ATI Active Learning Template


Practical nursing faculty at STC use active learning templates like those from ATI to engage students during classes and foster teamwork and collaboration among their students. Students often report that working together on templates strengthens cooperation and collaborative abilities integral to nursing success.

Organize Your Information

An active learning template is a form that asks a student to organize his or her information efficiently and systematically, which will enable them to retain it better and prepare for exams. Students often have many queries that become scattered when answering multiple queries simultaneously; by organizing their information this way, they will be better equipped to address all questions more organized, ultimately aiding the retention of knowledge and preparation.

ATI offers Review Modules as eBooks, which offer written and video materials related to topics identified as Topics to Refresh by students from their assessment reports. These resources may be used as course reading or for remediation following practice tests; faculty are strongly encouraged to incorporate this resource into their curriculum.

STC’s practical nursing faculty have utilized ATI products for several years and discovered that their students responded favorably. Students reported using active learning templates to stay engaged during class and take responsibility for their learning, with instructors witnessing students working together in small groups on creating templates, an essential skill needed in the nursing profession. Furthermore, STC faculty reported seeing students use these templates during laboratory courses and for remediation afterward.

Gather All the Information Needed

An Ati Active Learning Template can be helpful for individuals who need to provide personal or professional information in an easily understood format, such as when applying for employment, submitting their resume for review, or presenting their research findings or academic papers in a standardized fashion.

Ati active learning templates begin by collecting all necessary information, including personal details, contact details, and any relevant statistics or details that may be required. Once this data has been amassed, it can be compiled according to instructions so all necessary information is included and accurately displayed in an active learning template.

Fill in the Template systematically.

People required to present research findings, academic papers, or project proposals in an organized format may need an ATI template. The best way to complete such an ATI template is to follow its author’s instructions to ensure that all essential information is included and the template follows an understandable structure.

Assuming a student needs to fill out a nursing skill medication administration template, they should cover aspects like definition/etiology/pathophys/prognosis; risk factors; complications; anticipated MD orders (labs/diagnostics/meds/surgical interventions) as well as nursing interventions as part of this document or report. These are all essential information when creating any healthcare-related document or account.

Students needing remediation after taking either practice or proctored assessment may access Review Modules as eBooks to review specific content areas identified on their assessment report as topics to cover in the review. In the Improve tab, students will find these materials under their My ATI section.