XTB Deposit Bonus – How to Get a $40 No-Questions-Asked Bonus


XTB has a cashback program and mobile app for its players. However, the company does not offer a deposit bonus or welcome bonus. Instead, it provides other incentives to new customers, including loyalty points and refer-a-friend promotion. However, players from the EU are not eligible for the latter.

XTB no deposit bonus

XTB used to have a no deposit bonus that included a $40 no-questions-asked trading credit. However, that offer is no longer available for all traders. However, you can still take advantage of other promotional offers at this broker. These offers have a higher value and can improve your trading performance.

XTB has a long-standing reputation as a safe and stable trading platform. They use biometrics to verify the security of each account. There’s also no minimum deposit, and you can use your bank account to deposit funds. The no deposit bonus can only be used on the first deposit.

Withdrawals are simple and fast. Unlike many other brokers, XTB does not charge you any fees for either funding or withdrawing your funds. However, you may be subject to fees from your payment provider. XTB also offers several different withdrawal methods, including Skrill and Moneybookers.

XTB cashback program

To participate in the XTB cashback program, you will need to open a new account with the online casino. You can do so by using your credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. You will also need to choose your currency and enter a password that is case-specific to you. You will also be asked to submit some personal details such as your date of birth and current address. Once you’ve completed this part, you’ll be able to access the website’s client office and deposit funds.

To be eligible to join the XTB cashback program, you must be a non-UK or EU client. You can also open a demo account for 30 days. Then, once you’re approved, you can apply for a cashback bonus. If you’re not a resident of the EU or UK, you can opt to receive a bonus of 50% of your first deposit. This offer is only available to non-UK/EU/MENA residents. To avail of this bonus, you must deposit at least $100.

XTB mobile app

The XTB mobile app allows you to make deposits of any amount using your preferred payment method. You can also withdraw your funds instantly. This makes XTB a very cost-effective broker. There are no minimum deposit requirements or fees. You can use your credit card or bank transfer. XTB is a trusted broker that supports a variety of payment methods.

There are three types of accounts available at XTB. They accept most major credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. The XTB mobile app allows you to deposit funds through these third-party payment processors. You can deposit funds through the app’s dashboard, and choose the payment method of your choice.

XTB regulation

XTB is one of the few online brokers that are regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Unlike other platforms, XTB ensures that its clients’ funds are fully segregated from its operating capital. It also employs biometrics to ensure the security of your account. In addition, XTB requires that you create a secure password that contains upper and lower case letters, characters, and numbers.

To begin trading, new users must register by filling out a short intake form containing basic personal information. They will also need to choose the base currency of their account. Once they complete the form, they will be contacted by XTB support to verify their identity.

XTB trading platform

The XTB trading platform has no minimum deposit requirement. It also accepts a variety of payment methods including e-wallets. In addition, XTB uses biometrics to keep account information secure. It also requires a strong password with upper/lower case letters, characters, and numbers.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for an account. You can do this by clicking the green “Create Account” button. After confirming your information, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and enter a case-specific password. Next, you’ll need to fill out other required fields, such as your current address and date of birth. Finally, you’ll be prompted to choose a currency to trade in, as well as complete the terms and conditions section.

The XTB trading platform deposit bonus is available only once per account, but it is a great way to get started with your trading career. Although you’re only allowed to use the bonus on up to three lots, it’s a good starting support for new traders. The platform is based on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which means volume is quoted in regular MT4 lots. If you want to use your bonus for more than three lots, you’ll have to invest at least $100 in order to qualify.

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