3 Best Free Email Marketing Tools and Services Lookinglion


Consider these factors when selecting an email marketing tool: customization options, automation capabilities, contact management features, and analytics, as well as devices with generous monthly sending limits.

Getresponse’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for experienced marketers and beginners, providing advanced features like A/B testing and detailed analytics.


MailChimp is one of the leading email marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface and features to manage email lists easily and create campaigns quickly, Mailchimp also helps automate marketing efforts and track critical metrics efficiently – while seamlessly connecting with many social media platforms and website builders for integration purposes.

Mailchimp is an email marketing service with an impressive infrastructure, high delivery rates, and an extensive feature set used by ecommerce companies, marketers and non-profits to reach their audiences via email. As one of the first trusted services ever created over 20 years ago, Mailchimp continues its impressive trajectory without showing signs of decline any time soon.

Mailchimp provides small business owners with an excellent option for email marketing with their free plan, allowing up to 2000 subscribers. Its intuitive features make the platform easy to use, including advanced features and an in-depth analytics dashboard, while its granular reporting enables it to analyze campaigns and target specific customers with relevant content.

Mailchimp is an ideal email marketing solution for both novice and veteran marketers alike, thanks to its simple-to-use interface and wide variety of templates and stock photos available for newcomers to select. Furthermore, its easy photo editor lets you edit photos before sending them to subscribers.

Mailchimp goes beyond traditional features to offer AI-powered marketing automation and content optimization features, including AI Content Optimizer analysis of various campaigns against industry standards for errors or recommendations of improvements – available with both the Premium and Advanced plans.

Mailchimp offers advanced segmentation features that enable you to build targeted campaigns based on demographics, purchasing history, and other criteria. Furthermore, its trigger email feature allows automated emails to your subscribers based on actions such as subscribing or purchasing an item. Mailchimp automation tools save time and effort by automating essential marketing tasks – saving effort and resources!


Sender is a cloud-based email marketing platform designed to assist businesses in engaging their audience via targeted email marketing messages. It features an easy drag-and-drop email editor, customizable templates, automation workflows, contact segmentation, A/B testing, detailed analytics, and supporting SMS messaging to engage subscribers who don’t regularly access emails. Sender’s pricing plans make this an affordable choice for small and midsize businesses.

Using customizable templates, the sender allows users to create promotional emails, general surveys, and newsletters easily. Integrating with third-party e-commerce platforms via plugins enables businesses to pull product data directly into their emails. Sender’s email automation feature ensures businesses reach their audience at just the right time while sending tailored messages to each subscriber based on DKIM and SPF authentication, which helps maintain IP reputation and prevent email spamming.

The software’s user-friendly email builder makes creating visually appealing emails easy for anyone without prior design experience, while its mobile-friendly layouts ensure all campaigns are optimized across devices and email clients. Its robust automation functionality enables easy automation for anything from welcome emails to cart recovery emails.

Sender stands out with its detailed analytics and reporting features. It offers a full spectrum of metrics and reports, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates; additionally, it analyses user actions into actionable insights that can be applied to future campaigns to improve them.

Sender offers flexible plans starting at free for up to 15,000 emails per month. Its programs can quickly meet the needs of any business with no hidden costs or extra fees – plus, there’s an excellent free trial and customer support available as well! Additionally, Sender features email analytics and segmentation tools that make targeted campaigns that increase engagement and drive revenue easy – in addition to integrations with leading CRM and eCommerce systems, which streamline email marketing efforts and save time and money!


EmailOctopus is an intuitive email marketing platform for beginner bloggers and small businesses. Featuring a drag-and-drop editor to customize emails quickly and 34 modern pre-built templates, this email marketing solution also comes equipped with basic automation features, including welcome and drip campaigns.

At its heart lies an intuitive interface designed for ease of use; everything you require at any given moment is right before your eyes, eliminating the need to cycle through menus or hunt for specific features. Support for HTML emails and plain text emails are included on the platform, with social media integration available so you can send broadcasts and create email sequences and embed a sign-up form on websites available as additional benefits.

EmailOctopus’ most fantastic feature is its ability to help users design custom email templates, with preview functionality that shows how the email will look across desktop and mobile devices. This allows you to tailor content specifically to each device type for an enhanced user experience and optimize for each device type individually. Furthermore, EmailOctopus boasts an expansive library of email templates and supporting HTML templates from existing designs that you import into its system.

EmailOctopus allows you to track the performance of your campaign with actionable analytics. You can monitor open, click, and conversion statistics in real-time; view subscriber unsubscribe and spam reports; track subscriber behavior such as unsubscribes; unsubscribe reports and spam complaints are also trackable through EmailOctopus’ subscriber management tools such as reports, tags, and segments for practical analysis.

EmailOctopus goes beyond its core features to offer integrations and support options that complement them, such as email and live chat support, video tutorials, guest blog posts from email marketing experts, and an informative FAQs section for troubleshooting issues.

EmailOctopus may have some drawbacks, but it remains an ideal choice for new email marketers. With its free plan, including 2500 subscribers and 10K emails per month, and its easy setup process, EmailOctopus remains an excellent choice. Amazon SES servers are used for email sending, which keeps costs lower than other ESPs; additionally, its customer support team is friendly and helpful. There’s even a free trial available to test before committing to use.


MailGenius is an email deliverability service designed to optimize emails for maximum inbox placement. The software analyzes content and gives a score, diagnostic report, and improvement tips while checking for spam triggers or other factors that could negatively affect deliverability. Paid plans offer additional advanced features, including spam testing for all major email clients and deep content analysis capabilities.

This platform is user-friendly and packed with features for marketers of all sizes. Its email preview feature allows you to see how your emails will look across various platforms – including mobile devices – and share and comment on them for team collaboration. In addition, its SMTP connector enables mail delivery from any email client and provides templates tailored towards various campaigns. Finally, its free trial makes this software attractive for email marketers.

MailGenius stands out from other email marketing tools by offering impressive features designed to increase inbox placement rates. Its email testing tool quickly identifies and prioritizes potential spam triggers, helping optimize emails for maximum inbox placement. SPAMMChecker detects common spamming patterns with instant reporting of its findings. Moreover, an IP and domain reputation checker monitors against various blacklists to ensure your domain, or IP doesn’t end up on spam lists.

Opting for dedicated email marketing software solutions may also be worthwhile; such tools provide more comprehensive approaches to email marketing while often being integrated with other marketing and sales solutions. By strengthening relationships with customers while increasing revenue, these tools may prove indispensable in growing businesses.

The cost of email marketing tools varies based on your business size and the monthly email message volume. Some agencies offer free trials, while others may include unlimited sends with reports about inbox placement. Furthermore, specific tools allow you to set custom DNS and authentication records that may increase deliverability rates.