Joseph Quinn – A Breakthrough Star on Game of Thrones


Joseph Quinn rose to stardom instantly thanks to his role as Eddie Munson on Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. Since then, he has appeared in films and television shows such as Dickensian, Howards End, Les Miserables, and Catherine the Great on Sky Atlantic, among many others.

Quinn plays Koner, a Northman soldier defending Winterfell alongside Henk. A dedicated and loyal character, Koner has aided and assisted many people during his lifetime, such as Queen Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen.


Joseph Quinn is an English actor best known for portraying Eddie Munson on Netflix’s Stranger Things. Additionally, he has appeared in other notable projects like BBC One’s Dickensian and HBO’s Catherine the Great. Before becoming an established figure on television screens worldwide, Quinn studied acting at London’s Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Quinn found his first acting role after graduating from LAMDA on the BBC One series Dickensian in 2015. His portrayal of Arthur Havisham earned much acclaim; however, the show only lasted one season before it was canceled, and Quinn took on other roles, such as Leonard Bast in Howard End miniseries.

Koner is one of two Stark soldiers stationed at Winterfell gates along with Henk and encounters Arya Stark at first without knowing who she is; when confronted about this fact, they scream and try to force her away, yet she somehow sneaks through without anyone noticing!

Though Koner was only a minor character on the show, his portrayal allowed Quinn to show his acting talents. His performance earned rave reviews from fans; perhaps because of appearing on such an influential series, his acting career will increase exponentially.

Joseph Quinn is known for his work on television series like Catherine the Great or Mosquitos and is an experienced stage actor. He has appeared in several productions, such as the Broadway musical The Inheritance. Additionally, he appeared in both Catherine the Great (HBO) and Mosquitos (film), alongside Olivia Colman in both projects – along with several other projects currently underway.

King Robert Baratheon

Joseph Quinn may be best known for portraying Eddie Munson on Netflix’s popular series Stranger Things. Still, before becoming an industry powerhouse, he made an early mark playing Koner in Game of Thrones season 7. While not a starring role at first glance, it nonetheless allowed Quinn to showcase his acting prowess and improve as an actor.

Robert Baratheon earned great renown as a warrior king during the War of the Trident. A member of House Baratheon and descended from Rhaelle Targaryen’s house, his prowess on the battlefield won over many followers while his charismatic personality won their hearts. His victory against Rhaegar Targaryen cemented his legend as an epic warrior hero known for strength and bravery in battle.

However, his battlefield skills did not translate to effective rulership. Indeed, his fondness for strong drinks, women, and lavish tourneys suggested he was more interested in enjoying the trappings than fulfilling its responsibilities. Furthermore, his disinterest in politics and fiscal irresponsibility created the circumstances for political unrest to take root during his rule.

Joseph Quinn has appeared in theater productions and minor roles in several British TV series such as Dickensian, Howards End, and Les Miserables. Additionally, he played Leonard Bast in a four-part miniseries. While much of Quinn’s talent went unappreciated at this small episodic appearance on Leonard Bast’s storyline, nonetheless, his charm was noticed by the Duffer brothers, who invited him to appear as one of their lead characters on Stranger Things – something which would essentially waste away in this tiny episodic role!

Since his breakout role on Stranger Things, Quinn has appeared in various movie and television roles. Most notably, he played Grunauer in the Nazi horror film Overlord, released earlier this year; additionally, he will join Molly Windsor in a mother-and-daughter relationship television series that premieres later in 2019. Fans are excitedly awaiting Quinn’s return to Game of Thrones for what is anticipated to be its fifth and final season, where his character should play an integral part.

Queen Cersei Lannister

Joseph Quinn has become an international phenomenon on Stranger Things but has also enjoyed a lengthy career in British theatre and TV. Before playing Eddie Munson on Stranger Things, Quinn appeared as a Winterfell guard in Game of Thrones; this brief appearance inspired many viewers to revisit Quinn’s past work. He even starred in another hit series, which went largely unnoticed then!

Queen Cersei Lannister is a self-centered narcissist without empathy for others, often seeing everything only from her perspective and taking every action of others as personal attacks against herself. This behavior is most evident when dealing with Sansa Stark; she uses Joffrey as leverage against Ned Stark by manipulating Sansa into loving Joffrey over him and killing Lady, one of Ned Stark’s wolves, as evidence of this cruelty.

Following Tywin Lannister’s death, Cersei focuses on consolidating her power base. She pays Euron Greyjoy bribes to assist in taking the Iron Throne for her and fills King’s Landing’s small council with sycophants rather than competent men, an enormous misstep that eventually causes a variety of political mistakes that put their entire kingdom in jeopardy.

Cersei becomes involved with her twin brother Jaime without informing Robert Baratheon; eventually, this comes out into the open and ignites an internal power struggle in their kingdom.

Cersei does have some redeeming qualities despite her many flaws, most notably when she speaks openly and compassionately to Sansa Stark about the risk that loving her children too much will put on her fragile frame. Cersei warned Sansa not to open herself up to anyone other than those within her immediate family circle, as this would only increase the strain.

After her brother’s death, Cersei uses the rumor that the Mad King had stored wildfire beneath King’s Landing as her weapon against High Sparrow. Lancel is sent to the Alchemists’ Guild to gather this vital intelligence – it ultimately proves invaluable against High Sparrow.

Daenerys Targaryen

Joseph Quinn may be best known for his role as Eddie Munson on Stranger Things, but the English actor has an extensive acting history. After studying at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Joseph quickly established himself with theater productions as a debutante actor – first making his film debut with the BBC One series Dickensian in 2015 as Arthur Havisham before going on to star in Howards End and Strike as Arthur Havisham respectively – both series gained him considerable renown among British audiences.

Varys, the show’s eunuch spy, discovers Daenerys Targaryen is pregnant. Ned rejects Robert’s plan to assassinate her because he considers her non-threat and instead resigns as King’s Hand, which angered Jaime Lannister greatly. Later, Catelyn Stark rallies Riverrun allies to rescue Tyrion Lannister, who had been taken captive by Sellsword Bronn; Daenerys selects Ser Vardis as her champion and takes his place against Sellsword Bronn despite Daenerys’s initial capture by Bronn.

Viserys becomes so angry he threatens to murder Daenerys’ unborn child, but to stop Viserys’ plans, Drogo uses liquid gold on Viserys’ head as a shield.

Quinn built up his acting credentials with minor roles before finding fame on Stranger Things and has continued appearing in film and TV projects since. Since the series’ conclusion, he has continued appearing regularly.

Quinn recently made headlines for starring as Grunauer in the Nazi horror flick Overlord, released in 2019. Additionally, he appeared on television series such as Catherine the Great and Make Up. Hoard is expected to be his next project, although its exact release date remains unknown; Quinn appears destined for success in film and TV – having recently signed on with yet another project playing George W. Bush in an upcoming biopic!