Smule – The Best Karaoke App For Your Phone


Smule is a community-based singing app that gives you access to a fully-fledged karaoke experience from your phone. Sing solo, in duets, or join others in group performances!

Combine this app with your karaoke machine for an ad-free karaoke experience! Please choose from our monthly updated selection or buy an in-app subscription and unlock thousands* of hit songs.

1. Singing Machine

The Singing Machine Company designs, produces, and markets consumer karaoke audio equipment, music, accessories, and licensed youth electronic products. Their offerings range from models featuring video casting technology, HD karaoke apps built-in for duet performances, and dual microphone jacks for duet performances to digital players that let users download MP3+G songs directly from the internet onto their units without needing CD-G discs to play them back.

Singing Machine was established as a subsidiary of Roach Studios in 1982 when they recognized the immense potential in karaoke entertainment. Recognizing this, the production of karaoke systems began almost immediately to meet market demand; unlike other producers, however, Singing Machine chose individual consumers over clubs/bars in its initial marketing strategies.

At last, the company made progress in this market; by the early ’90s, its karaoke machines were being sold at major retailers like PACE Membership Warehouse and Handelman, yet sales weren’t sufficient to meet financial goals.

As a result, Singing Machine needed to increase its retail penetration. To do this, they hired John Klechna as chief operating officer in 1997; during his time with them, he focused on expanding store access to ensure brand success or failure.

The Singing Machine SML385UBK pedestal-style karaoke system features a 7-inch color TFT LCD screen for easy lyrics viewing, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, cradle for holding smart devices (sold separately) well as an HDMI port to display scrolling lyrics on larger TV screens. Furthermore, this unit boasts over 40 multi-colored lights synchronizing with music and two microphone jacks to allow duet singing sessions.

2. The Voice

Join NBC’s Emmy Award-winning singing competition, The Voice Official App, and be part of America’s best undiscovered talent search! Watch LIVE shows featuring Niall Horan, John Legend, Reba McEntire, and Gwen Stefani and their superstar coaches Niall Horan, John Legend, Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani as they search for America’s finest undiscovered artists. Pick your favorite artists and build your fantasy team while competing against other players by answering trivia questions and polls to earn points; vote during Live shows or save artists directly within the app to save them without waiting to do this later; suggest songs you want them to perform or follow them socially! Plus, so much more.

Necessary: If Messages is enabled in your iCloud settings, an additional prompt to allow iMessage stickers for this app will appear and must be accepted to use it properly.

3. Singing Machine HD

If you like singing at home in private, various karaoke machines are designed to use mobile devices as music streaming sources. Models with display screens provide user-friendly controls to make song selection and adjustments simple; some models even come equipped with features to help enhance your singing voice, like auto voice control, which turns off vocal tracks when the singing begins, and choir/harmony effects, which create convincing backup singers.

Enjoy streaming thousands of songs instantly using this Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machine that supports popular streaming services. A 7″ color TFT LCD screen gives a clear view of lyrics while offering a resting cradle for smart devices (sold separately). Instant WiFi connectivity opens up abundant content on tablets or phones, while dual microphones let you perform duets or record your vocal performances for later sharing with friends.

The portable design of this karaoke machine makes it the ideal way to have entertainment on the go. Take it with you wherever the party may take place: parties, family get-togethers, or friend’s houses can all become lively places when this portable entertainment takes center stage! Complete with a handle for easy transporting and built-in speakers for clear sound quality; this device promises hours of on-the-go fun.

This karaoke machine has two wired microphones for two-person duets and a USB port for recording vocal performances. You can play CDs directly through its CD drive and connect via RCA outputs to your TV for scrolling lyrics and more impressive visuals. Furthermore, its integrated stereo speakers deliver full-sounding musical experiences while Pitch Lab technology adds studio-quality vocal enhancement for every recording made using it – all housed within wood cabinets for crisp audio reproduction!

4. Singing Machine Pro

Singing Machine Pro is an incredible karaoke machine for home use, packed with features and functionality to make it an absolute dream come true. Featuring Auto-Tune from Antares (the world’s leading voice pitch correction software) used by recording artists in professional studios to achieve the perfect sound, plus 12 studio quality vocal effects presets such as reverb and delay; its sheer ease-of-use will have you singing like never before in no time at all!

In addition to the built-in music source, this system supports various mobile devices that can stream thousands of Karaoke songs directly via Bluetooth technology. Its compact size makes it convenient for travel, camping, and tailgating activities. Furthermore, there’s a slight color monitor that displays lyrics from CDG format CDs while it can also connect directly with an external TV screen for larger graphics and high-resolution video streaming.

Individual singers or entire groups can use this budget-friendly karaoke machine. Its easy use makes it ideal for beginners and experienced artists; various settings, such as volume control, equalizer settings, and key options, are available to the user. Furthermore, users can record and save performances, making progress tracking straightforward.

This karaoke machine’s central unit is connected to two tower speakers for powerful, amplified audio output, making it suitable for parties and large gatherings, accommodating up to 15 people at once. In addition, this system includes a microphone, an RCA input jack, and a USB port for mobile device connection; unlike some models, it plays standard MP3 files without CD+G disc compatibility – plus Bluetooth technology makes compatible mobile devices possible as well!

5. Singing Machine Kids

Singing Machine’s karaoke machine offers your younger family members an entertaining and engaging way to practice singing and entertain themselves. It plays CDs or music streamed over USB, with disco lights that pulse with every beat of your favorite songs – plus its Kids version has minimal buttons so even toddlers can operate it efficiently; plus, there are two microphone input jacks so multiple children can join in on the fun!

This karaoke machine comes preloaded with eight songs and includes a voice recorder to capture your best performances. Additionally, its 7-inch LCD color display is well-lit and at an optimal height to enable children to read lyrics easily; additionally, there’s an echo effect that enhances children’s voices! If you need extra music, USB and Bluetooth can connect to other devices and enjoy your chosen music!

Another fantastic feature of this karaoke machine is the applause foot pedal, which encourages your child to sing out and feel like an actual star! Plus, there are various fun voice effects, including one that lets them shine alone by turning down the main singer.

The free app included with this model makes downloading and accessing songs and lyrics straightforward, saving recordings and sharing them via social media – not forgetting compatibility with all major devices, including Apple iPhone/iPad/android smartphones and tablets, including TV connection for an engaging family experience!