Best Sports Games For PS2


NHL 2002 remains one of the best hockey titles for PS2, selling at an excellent price point. NBA Street 2 provides an entertaining basketball simulation experience worthy of any die-hard fan’s consideration.

THPS 3 improved skating mechanics and breathed life back into a franchise that was in danger of stagnating. Olympic Gold offers another enjoyable Olympic game experience.

Rugby 08

After the release of Jonah Lomu Rugby in 2001, 15-man rugby video gaming has struggled to establish itself and often featured archaic graphics and tedious gameplay, leading to textbook link-up moves to be treated as equal to rucks or mazy runs. Since its renaissance thanks to World Cup media attention, however, EA has committed its resources to Rugby 08, hoping that it can provide a worthy successor to its legacy – this includes visual improvements over Jonah Lomu Rugby as well as better gameplay than its predecessor.

Good news – the game certainly delivers on its promise of providing an authentic rugby experience. The controls are user-friendly and straightforward, making the gameplay both entertaining and challenging – whether executing set plays from the ruck, punting for field position in run-of-play play, scoring tries against weak competition, or scoring against low-difficulty settings, whatever your strategy or challenge level, playing this game is pure joy! Trying to judge distance and accuracy during punting can sometimes be challenging, but once mastered, you will score points faster.

The game provides players with a broad selection of team and tournament options. Players can select between national teams, fully licensed Super 14 and Guinness Premiership sides as well as World Cup fixtures. World League gives you control of a Division 3 club to advance up through its ranks; Replay allows you to revisit key moments like Lomu’s mazy runs or turnovers that occurred throughout matches for replay purposes.

Rugby 08 is an enjoyable sports title, yet its appeal may only resonate with existing fans of both rugby and the series. If you are unfamiliar with either, however, then hopefully, Rugby 08 can spark enough curiosity to pique your interest in one of the most essential team sports around today.

MLB Baseball 2004

MLB 2004 stands apart from Acclaim’s other baseball titles with its flawless execution, not only due to its deep Dynasty mode but also for its excellent gameplay and impressive visuals that emulate realistic stadiums and crowd simulation. The gameplay, in particular, is fantastic, with hitting being both challenging and not overly so, the visuals unique, stadiums appearing lifelike, crowd simulation being well done, and lack of traditional season/playoff modes being one of its few drawbacks.

EA Sports brings its take on 3D baseball to life with MVP Baseball 2004 from EA Sports. The graphics are stunningly realistic and have seen some noticeable upgrades since last year’s release – character models boast more significant details, stadiums appear natural (although Red Sox fans won’t see Citgo billboard), and a good variety of music (from heavy metal to country to classic baseball) as well as improved announcer voices that sound much better than last year.

This version of the game stands out with its reverence for baseball history. Over 100 legendary Hall of Fame and Negro League players are included as playable characters with detailed physical models; their batting stances and pitching deliveries have also been accurately recreated for optimal simulation. This allows players to create new narratives about historical players by asking “what if?” questions regarding their careers – for instance: can Babe Ruth hit a home run against Nolan Ryan?

The other new feature is an advanced defensive control system. You can set the pitcher’s location, tell fielders to bunt, put on a pick-off, and even call for a bean ball! In addition, batters can swing away freely or hit and run before making substitutions – making this feature essential in making this series worthwhile and strategic.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 from Konami’s multi-million-selling football franchise features some exciting innovations and is expected to become one of the best PS2 football games ever made. PES 2008’s Teamvision system allows for realistic football gameplay; players are able to dribble past opponents or hold on when goal opportunities present themselves; it also features improved AI and improved play-on advantages.

The gameplay has also been greatly improved compared to its predecessor; although AI players tend to make unchallenging passes, dribbling has tightened considerably. Furthermore, four fully licensed leagues (Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Dutch Eredivisie, and French Ligue 1) and numerous national teams from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as unlicensed Premier League clubs like Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur add depth and breadth to club selection.

One of the more noteworthy innovations of this game is its Wii version, which uses a Wii Remote to control gameplay. Players can move players by pointing at the screen with the controller or passing by pointing towards where they want to throw. In addition, this version also includes a training session mode and additional teams that can be added to the Master League by defeating them on Champions Road.

PES 2008 also marks a first for Konami with their exclusive license of CONMEBOL’s Copa Libertadores tournament, sure to satisfy fans of these events. However, unlike the previous two editions, which used PlayStation 2’s Adrenaline Engine as their core engine for graphics rendering, PES 2008 uses Konami’s Fox Engine instead – something fans should welcome with open arms!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has sold more than 6.37 million copies globally since its release across Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS systems. Jon Champion and Jim Beglin continue as commentators while Cristiano Ronaldo takes the place of Lionel Messi for cover artist glory on this edition of Pro Evolution Soccer.

Madden NFL 2004

Madden NFL 2004 is nearly identical to last year’s edition in terms of graphics enhancements; however, that does not make it less impressive; some unique features distinguish this title from its immediate predecessors. EA has refined player controls so player animations feel more natural; graphics look fantastic as well. Unfortunately, though, the audio could use some work; commentary from Al Michaels and John Madden seems flat and repetitive at times.

Madden NFL 2004 offers several improvements over previous games in terms of gameplay. Notably, its Playmaker control enables you to change defensive coverage and routes prior to and during plays for increased strategic gameplay. Another new feature, Owner mode, allows you to take charge of an entire team (hire staff members, set ticket/hot dog prices/build a stadium, etc.). These additions make Madden NFL 2004 one of the greatest football video games ever produced.

The only real downside is the AI defenders don’t always follow their cue and attack scrambling quarterbacks, giving fast QBs an unfair edge. Furthermore, new player models look impressively realistic but seem awkward when running and moving on the field – though regardless, this game should still be considered essential for football fans!