s time for installation, our experienced installers are on hand. We are a family-oriented business offering low-maintenance products like Infinity Seam, which perfectly matches Q Quartz Calacatta Botanica!

Calacatta Mara Blanca

Calacatta Mara Blanca quartz features an elegant white background with subtle gray veining – ideal for creating elegant countertops without going too bold. The creamy white hue makes this marble-look quartz easy to coordinate with various color and design schemes across both residential and commercial properties. Use Calacatta Mara Blanca quartz in countertops, waterfall islands, backsplashes, shower walls, or accent walls.

Modern and classic styles come together in our Calacatta Botanica quartz countertop, where cool white tones meet wispy gray veining that gives it an eye-catching aesthetic. Perfect for kitchens that strive for cleanliness, this beautiful countertop color complements nearly all cabinet colors beautifully, lasting the test of time to give years of timeless enjoyment.

For those who love bold looks, our Calacatta Goa quartz offers the perfect bold accent piece. Featuring an eye-catching, warm white backdrop enhanced by thick russet and dark brown veining that runs the length of its surface. Its mix of thick and thin veins makes this quartz extremely realistic and easily fits with many design styles.

Antico Cloud Quartz’s stunning movement makes it the ideal choice for those who desire a countertop that will take their breath away. It boasts a soft white background with delicate streaks of light and dark gray veining to provide unstoppable elegance.

Our marble-look quartz is available in multiple finishes, such as polished, honed, and suede. Polished looks provide an easy-to-maintain, high-shine surface that works great for modern designs like Bianco Calacatta and Eternal Classic Calacatta; other examples of polished quartz include Desert Silver. Honed and suede finishes pair perfectly with contemporary, transitional, and modern interior styles and are more durable than their glossy counterparts – perfect for busy households!