How to Find the Best Orthodontist Near Me in NYC


Before selecting an orthodontist, be sure to read customer reviews. Positive customer comments and a warm and welcoming staff should be priorities when selecting. Also, schedule your free initial consultation before committing to treatment.

Braces are typically considered corrective procedures and won’t be considered cosmetic, even with clear Invisalign aligners; however, lingual braces offer an aesthetically appealing solution for correction purposes.

Dr. Jahn’Shahi

If you need an orthodontist, there are various options available to you. While all dentists receive the same training, only orthodontists have additional expertise in correcting misalignments to teeth and jaw alignment, making them more specialized than general practitioners who treat similar problems. Although all patients need an orthodontist at some point, not everyone requires an orthodontist’s services.

New York orthodontists offer comprehensive orthodontic solutions, from malocclusion to removable appliances such as braces. Traditional metal braces or clear ceramic options may suit you best; Invisalign may also prove effective for more complex alignment issues.

Park Slope Orthodontics in Brooklyn provides traditional and clear braces to children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. Their service has earned a 4.9 rating on ZocDoc, and they offer a range of services tailored specifically to your unique needs. Their convenient location accepts most insurance plans.

Scantlebury Orthodontics’ orthodontists use cutting-edge technologies like clear and ceramic braces and digital imaging to analyze patients’ teeth and the natural relationships between dentition, chewing muscles, and jaw joints for lasting health and stability. They focus on providing natural teeth solutions.

Dr. Jahn’Shahi, an accomplished orthodontist with offices in Park Slope and Prospect Heights in New York City, has over two decades of experience specializing in adult orthodontic care. Additionally, he teaches at New York University College of Dentistry while being an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Norman Dental Center boasts over four decades of experience in family, cosmetic, and orthodontic dentistry. Their practice offers traditional and clear braces, Invisalign, Incognito Lingual Braces, and Incognito Lingual Braces to meet patient needs in their local community. With friendly staff and office environments that patients love.

Designer Braces Orthodontists have operated for over two decades and provide orthodontic services for children and adults of all ages, including TMJ treatment and Invisalign. Additionally, their customer service is outstanding, and fees remain competitive.

Dr. Bronsky

Orthodontics is an excellent way to improve appearance and boost self-confidence when combined with dental health improvements such as straightening teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene. However, selecting an appropriate orthodontist may not always be easy: there are various factors such as credentials, experience, and patient reviews to keep in mind before choosing one near me; those who offer outstanding service will have strong reputations within their field and provide optimal service provision.

Dr. Bronsky is a board-certified orthodontist with two locations in Manhattan: Park Avenue on the Upper East Side and Tribeca. In addition to private practice, he serves on staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Dentofacial Deformities Program as a clinical associate and researcher, presenting his work internationally and earning induction into the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists, which recognizes clinical and research excellence.

He graduated as a salutatorian from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry and earned his master’s in endocrinology at North Carolina University. While at UAB, he held several leadership roles, such as student government president and member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon – National Dental Honor Society; additionally, he participated in endocrinology research while investigating bone phosphoproteins as bone substitutes.

His current focus is improving facial aesthetics, and he has undergone intensive training in various orthodontic techniques. He is an Invisalign provider with complete solutions available for adults, children, and teens; additionally, he is an experienced implant dentist.

Dr. Bronsky and his team are highly acclaimed by patients, striving to make each visit enjoyable for each of them. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and treatment methods, they work closely with their patients to achieve maximum results. His office is spacious, modern, and clean – plus, all instruments used in his care are regularly sterilized between uses to ensure maximum cleanliness!

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment that can give you the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always desired. It applies controlled forces to move teeth into their proper places – suitable for people of all ages and more convenient than traditional metal braces. Invisalign treatments are offered by several NYC orthodontists, including Dr. Stachel, who stands out with outstanding qualifications and patient reviews.

Dr. Gibbs

If you need an orthodontist, finding one online should not be difficult. Many orthodontists offer extensive information about their procedures and fees on their websites. These resources can assist in making an informed decision that meets your needs and budget, but be sure to speak to local orthodontists and ask for referrals or seek recommendations from friends and family who have had orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists offer invaluable personal insights and opinions, while you can seek referrals from other dental specialists, like oral surgeons. Orthodontists work closely with oral surgeons and can give valuable information regarding their work.

Dr. Gibbs has extensive research experience in osteosarcoma and other bone and soft tissue sarcomas, as well as joint replacement and fracture care. He has published over 75 scientific papers and served as author or editor of several book chapters; furthermore, he was awarded R21 and R01 grants from NIH/NCI to support his study on intratumoral heterogeneity of osteosarcoma tumors.

Gibbs has made giving back an integral part of his practice and community involvement, participating in medical missions in Haiti and the Philippines and hosting his television show Good Medicine with Dr. Gibbs, which can be found across 30 countries around the globe.

Gibbs is also renowned as an educator and lecturer. He has presented at international conferences and taught orthopedic surgery residents at hospitals throughout the US. Furthermore, he has written several books related to orthopedic topics.

Dr. Gibbs boasts an impressive resume as both a sports physician and orthopedic surgeon but is equally skilled at non-invasive orthopedic treatments. He offers non-narcotic pain management injections, medical weight loss programs, hormone replacement therapies, stem cell/PRP treatments, and cutting-edge stem cell/PRP (platelet-rich plasma). His state-of-the-art Midtown Manhattan office features non-narcotic pain management injections, medical weight loss solutions, and advanced stem cell/PRP treatments.

Dr. Gibbs has received an average patient review rating of 4.6 stars and accepts most major insurance plans and offers virtual appointments via telehealth for added convenience and cost savings.

Dr. Stachel

Dr. Jenn Stachel has over two decades of experience. She prides herself on providing high-quality orthodontist care, delighting her patients with beautiful smiles that improve their quality of life while increasing confidence. She remains dedicated to patient-centric care while constantly learning new techniques.

She exudes warmth and care, making each patient feel at home in her office. She takes the time to talk with them individually and address all their queries or concerns. Invisalign and clear braces are among many other orthodontic options she provides in an atmosphere designed for families.

She believes in the power of education, volunteering to teach dental hygiene classes at elementary schools. Additionally, she serves on several community boards to help children achieve optimal oral health through preventive and restorative measures.

Orthodontists in NYC provide various treatments, such as clear aligners, lingual braces, and digital X-rays and photographs to diagnose potential issues. Periodontal (gum) cleanings also help prevent gum disease, while Manhattan offers numerous services, including orthodontics, tooth extractions, and whitening.

In 2008, she traveled to Nigeria and observed why women are more likely to die during childbirth than in Western nations. In some areas, electricity was out for 12 hours a day, and laboring women came into the hospital with severe complications from labor. This experience inspired her to change careers altogether.

When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her family – particularly her newborn daughter! She enjoys traveling, attending Broadway shows and plays, fashion design (she once dreamed of opening a clothing line!), fashion photography as well as being a keen sports fan with interests including tennis, golfing, running, and skiing – so much that when not at work her life revolves around these pursuits!