Candy Cash Loan App – Is It Real Or Fake?


Dealing Beneficial Financial Services Pvt Ltd created a Candy Cash loan application, but its origin remains uncertain. Discover more about its interest rate, RBI approval status, and loan terms by downloading it today!

Once gullible users download CandyCash, fraudsters gain access to personal details, including contacts, gallery albums, and Aadhaar numbers – giving them access to vast quantities of personal data about victims that are then used against them via blackmail by threatening to release fake photos of them online.

Interest Rate

Candy Cash is a personal loan application that gives users quick and easy access to money. It features multiple payment options, an intuitive mobile interface, and flexible repayment terms; in addition, its interest rate is relatively low with no hidden fees attached – although before using this app, it’s wise to read all terms and conditions thoroughly as the fine print often gets overlooked and you may discover hidden charges that add up quickly.

Many loan apps take different approaches when it comes to calculating the cost of borrowing. Some lenders express costs in terms of interest rates, while others rely on subscription or fast-funding fees as the basis of their calculations. It can be challenging to compare apples-to-apples when comparing loan apps, so NerdWallet provides a helpful tool that lets you compare their rates by entering loan amount and repayment period information into our search tool.

Some loan apps don’t charge an annual interest rate at all; others charge only a small percentage of the advance amount; still, others have fixed loan fees while offering interest-free grace periods that lower total loan costs; finally, some lenders also levy late fees which can significantly increase loan costs.

Personal loan applications may seem complicated, but with the appropriate tools, they can make it simpler to manage your finances. The top loan apps provide convenient tools that enable users to monitor spending and savings goals and offer multiple features, while others even provide automated reminders so they don’t miss their financial obligations.

No matter if it’s for personal loans or credit cards, these mobile apps can help you find the ideal option. When borrowing responsibly and within your means is paramount – an overdraft could leave you in debt for years. Just as overeating candy as a kid resulted in stomachaches, borrowing too much could leave your debt just as painfully behind you – be smart about your borrowing to avoid becoming another sugar crash!

Repayment Options

Some apps that offer money loans at high-interest rates charge high fees to transfer them back into your account, with high-interest lending apps also sometimes demanding fees for sharing them. One way to protect yourself against scammers is to read reviews about each app before installing or downloading them; many people have fallen for these schemes before; if any opposing comments surface, then avoid using it and delete any that require remote access or require you to log in at all costs.

Candy Cash Loan app for Android devices is a free finance application available exclusively to Indian users, providing fast and simple loans directly from their smartphones. Offering generous loan amounts with long repayment periods compared to other lending services.

At the top of your checklist for choosing a lender is reputation and reliability. Only use an app with proven results and positive reviews from previous customers; additionally, review their website to identify any complaints or potential problems.

Be mindful that these loans should only ever be seen as short-term solutions to financial troubles. While they can help when extra cash is required, relying on them regularly could negatively impact your finances and cause additional anxiety.

These apps not only offer fast turnaround times and low rates of interest, but some even offer preapproved loans to speed up approval times. It should be noted, however, that sure of these applications may only be accessible to borrowers with good credit histories.

Customer Support

There are some applications out there that claim to offer loans when, in reality, they’re nothing more than scams designed to take your money and run. To protect yourself against this possibility, always read user reviews; these will often reveal whether an application can be trusted.

Candy Cash, provided by Dealiong Beneficial Financial Services Pvt Ltd and intended for Indian users, offers quick and straightforward loan applications from your mobile device, with generous loan amount limits and longer loan repayment terms than some lenders.

But you should keep in mind that the company charges a one percent service fee on each loan you take out – which may not seem excessive but is still significant when borrowing money. Before downloading this app, be mindful that they charge this service fee; perhaps another lender might provide better options without it.


Protecting yourself against malicious loan apps requires taking multiple steps. The first is to check their website to make sure it’s legitimate, secured, and hosted on a reputable server with an in-depth security policy outlining what information they collect and how it’s used. Furthermore, take note of their ratings and user reviews – if there are many negative comments, then avoid the app altogether.

As part of your research into an app’s website and privacy policies, you should also determine whether it has registered with local authorities. Laws vary depending on which country you reside in; lenders must abide by various regulations that regulate how they can operate and what information they must collect from potential borrowers. If you come across an app that lacks a valid license or is registered in another jurisdiction than where it should be written, report it immediately to authorities.

Once a fake loan app has amassed your data, they can use it to blackmail you into making payments, even if you did not apply for or receive one. Blackmail techniques often include harassing and threatening phone calls or social media. They could even threaten loved ones if payments aren’t made.

Furthermore, these apps can use your data to steal both identity and money from you. They typically request access to your contacts, call logs, calendar, and photos/documents, as well as having access to device sensors in order to detect your location or even unlock your phone without your knowledge or consent.

ESET’s telemetry shows that SpyLoan detections have seen an uptick since 2023, with malicious loan apps appearing more often across unofficial third-party app stores and Google Play, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Google Play has managed to protect Android and its users by tightening requirements for loan apps within each country – India, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, and Pakistan, among them – with country-specific rules in each instance, as well as by unpublishing many harmful apps from publication altogether.