Top 10 Battery Companies in India


Exide is a household name in India and worldwide, being one of the biggest battery producers.

Eveready is well known as a consumer-oriented battery company using cutting-edge technology to produce durable rechargeable and zinc alkaline batteries used widely across household appliances in America.

1. Exide Industries Ltd

This business specializes in manufacturing, marketing, and selling lead-acid storage batteries to automotive, power, telecom, infrastructure projects, computer industries, railways, and mining sectors.

The company produces rechargeable batteries and features an impressive research and development center dedicated to driving continuous innovation.

Nexcharge, their latest battery product, was designed for multiple uses, including micro and hybrid car modules. Headquartered in Chennai, India, with 30 offices spread throughout India as proof of pan-India presence, it also features international technical partnerships, including Moura Batteries in Brazil as a partner company.

2. Amara Raja Group Batteries

The company specializes in producing lead-acid batteries for automotive and industrial applications. Their brands are popular choices among both replacement customers and original equipment manufacturers.

As part of its lead-acid business, it faces an increasingly competitive environment with higher raw material costs and is passing along those effects without too much of a delay in cases with good demand; however, these increased costs have had an adverse impact on margins.

Li-ion technology is another core focus for the firm with the establishment of its state-of-the-art Giga factory in Divitipalli, though adoption may not come as quickly as expected, impacting profit growth and necessitating investments into costly lithium cell chemistry.

3. HBL Power Systems

HBL Power Systems Ltd, India’s premier storage battery manufacturer, produces lead-acid batteries suitable for automotive, industrial, and home UPS use, as well as pure lead thin-plate VRLA and photolite tubular batteries.

Luminous Power Technologies provides comprehensive home solutions, such as Inverters, Stabilizers, UPS systems, and traction batteries – including its popular X-Cell Lead-Tin VRLA batteries (Ignite batteries).

Grinntech, established in 2019, is an Indian lithium-ion battery manufacturer and energy storage solutions provider renowned for its safety, energy density, long lifespan, intelligence, and renewable energy storage capabilities – ideal for solar and wind power.

4. Eveready Industries India Ltd

Eveready Industries India Ltd (Eveready) was established in 1905. Since then, Eveready has manufactured and distributed batteries and lighting products, such as dry cell and rechargeable batteries under its Eveready, PowerCell, and Uniross brands; flashlights/lanterns; LED bulbs/luminaries; and devices such as mobile power banks/rechargeable fans/radio/small home appliances brands like Greendale/Tez/Jaago/Premium Gold brands for portable power banks/rechargeable fans etc. Additionally, they distribute packet tea under Greendale/Tez/Jaago/Premium Gold brands, with distribution channels across India/Oceania/Oceania/Oceanic.

Eveready employs a diverse workforce that embraces happiness and promotes a balanced work-life balance. Their workplace exudes family warmth while boasting world-class professionalism at the same time.

5. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd produces and markets electric power products for residential use. Their portfolio of domestic inverters, UPS systems, inverter batteries, fans, lighting fixtures, wire switches, and solar energy products caters to customers around the globe.

Luminous Power Technologies aims to expand its solar business through investment in new capacity, research and development, digitization, brand building, and channel engagements. As part of this goal, the company recently formed a partnership with Rajasthan Royals Football Team, so its logo will appear prominently on their jersey for two years.

Luminous has a global distribution network and presence in over 40 countries worldwide, including India. Their extensive product offering range spans power backup solutions (Home UPS, Inverter Batteries & Solar PV Systems), home electricals such as Fans, Wires, and switches, as well as solar PV applications.

6. Goldstar Power

Goldstar Power markets and produces batteries under its brand name ‘Goldstar.’ Their plant can be found at Hapa on the Jamnagar-Rajkot Highway, Gujarat. Products offered include automotive batteries for cars, tractors, and trucks as well as tubular batteries suitable for UPS systems, solar energy, and genset applications; starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) batteries; sealed maintenance free-valve regulated lead acid batteries (SMF-VRLA); motorcycle pure lead batteries and alloy variants – plus many others!

The company serves customers both domestically and internationally across Uganda, Nepal, Lebanon, Dubai, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. Their primary revenue generator is manufactured goods; additionally, they offer battery parts and plates as part of the Indian Battery Manufacturers Association membership.

7. Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd

Su-Kam provides highly efficient and helpful power backup solutions to homes and businesses throughout India, using cutting-edge engineering concepts. As one of the premier lithium battery manufacturers, Su-Kam powers homes and businesses alike.

HBL Power Systems was established in 1977. They specialize in manufacturing lead acid, nickel-cadmium, silver zinc, and lithium batteries for use across industries, as well as railway electronics, defense electronics, and solar photovoltaic modules.

Eveready Industries is a consumer-friendly battery company that employs next-generation superior technology to craft long-lasting batteries for everyday appliances like torches, lamps, music players, and TV remote controls. Their rechargeable and zinc alkaline batteries can be found nationwide in these devices.

8. Evolute Solutions Private Limited

Evolute Solutions Private Limited manufactures and supplies electromechanical relays as well as electronic component solutions. Their offerings include PCB relays, power relays, telecom relays, automotive relays, and latching relays for use globally.

Evolute Solutions was established in 2000 in Mumbai, India, and currently specializes in manufacturing (machinery & equipment).

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9. Suntrac Energy Systems

Suntrac uses an innovative hybrid solar thermal panel that is integrated with existing air conditioning and heating systems to help reduce energy usage, harnessing solar thermal energy with its parabolic mirror that generates and concentrates solar thermal power for reduced utility demand charges during peak hours of energy usage. Suntrac also helps growers avoid costly utility demand charges that occur during peak energy usage periods – saving growers both money and effort when it comes time to pay their utility bills each month!

Suntrac Energy Systems Private Limited was incorporated on 16 February 2001 as an unlisted private company operating within the Electricity, Gas, and water companies sector. It is directed by Chellappan Vasudevamurthy, Usha Jagatrakshagan, Mridula Vasudevamurthy, and Prarthna Vasudevamurthy as its directors.