The New Nintendo 3DS XL


With larger-than-life visuals on 90% larger screens, the Nintendo 3DS XL takes gaming to new heights. Play with friends or solo and explore classic franchises as well as cutting-edge titles that take advantage of new XL features.

If you already own one, is upgrading worth it?

Larger-than-life visuals

Nintendo’s New 3DS XL should be seen as an upgrade in every sense for anyone who owned an earlier model of this handheld. Its numerous improvements over its predecessor make for an effortless upgrade decision, even for former 3DS owners.

The XL stands out with its vast, nearly HD screens. The top screen can display an astounding 5.1 million pixels – one of the best displays on any portable device – making for an incredibly immersive gaming experience when coupled with its gyroscope and motion sensor capabilities.

Another welcome upgrade to the XL is its camera system, featuring dual 0.3-megapixel cameras – including one front-facing one capable of taking three-dimensional snaps – along with its augmented reality features, which let you bring characters and objects from games into reality. Furthermore, two AR postcards allow users to share their creations with everyone!

Cosmetically, the XL is slightly more refined than its predecessors, eschewing its garish tri-toned color scheme for a more rigid exterior that feels more solid in your hand. In addition, there’s now a second analog stick on its right-hand side for those playing action-based games who require precision in their controls.

But while the XL may offer enhanced visuals and camera performance, it still faces many of the same limitations that plagued its predecessors. Battery life remains a significant problem with both platforms – however, there’s no evident improvement with either model despite having more important cases.

Exclusive games

If you love Nintendo 3DS games, then the New Nintendo 3DS XL may be an ideal upgrade for you. This upgraded system boasts an expansive screen and more robust build while offering exclusive titles not found elsewhere. However, new buyers may find its confusing names daunting – with “New” being one such name often leading to confusion for consumers.

Nintendo has made one of the most significant upgrades to their 3DS family with this XL model. Boasting two screens that are 90 percent larger than its predecessor model, you’ll notice more detail while playing 3D games and also benefit from improved battery life – you could easily keep charging it up overnight! The XL also boasts better battery life – holding its charge for days at a time!

The new 3DS system is an ideal upgrade for anyone considering purchasing their first one, thanks to improved graphics and longer battery life. If you already own one, however, then this may not be necessary, and it would be prudent to wait until exclusive games become available on it before upgrading.

While the Nintendo 3DS XL is an improvement over its predecessor, it does not bring many new gameplay features. One notable change is support for Amiibo figurines; these collectible figurines allow users to unlock characters in games such as Super Smash Bros and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Nintendo also made some minor upgrades to its handheld, such as a revamped design and enhanced controls. Furthermore, the XL supports SD cards to expand your gaming library more quickly; however it doesn’t offer backward compatibility with physical or digital games created for previous generations of Nintendo systems.

Note: Unfortunately, the new 3DS XL does not support older 3DS game cartridges due to new clamshell and faceplate designs requiring different-sized cartridges – a major disappointment for fans of older games!

Portable play controls

The Nintendo 3DS XL offers all of the fun of its smaller cousin in a more robust package. The larger screens provide easier play control, and its 3D effect feels much more immersive – rather than gazing upon another world through a peephole, its immersiveness allows one to step right through it!

Homebrew enthusiasts have confirmed that, although Nintendo keeps the exact details of its CPU/GPU specifications secret, the 3DS XL is slightly more powerful than its predecessor – helping it run games more smoothly with fewer glitches – rendering more realistic textures and objects than its original system while still falling short of console-level performance.

One of the XL’s standout features is its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to play online with friends or download free games from Nintendo eShop. Furthermore, its improved touchscreen is more responsive and has been designed with a lower profile to make it easier to hold. Again, its new light sensor automatically dims or brightens depending on ambient lighting conditions for a personalized gaming experience.

There are a few issues with the XL that make its use somewhat more challenging than its predecessor, however. For example, the Start and Select buttons have now been moved under the ABXY face buttons instead of being located at the right side of the screen, and although this change could potentially improve ergonomics, it’s hard to justify given how well-suited its previous configuration was for users.

Similarly, the New 3DS XL makes it harder to access its Micro SD slot. While you won’t likely access this slot more than once or twice during its lifespan, it can be frustrating that accessing it now requires disassembling an entire unit to reach it – something to bear in mind if you plan on using your system extensively for gaming. Luckily, Nintendo is providing a solution: they have introduced a smaller form factor Micro SD card, which comes equipped with 4GB storage – double that found on traditional 3DS models!

Free Wi-Fi

Nintendo and hotspot provider The Cloud have joined forces to offer 3DS owners free Wi-Fi services through The Cloud’s hotspot provider The Cloud. Bring the system into a participating location, tap the Nintendo Zone icon on the HOME menu, and connect. There are over 29,000 locations worldwide, including restaurants, hotels, and airports. Once connected, you can watch 3D videos, full-length animations, sports highlights, trivia challenges, find retailer promotions, watch demos and trivia challenges, play demos and trivia challenges, and much more – available until 2022! This service will continue until 2022, at which time the service will cease operations altogether.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is an advanced handheld gaming console featuring large, stunning screens and incredible graphics capabilities. Built for portability, its touchscreen control, traditional buttons, camera, and motion, and tilt sensors combine to provide a range of gaming experiences that can even include taking photos with Mii characters! Its portability also means it makes for convenient travel! Among its unique features are motion sensing capabilities, which respond to changes in motion or tilt – providing even more immersive gameplay as well as adding a whole new dimension for photography!

The New Nintendo 3DS XL stands out with its high-performance hardware, sleek design, and variety of colors that complement it, durability to ensure long-term performance, and an exclusive selection of games and accessories only available through this console, such as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Bravely Default.

The new console comes in various colors ranging from classic black to metallic blue and silver, and special editions such as Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate console bundles with one unique console and copy of each respective game.

The new Nintendo DS system is also backward compatible, enabling users to transfer games, software, and images from previous DS and DSi systems – though specific downloaded titles cannot be moved – making this feature particularly advantageous for people who play multiple genres of games simultaneously. Furthermore, older titles will be displayed in 2D graphics for easy playback.