The Best Car Washes Near Me in NYC


Finding a car wash that offers fair pricing while maintaining excellent service can be challenging, but you have come to the right place: 10th Avenue Car Wash will leave your ride looking brand-spanking new with unparalleled attention to detail in all five boroughs.

Staffed with only highly-skilled professionals in the car service industry, their staff will treat your car like it were their own.

Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube

Finding a quality car wash can be challenging; finding one you trust requires researching quality products that will not leave any scratches or dings behind. Furthermore, you want the option to choose from different services and prices; that is why we have created this list of NYC’s best car washes to help you locate precisely what you’re searching for.

Broadway Bridge Car Wash offers comprehensive car care services at one location – from exterior and interior washing and cleaning to wax services to protect paint jobs. They also have an oil change facility, so all of your vehicle maintenance can be handled in one convenient place.

Harlem Car Wash offers luxurious services at competitive rates that attract drivers in Manhattan. Their luxury services include triple foam waxing and an espresso bar to pamper and assure drivers their vehicle is handled carefully and responsibly. Open 24/7, Harlem’s location offers convenient carwash service.

This car wash has an outstanding customer satisfaction rate, with over 580 reviews on Yelp. Their staff is highly knowledgeable and helpful; they will quickly address any queries about their services. They offer several packages tailored specifically to individual customer needs, such as the All-Star option, which offers triple foam waxing and undercarriage cleaning.

They’re licensed by the City of New York Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP), so you can quickly check their license number, legal business name, DBA name, phone number, address information, and more on their website.

Broadway Bridge has years of experience and offers a buff and shine service to make your car appear like it just came off the showroom floor. Additionally, their engine washing service provides another vital way of maintaining vehicle health.

Budget Car Washes and Detailers is an ideal option for those on a tight budget who don’t want to break the bank with car care costs. Their packages offer excellent value while their pricing structure remains very reasonable. In addition, their exceptional detailing service will leave your car looking its absolute best!

10th Avenue Car Wash

Nothing beats the feeling of driving around town in a freshly washed and detailed vehicle, making you the center of attention! Unfortunately, finding a car wash that can leave your ride looking brand-spanking new can sometimes be challenging; make sure the professionals use quality products that won’t scratch or damage it; top-rated washes may offer additional services such as waxing and interior cleaning to maintain its pristine condition.

10th Avenue Car Wash is one of the top car washes near me that offers highly professional services that can effectively remove those difficult-to-reach spots without damaging your ride’s paint job. Their staff consists of handpicked auto service professionals who will treat your vehicle like it were their own.

This location boasts state-of-the-art facilities and provides various exterior and interior cleaning services, such as rim cleaning, undercarriage spray, vacuuming, polishing, wax application, and rust inhibitor treatment. Their expertly trained staff also offers complete detailing services and can clean interior components like cup holders, console dashboards, ashtrays, etc!

Cobblestone in Harlem offers full-service car washing that will have your ride looking brand new! Open 24 hours a day to accommodate busy schedules; their friendly staff can give your vehicle the attention it needs from them. They even have a full-service detail department that handles everything from shampooing and steaming seats to deep cleaning dashes, moldings, and consoles! Finally, Cobblestone provides exterior care packages, including thorough washing and revitalizing surface cleaners to leave vehicles with a mirror-like shine!

Due to so many options for car washes in New York, choosing one can be difficult. From automatic and eco-friendly touchless washes to full automatic options, finding one that will leave your vehicle looking as good as new is critical. By researching and selecting an established facility, you can rest assured your car will look its absolute best!

Shine On Car Wash

Shine On Car Wash in New York City offers one of the fastest and most efficient car-wash services. Their team of highly-trained professionals can transform your vehicle from showroom-ready to showroom-like in mere minutes! Additionally, this company provides additional services, including ozone odor removal, wheel and rim cleaning, paint swirl/stain removal, and leather surface conditioning. Shine On’s cleaning products are free from phosphates/APEs/NPEs, while water recycling reduces environmental impacts.

This nationwide company provides monthly unlimited car wash plans at competitive prices, with friendly customer service staff. Their particular car wash system eliminates dirt and grime while leaving your vehicle looking like new, while their special wax protects it from environmental elements.

Established in 1998, this company operates both self-serve and conveyor car washes. Their clients include retail stores, automotive dealerships, rental car agencies, and commercial fleets. All their products and services are eco-friendly yet cost-effective – perfect for anyone wanting to keep their car clean without spending excessive amounts of money on cleaning products and services.

Mammoth partners with Red Dog Equity LLC of Atlanta to operate conveyor car wash franchises under the names Coastal Carwash, Shine-N-Go, SUDS Silverstar Busy Bee Marc-1 PureMagic, Wash Me Fast in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas

Tommy’s Express Car Washes offers fast service at modern facilities with training, marketing, and technical support for their franchisees and access to cutting-edge car wash technology. Tommy’s Express has over 100 locations in both the US and Canada.

Birdie’s Auto Spa provides more than traditional car wash services; they also offer detailing services for vehicles and boats. As an eco-friendly business, Birdie’s uses steam to sanitize vehicles while eliminating viruses and bacteria – saving 30-40 gallons of water per car wash with this technique!

Hand Wash & Detail Center

The Hand Wash & Detail Center provides professional vehicle detailing in New York City and is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its clients. Their experts offer car washing, wet sanding, paint corrections, waxing, interior detailing services, and wheel cleaning – providing customers with unparalleled vehicle care services!

Viviana, manager of WOW Carwash Torrey Pine at West Lake Mead, is outstanding and an ideal 5-star manager. Her staff always maintains professional standards with courteousness at the top of their priority list in this location and across all areas.

Car Wash and Detail Center of New York is one of the best car care businesses in NYC, boasting years of experience and offering excellent customer service. Services provided include waxing, detailing, and steam cleaning using only top-quality products while offering complimentary dash wipes and air fresheners as part of their package.

In addition to offering full-service car washing, this business provides various auto services like wet sanding, painting, and polishing. Their professionals specialize in fixing any damage caused by water, hail, snow, or ice and can improve/restore damage as needed. Their technicians know all aspects of restoration, repairing interior vehicle damages, and installing audiovisual systems into vehicles.

This car wash is committed to responsible water management and only uses products that are phosphate-, APE- and NPE-free; VOC-compliant cleaning supplies are also utilized, and all used water is recycled to avoid wasteful practices and pollution.

Williamsburg Hand Wash & Detail Center boasts over three decades of automotive service experience. Their staff can perform various detailing services such as ceramic coatings and tinting, restore cloudy headlights, return carpets to showroom condition, and help you choose a color for your next car purchase.

If you want your car to look as great as it drives, visit a Brooklyn auto detailing shop for affordable and convenient services that can make it look like it belonged to a celebrity driver. Regular detailing visits will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.