Avery Sporting Dog Line


The Avery Sporting Dog line of products is tailored specifically for hunters. Offering training and hunting products such as dog vests and dummies, their products can help train waterfowl retrievers while developing essential hunting skills for successful hunts.

Bennett James is Tyler and Chloe’s father, as well as Avery’s stepfather. He has an unusual talent for communicating with animals that have remained secret from all but Tyler, Chloe, Avery, and Bennett himself.

Avery Jennings

Avery Jennings, from the Disney Channel series Dog with a Blog, is an intelligent and entertaining teenage girl who makes viewers relate to her through her passion for writing and love of animals. Avery excels in school while serving as a role model to Tyler and Chloe; in addition, Avery shares a special bond with her pet dog Stan (an animal capable of speech).

Avery James is Ellen Jennings and Bennett James’ daughter as well as Tyler and Chloe’s stepdaughter, played by G Hannelius. Avery is known to be intelligent, organized, and strict with rules; her relationship with Tyler can often result in their clashing, which often results in fights; as his disorganization and lazy attitude often clash with Avery’s intelligence and organization skills.

She excels at school and consistently earns straight As. Her wardrobe reflects this excellence; she is often seen wearing brightly-colored blouses and T-shirts featuring vibrant prints with neckties to show her personality. Besides having long blonde locks and average height, she is known to favor fashion in general and fashion accessories in particular.

Avery and her siblings reside at the James-Jennings house, located in an unidentified Pasadena neighborhood. Most episodes begin in this home, which serves as one of the primary backdrop locations in the show. Avery also frequently travels abroad to film episodes for her performances in Spain, Italy, and France, among other locations.

Bennett James

Bennett James is the father of Tyler and Chloe and stepfather to Avery. After marrying Ellen Jennings, their mother, Bennett, brought his children into his home, where they must learn how to coexist peacefully together. To aid this transition, he adopts a dog, which soon proves its ability to talk back – however, this discovery must remain hidden from their parents! The children must work together to keep this secret safe.

They must also contend with the dog snooping on them; when he hears them gossiping, for instance, he flees, leading the kids to believe he has left to join his rival in attack mode – however, he actually returns to the shelter!

He uses various strategies in order to stop his children from listening in on him and spying. For instance, in one episode, they overhear him telling Ellen he is thinking of getting a boat; this causes a disagreement within their family, but eventually, they reconcile and move on with life.

Bennett is not only a psychologist but also a writer; he’s written several books on family relationships using examples from his own family as models. Although somewhat immature and childish – often referring to himself as “King,” with children referred to as princes or princesses (sometimes incorrectly), Bennett remains a fantastic father and strives hard to help the whole family come together as one unit. Regardless, Bennett remains an invaluable father figure.

Karl Fink

Karl Leslie Fink is Avery’s archenemy and also one of the most intelligent members in their grade. Rude and nosy, Karl enjoys spying on others to uncover their secrets – often playing pranks on Ellen and Chloe, who both consider him rude; sometimes sending flowers under Walter Perkins but later discovering this was all part of an elaborate scheme; becoming obsessed with finding Stan’s secret by overhearing Avery discussing him with Tyler; frequently sends Ellen flowers disguised as Walter Perkins but ultimately all come up empty. Karl obsesses overheard Avery discussing him when discussing him with Tyler, even overhearing their conversation while discussing it together!

He’s an avid sports enthusiast, playing baseball, basketball, and running track. I am a big Philadelphia Phillies fan with a deep love of dogs as a hobby. Additionally, he loves talking about sports and boasts an uncanny memory for statistics!

At Avery’s Wild Party, he arrives to find that Avery and Tyler had planned an entire party just for him – when, in reality, it wasn’t. Instead, they give the impression that Heather’s dog Princess is pregnant and should come to visit until her puppies have been born – however, Heather won’t let him near Princess, so he tries sneaking in somehow.

At this point, Avery realizes she likes Wes, who is currently dating Lindsay. She attempts to convince Wes that they should break up, but he refuses. Avery then tries to get Wes and Karl to kiss – instead, they fight over this idea before finally parting ways for good.

Nikki Ortiz

Nikki Ortiz (Denyse Tontz) is Avery and Tyler’s next-door neighbor from El Salvador, known for being very smart, beautiful, sweet, and talented, yet sometimes can also be deceptive. According to Avery, she excels at art and whistling. Additionally, Nikki owns Evita, who her neighbor Stan dislikes as she barks too frequently; also, Nikki sports a tanned skin tone with long brown hair accompanied by many facial freckles adornments. Adorning, she is tall and skinny with long brown locks and many facial freckles covering her body parts.

She and Avery share an intimate bond, supporting each other during difficult times. In the first season, she helped Avery secure a date with Dustin and later helped tutor Wes in Spanish. However, she becomes jealous of Tyler’s new partner, Emily, asking him to choose her instead but ultimately being denied by Tyler.

Francesca Capaldi, known for her role as Chloe James on Disney Channel’s “Dog with a Blog,” also appears on other shows such as “Jessie” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Currently, she works as a records administrator at Kennett Square Police Department after graduating from Kennett Square High School eight years ago and having started acting since that age. Francesca enjoys traveling and spending time with family; one of her favorite rides at Disney World is Magic Carpets of Fantasy.

Max Jennings

Max Jennings is an entrepreneur known for founding children’s activities app Hoop and co-founding Console, an initiative that helps developers discover the latest tools. Based in Houghton, Michigan, with his wife Mary and three children – Jack Henry, Elleanor, and Connor – Max has an extensive family background in college sports, including his grandfather being chosen 21st in the 1950 NFL draft.

Max and Avery get along exceptionally well, frequently hanging out together and sharing many interests – including fashion! Both girls have an intense fascination for clothing and accessories. Additionally, Max and Avery share a friendly rivalry with Karl Fink, who likes breaking in without knocking.

Stan, the star of Dog with a Blog, can speak but keeps this secret from Ellen and Bennett. He is compassionate about it yet still displays some very characteristic dog characteristics, like disliking noisy Pomeranians but having an affinity for poodles. Additionally, Stan is highly attached to Robert, his monkey toy!

Lindsay is one of Max’s closest allies, and they share a mutual crush on Wes, a popular guy at school. After Wes turns down Lindsay’s invitation to Avery-body Dance Now, they confront him over it before discovering that he is now dating Karl instead.