Alpha Sporting Dog Food


Alpha’s protein supplements for sporting dogs provide them with high amounts of digestible and highly palatable proteins to promote strength & maintain health.

A diet designed to support optimal growth & development of sporting, working & racing puppies up to 18 months of age. It is formulated using top-quality ingredients that have been cooked carefully before being fortified with vitamins & minerals for added nutritional benefits.

Adult Maintenance

Adult Maintenance Sporting Food has been developed specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of sporting dogs that are resting or recovering from an injury, offering 22% protein from premium chicken, along with a complete range of vitamins and minerals that have been cooked carefully to optimize digestion. It’s also ideal for owners who wish to supplement their dog’s diet under hard-working or racing conditions with extra meat or fish protein, featuring balanced omega 6/3 fatty acid levels preserved naturally with mixed tocopherols, free of grains or cereals and packed with high levels of protein to support the physical development of sporting dogs!

Sporting Puppy

Sporting dogs are intelligent, energetic, and obedient animals with solid work ethics and specific genetic traits that make them perfect hunting companions and family pets alike. Training these pups requires more time and effort than training a regular canine, but their boundless energy often makes for willing students.

Puppies require specific needs in order to thrive as healthy and happy adult dogs. Puppies need plenty of playtime, mental stimulation, and physical activity in order to succeed as adults; those that do not get enough exercise tend to develop destructive behaviors such as barking or chewing. They should also receive early training so they learn loose leash walking skills as well as human interaction etiquette – puppies are sturdy dogs, so they should only be exposed for extended periods to small children as adults; with enough attention and patience, these pets make excellent family companions!

When feeding their puppy, most owners focus on protein and fat consumption. Protein is essential for muscle development as well as maintaining skin and coat health; fat can provide both energy for daily needs as well as other beneficial properties such as helping maintain skin and coat health. Active sporting breed puppies have different dietary needs than others and should ideally receive Eukanuba’s Premium Performance Puppy Pro diet, which has an optimal ratio between protein and fat consumption.

Active sporting breed puppies require the optimal balance of protein to fat, in addition to optimal levels of vitamins and minerals in their diets. Playful puppies need higher amounts of Vitamin C to support their developing immune systems, while zinc provides them with essential nourishment for creating and maintaining healthy skin and coats.

High-quality sporting puppy food will include an antioxidant complex explicitly designed to support their active lifestyle, shielding against any additional oxidative stress caused by exposure to fields, woods, and bodies of water.

Puppy Dry Food

This food is designed to encourage strong and healthy teeth and bones. Packed with chicken protein for strength, brown rice provides energy and fiber, while calcium and phosphorous are essential elements for bone development. Plus, it doesn’t contain wheat, corn, or soy and is free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and animal fat. Plus, it’s gluten-free.

As puppies form their bodies from scratch, they require ample amounts of essential amino acids in their diet to develop muscle and tissue. Meat proteins provide these amino acids in abundance – so ensure your pup receives plenty.

As large-breed puppies must have an increased risk of hip dysplasia than smaller breeds, it is vitally important that food specially tailored to meet their nutritional requirements be selected for them. This product is an excellent option for small breeds as it features real chicken as a source of protein, while brown rice provides energy and fiber-rich energy sources as well as being an excellent source of calcium, which will support their teeth and bones for good health.

Contrary to many dry pet food recipes, this puppy recipe offers a complete and balanced diet suitable for all life stages. Packed with high levels of protein to promote muscle growth and body mass development while providing probiotics for good digestive health, this food also features probiotics for added benefits.

Puppies can be weaned at any age, though we recommend starting the process when they reach four to five weeks of age. For the most accessible results, combine one part of puppy kibble with three pieces of liquid until you create a thick porridge-like consistency similar to gruel. Once comfortable with this meal, gradually decrease liquid while gradually increasing kibble until your puppy can eat independently.

Puppy Wet Food

Wet food can help motivate finicky dogs at mealtime. With its meaty smell and soft texture, damp pet food may entice animals that are reluctant to try new foods or have difficulty chewing. Furthermore, small breed animals may find wet pet food more accessible to consume than kibble and could even make an ideal option for teething puppies as its soft consistency eases their gums and teeth while offering relief during teething times.

Wet pet food boasts a higher water content, ranging between 60-84%, than dry dog food, making it perfect for increasing hydration levels in dehydrated pets and adding medications or supplements to wet food quickly. As it makes administering medication easier than with dry food, wet pet food makes an ideal option for providing pets with additional nutrition or medication needs.

Many wet food options for puppies contain high levels of protein to ensure that puppies receive all of the energy and nutrition needed to develop into strong adults. It is essential to read the nutritional adequacy statement on your chosen wet food to make sure it can provide your pup with complete and balanced nutrition, and can serve as its primary source.

When purchasing puppy wet food, it must meet the nutritional requirements set by AAFCO for their life stage. To determine this accurately, you can use AAFCO’s Nutrient Analysis Calculator, which will show you the percentages of various nutrients (such as crude fat or protein) present in their food.

Wet dog food options can be a convenient and delicious solution for busy families. Their wide variety of flavors offers something delicious for even the pickiest pups! However, some dogs can become overly selective about wet foods if given too many choices; they may select only their favorite food and reject others, leading to poor nutrition overall. In such instances, switching back to dry food until their appetite has subsided once again may be beneficial.