Embassy Oxygen Business Park Noida


Oxygen business park provides flexible office spaces designed to grow with businesses. Equipped with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure that meets today’s digital workplace needs, its meeting rooms boast cutting-edge audiovisual equipment designed to facilitate collaboration.

This business park is dedicated to sustainability. It features rainwater harvesting systems, an organic waste converter, sewage treatment plants, solar streetlights, and many other eco-friendly initiatives.

The Embassy Oxygen Business Park SEZ is a fusion of innovation and functionality.

Embassy Oxygen Business Park SEZ in sector 144 Noida stands out as more than just an office space; it serves as a center for innovation that promotes collaboration while looking forward to the future. Its location, design, and commitment to sustainability set it apart from other workspaces.

Innovative technological infrastructure and flexible office spaces designed to meet the evolving demands of today’s businesses are available here. High-speed internet connectivity and intelligent building management help ensure smooth operations, while cutting-edge audiovisual equipment in conference rooms supports collaboration and improves communication. In addition, recreational and dining areas promote an optimal work culture.

Location: Located adjacent to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, the property is one of India’s most prominent office parks and one of only two SEZ parks in its submarket. Boasting architectural splendor, excellent connectivity, and access to STEM talent, this property makes an ideal base from which enterprises can establish themselves in India.

The SEZ is home to numerous multinational and Indian corporations, such as Samsung, NIIT Technologies, and Steria. Additionally, its amenities and facilities include high-speed Internet connectivity, meeting rooms, cafeteria services, and a gym. Furthermore, this facility is committed to environmental sustainability by taking measures to decrease energy usage.

Embassy Oxygen Business Park SEZ offers businesses looking to expand in Delhi/NCR an excellent workspace solution featuring flexible office space and state-of-the-art technology that ensures a productive work environment for its tenants. Fully furnished offices boast plenty of natural light to inspire creativity and increase productivity.

Embassy Oxygen Business Park SEZ recognizes the need to reduce its environmental footprint, from employing energy-saving systems to using eco-friendly waste management strategies – striving to be both socially responsible and ecologically considerate in its approach to business operations.

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It offers a range of flexible office spaces

Oxygen Business Park provides flexible office spaces to its tenants, designed with modern architecture and ergonomic features that promote energy efficiency and a healthy working environment. Furthermore, its green inner courtyard makes a relaxing and appealing working space. Finally, ample parking facilities make Oxygen a highly desired area in Noida.

Embassy Galaxy Business Park sector 62 Noida is dedicated to sustainability, offering several eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting systems, organic waste converters, and sewage treatment plants. Solar streetlights illuminate its streets while encouraging employees to reuse water and recycle e-waste. Furthermore, the building boasts an efficient power backup system as well as central air conditioning that uses natural gas cooling for cooling purposes.

Oxygen Business Park’s prime location on the Noida Expressway makes it an excellent choice for businesses that require easy access to other areas of the city. Furthermore, its amenities include an auditorium, daycare center, and multiple food outlets, as well as multi-level car parking and 24-hour security – plus, it is located close to major shopping and entertainment hubs of Noida.

Oxygen Business Park SEZ represents an excellent investment opportunity. This area is currently experiencing a real estate boom that is anticipated to continue for some time. There are various government schemes available to aid people purchasing land in Oxygen Business Park, such as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Gramin Awas Yojana.

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It is equipped with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure.

Oxygen Business Park boasts cutting-edge technological infrastructure, making it an attractive option for businesses searching for an ideal work environment. These integrations include high-speed internet connectivity and intelligent building management systems, as well as cutting-edge audiovisual equipment in meeting rooms for enhanced collaboration and communication. With such advanced infrastructure available at their doorstep, businesses will thrive in today’s digital era, which is an essential factor for a successful enterprise.

The business park is also committed to sustainability, employing rainwater harvesting, a water treatment plant, and solar streetlights as green initiatives. Recycling e-waste and encouraging tenants to use recycled water in their offices are also part of its sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, Aludecor fire-retardant sandwich panels with Mineral Core technology were used for structural integrity enhancement purposes at the oxygen business park – this help prevent rapid fire spread while simultaneously decreasing toxic smoke emissions and fumes.

Oxygen Business Park is an impressive office space situated in an ideal spot in the city center. Close to both main railway stations and WKD shuttle stops, as well as being within proximity of its main highway and its convenient access for employees commuting to work each day, making life much simpler for staffers. Furthermore, its modern yet stylish architecture makes this building ideal for companies hoping to leave an impressionable impression on clients.

Oxygen Business Park stands out as an attractive business destination due to its distinctive location and design, featuring amenities that promote sustainability as well as visual appeal that maximizes light penetration into workspaces for increased energy efficiency and reduced utility bills compared to conventional buildings.

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It is committed to sustainability.

Oxygen business park stands out as an environmental leader by incorporating energy-saving systems and eco-friendly initiatives. Their ecological commitment parallels global trends toward eco-conscious business practices. Furthermore, Oxygen offers top-tier amenities that enhance work experiences, such as conference rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology and an on-site fitness center.

It implements various sustainable measures to minimize its ecological footprint, such as installing a rainwater harvesting system and treating wastewater for irrigation and gardening purposes at its sewage treatment plant. Furthermore, solar streetlights are utilized, as is proper disposal of electronic waste. Moreover, this business park strives to build an employee community focused on sustainable living while simultaneously encouraging green living practices.

Oxygen House and Michelmores have joined forces to establish an innovative solicitor-client relationship, including an agreement for an agreed percentage of legal spending to go toward sustainable improvements at Oxygen House property. This project is helping Michelmores identify opportunities for reducing carbon emissions while simultaneously supporting staff to adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles – for instance, by using paperless billing, adopting a zero landfill policy, and increasing cycle storage space for visitors.

Oxygen Conservation, based in the UK, works to address climate emergencies and biodiversity collapse through land acquisition for conservation purposes, landscape connectivity enhancement, regenerative agriculture production, and renewable energy generation. Over the past year alone, they have acquired two properties – a historic West Country estate located within Exmoor National Park that spans over 770 acres, as well as a 650-acre farm situated south-west Norfolk.

Oxygen Conservation aims to grow its work within the UK with an ambitious aim of “Scaling Conservation,” purchasing and managing more land to safeguard natural processes and restore them.

As part of its dedication to sustainability, iPark 87 business park uses only 100% renewable energy and features sustainable infrastructure such as an electric car or bicycle charging points, LED lighting, solar carports, and commuting habits. Furthermore, workshops on sustainability will be offered for tenants.

iPark 87 business park is situated close to Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, making it one of the city’s largest office parks. With stunning architecture, excellent connectivity, and access to STEM talent pools, this area makes iPark a superb location for tech companies.