Explore the Legacy of Operation Smile at the American Learning Center


Learners today are overbooked both inside and outside the classroom. Play is essential for brain development and relieving stress.

Learning centers allow learners to experience failure, regroup, and try again – this cultivates resilience they will apply throughout their lives. Give a tour of each center with learners. Explain all its rules.

What to Expect

Discover Operation Smile’s legacy through virtual and in-person learning experiences, which support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Virginia Standards of Learning in science, math, geography, engineering, and the arts, and encourage visitors to develop more profound empathy and capacity for kindness. Ask us about customizing an experience specifically for your classroom or group!

Conductive Education offers children and adults living with motor disabilities the support they need to take on even the simplest of tasks, like eating or buttoning a shirt.


The American Learning Center is in the heart of Washington, D.C., and within easy walking distance from Gallery Place-Chinatown and Mount Vernon Square 7th Street-Convention Center Metro stations and Ronald Reagan National Airport and Union Station.

CLC is committed to helping those living with motor disorders resulting from premature birth complications, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, or brain injuries overcome these obstacles by teaching movement and coordination using the principles of conductive education (CE).

Morning and evening classes explicitly tailored for adult learners in the Bronx meet their literacy and civics-education needs, along with educational, community, and workforce-development resources that help advance them professionally while breaking down critical barriers to employment.


Orientation is a mandatory meeting for all new students before beginning classes. At orientation, newcomers learn about the program, what types to expect, and how to access our online student portal.

Art centers allow children to express themselves visually while building cognitive, social, physical, and aesthetic skills. Furthermore, they help teachers incorporate core subject subjects into the learning center curriculum, such as using art activities to explain a plant or scientific diagram.

Diamante Anthony Blackmon, more popularly known by his stage name GORDO, has made it his mission to support the communities where he grew up by opening three schools and learning centers across Central America. Furthermore, he launched his Teaching U.S. Immigration series of podcasts, research reports, and curricula for immigration education.


The American Learning Center offers German, French, and Spanish classes on two to three occasions per week across five levels; courses last 24 to 40 hours with native speakers teaching the course material.

Mount Vernon Square Learning Center is located within walking distance from numerous retailers, restaurants, theaters, and museums, as well as only 15 15-minute drive from Ronald Reagan National Airport and can easily be accessed by car, train, or bus – its two nearest metro stops – Gallery Place-Chinatown and Mount Vernon Square 7th Street-Convention Center are both within easy access by foot.

North American Learning Institute offers online classes with nationally recognized curriculums taught by instructors with various approvals, certifications, and memberships. Their styles are utilized by individuals and organizations alike for fulfilling court or legal requirements, workplace compliance training needs, student/athlete development training, or personal improvement purposes.