What You Need to Know About IDES Illinois


Whether you’re looking to apply for disability benefits in Illinois or are currently receiving them, there are a few things you need to know. You’ll want to know how to get started, what to do if you get a rejection letter, and what to expect regarding the reporting process. You’ll also need to learn about the unemployment insurance loan balance you must pay back.

Disability benefits

Whether you have a physical or mental disability, you may qualify for disability benefits in Illinois. To be eligible, you must meet specific criteria. You can learn more about the process by consulting a Social Security attorney. Applicants can file a claim for disability in Illinois at local SSA offices.

The first step to filing a claim for disability benefits is to fill out an application. Then, you can visit the SSA’s field office locator to find a location near you. The application process takes about 3-5 months.

The second step to a disability claim is a medical exam. The doctor will assess your physical and mental abilities. If your impairment is permanent, you may qualify for endless total disability benefits.

Return to work reporting

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Discrimination complaint process

Providing a workplace free of unlawful discrimination is the mission of IDES Illinois. The Illinois Department of Employment Security is committed to complying with federal and state laws. It is illegal for IDES employees or agents to engage in discrimination against employees or applicants.

The Department conducts compliance reviews regularly to ensure that discrimination complaints are investigated and that IDES’ programs and services are provided in a nondiscriminatory manner. In addition, the department is committed to conducting EEO/Affirmative Action training and education. The procedures for processing complaints of discrimination are detailed in the IDES Manual.

The department employs an Equal Opportunity Compliance Monitor to conduct on-site visits to evaluate the IDES’s compliance with these policies. These visits include statistical analyses of the services the department provides.

Unemployment insurance loan balance to be paid off

Earlier this year, Governor JB Pritzker agreed to pay off $450 million of the unemployment insurance loan balance. It will save Illinois taxpayers $20 million in interest costs and millions in federal tax credits for employers.

According to the governor, the payment will reduce interest costs on UI Trust Fund debt by $10 million over the next year. In addition, he said the agreement would protect benefits for working families and ensure more excellent stability in state unemployment systems.

The unemployment insurance loan balance is the remaining portion of a $4.5 billion debt the state owes to the federal government. The federal government financed the fund through loans made under Title XII, the American Rescue Plan Act.

The federal government gave the green light to states to use the funds to help with unemployment claims during the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic shut down businesses, sending unemployment rates to 40-year highs. A total of 202,000 Illinoisans filed for unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

Register for Login

Using ILogin will allow you to quickly and conveniently access all your resident services. You can access a centralized login from paying your taxes to getting tax documents and more. You can even change your address in your IDES account after you have created your free ILogin account.

ILogin uses modern security techniques such as multifactor authentication, identity proofing, and fraud analytics to keep your data safe. Aside from making it easier for residents to access their government services, ILogin will also help secure your most private personal information. In a recent survey, IDES ranked ILogin as the state’s state’s number one identity verification solution.

ILogin will be the first of many public-facing applications to make use of this new identity verification solution. ILogin will be a boon to Illinois residents looking for a single login for all their services.

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