Finding the Best Pharmacy Near Me in NYC


Do you need some Band-Aids or need to fill a prescription in NYC? Finding an independent pharmacy offers personalized service and product selections unavailable from chain pharmacies.

Stanley’s Pharmacy is known for its friendly staff and selection of OTC medications, prescription drugs, specialty self-care products – not to mention seasonal flu shots! Customers love Stanley’s Pharmacy!

New London Pharmacy

New London Pharmacy stands out in an age of Duane Reades and Walgreens by being more intimate. It was established in 1960 by a husband-and-wife pharmacist team keen on creating an inviting atmosphere. Their simple aesthetic provides a welcome respite from big box pharmacies while their staff always offers personalized help if required.

As well as stocking standard drugstore staples, this store boasts an expansive collection of unique toiletries from around the globe. Hair and makeup artists alike frequent it; its shelves are full of everything from organic toothpaste to niche perfumes.

New London also hosts one of only a handful of compound labs left in NYC, which allows its pharmacists to create customized solutions for clients with specific needs. For example, some individuals require more muscular prescription strength than is offered through mainstream drug companies or would instead take their medicine in cream instead of pill form.


Finding an appropriate pharmacy requires many considerations. When selecting one, ensure it offers competitive prices, excellent customer service, delivery services, and knowledge of your specific health concerns.

New London Pharmacy boasts friendly staff and offers unparalleled service at an unbeatably reasonable cost. As a family-run pharmacy with over 50 years of service to New York City, it boasts an extensive selection of vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter medication, flu vaccinations, and other immunizations.

Zitomer’s shelves of remedies have long been relied upon by Upper East Side locals near Carlyle Hotel. With weathered purple carpeting and yellowed lighting evoking an earlier New York – a beauty sanctuary built before lip fillers or TikTok trends – their reputation remains undiminished today.

Stanley’s Pharmacy

Stanley’s Pharmacy in lower Manhattan stands out as an independent pharmacy with its unique offerings of Western pharmaceuticals and healing elixirs from its juice bar. Their outstanding customer service and staff always greet customers by name, making this location popular with locals.

This pharmacy is known for its outstanding customer service and convenient delivery services, including late-night availability when needed for cough syrup or band-aids. Their selection includes vitamins and supplements, OTC medications, specialty self-care items, and seasonal flu shots – making them one of the few pharmacies offering seasonal flu shots! This pharmacy is conveniently situated two blocks from the Easy Broadway metro stop on the F Line and near multiple bus stops. It also offers parking nearby and accepts all major credit cards – perfect for patients looking for alternatives to long waits at significant pharmacies with competitive pricing and always-stocked essentials shelves!

Xpress Lane Pharmacy

Xpress Lane Pharmacy stands out from the competition with its friendly staff and exceptional customer service. Offering natural and pharmaceutical medications, beauty, and other holistic essentials such as flu shots and vaccinations, its location near the Christopher St. metro station and bus stop makes it easily accessible; parking can also be found nearby.

Arrow Pharmacy is an iconic modern pharmacy in Manhattan’s heart that provides various products. Beyond traditional Western medications, its inventory includes herbal tinctures and supplements, specialty self-care items, and medical equipment. Customers who visit Arrow appreciate its clean, spacious environment with outstanding, knowledgeable customer service.

HealthSource Pharmacy stands out from chain pharmacies by being family-run and owned. Offering prescription and OTC medicines, nutritional supplements, natural foods, and flu vaccines. Customers praise HealthSource’s staff as friendly and efficient; prescriptions are filled quickly, making this pharmacy an attractive option for anyone trying to save money.

CO Bigelow Pharmacy

As New York is a 24-hour city, having access to an excellent pharmacy that provides top products and services is vital. Luckily, there are many choices; many pharmacies are open 24/7 if late-night emergencies arise and require Band-Aids or cough syrup. Additionally, they provide delivery services so your prescriptions can quickly arrive at your door!

Independent pharmacies tend to have lower wait times and offer more personalized service than chain drugstores, thanks to knowledgeable staff that understands modern health insurance plans and is dedicated to ensuring your medications arrive on time. Furthermore, these pharmacies usually feature higher staff-to-customer ratios, allowing for superior service compared to chain drugstores.

CO Bigelow Pharmacy stands as the oldest apothecary pharmacy in the US. Dating back to 1838 and having served such notable figures as Mark Twain and Liv Tyler, they still deliver top-quality service today. Customers appreciate their friendly staff as well as getting their prescriptions filled quickly.

Health Source Pharmacy

Health Source Pharmacy is an ideal destination for purchasing herbal supplements and traditional Western pharmaceuticals at competitive prices. Their selection is extensive; the staff is friendly and helpful – they also offer flu vaccinations! Customers rave about this pharmacy; many travel from their neighborhood to shop there!

This modern pharmacy features all the basics in stock – OTC and prescription, cleaning supplies, medical equipment, herbal tinctures, and health foods – in an organized and family-owned space near Columbus Circle Station on A, C & B lines and numerous bus stops. It’s close by, so convenient.

ProHealth Pharmacy stands out from other pharmacies by offering numerous products and services at unbeatably reasonable prices. Their selection includes toiletries, herbal medicines, over-the-counter (OTC), and prescription medications sourced from all over the globe – not to mention excellent customer service that’s second to none! Also boasting fantastic customer support. ProHealth Pharmacy stands out among competitors with exceptional customer care and being very budget-friendly compared to its competition.

Central Pharmacy

Central Pharmacy has offered comprehensive pharmaceutical services to state, county, and governmental inpatient facilities for over three decades. Their specialty is cost reduction via central purchasing, formulary management, medication monitoring/dispensing/distribution/streamlined workflow, and customer service excellence – they even specialize in quick prescription refilling! Their customers enjoy top-of-the-line customer care with excellent service at every turn – you won’t find better than them.

This family-owned pharmacy features a friendly, dog-friendly atmosphere and offers unparalleled customer service. Their staff remembers you by name and offers one-on-one consultations; delivery and free pick-up service are also provided, making their services accessible for people with limited mobility.

Medly offers convenient home pharmacy delivery of prescription medications through its user-friendly platform and lightning-fast delivery times. They have an online pharmacist support line and text messaging service available in over 12 languages and financial and insurance assistance to help their customers afford medications more affordable. Furthermore, Medly is accredited by the Joint Commission and preferred provider status with many health insurance plans.