Web page design – What You Learn Right now Will Prevent You From Losing Thousands Tomorrow!

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This subject will be the title of a book again. However, I will try to be brief and to the point about what to complete and what not to do. This article will not pretend to be a course throughout the design. However, I’m going to mention some elements along with principles of design you should consider for your website.

There are two major components in each website. Graphic art along with the text. Both play unique roles. Graphic art may be candy to the eye. Anyone looking at your website will respond in one way or another based on what he or she sees. An online page could be made completely of graphics. The written text can be embedded in the graphics, and the element will still be one hundred percent visual.

So let’s clarify that visual elements are intended to cause a human being emotion or reaction. The graphic element in a page may transmit an idea subliminally too. You might be asking, who otherwise is going to read my website if not another human?

There is certainly another group of readers you would like to consider also – We are not talking about the aesthetically impaired who can not notice and have to hear the computer reading through the text of any specific web page-. I am talking about the various search engines. To index and directory your website, they must read it. This second group reads your website differently wherever Google, Yahoo, and Ask to belong. Yes, they may be very important too.

So, about humans, you have to have graphic components in your website; most people would rather see graphics instead of just textual content. The search engines will read your text to classify a person. If people are searching for your service and you would like them to find you on the Internet jungle, they are more likely to visit one of the three search engines like google mentioned previously. Do you view the dilemma? Most entrepreneurs don’t believe in search engines right away. There exists a belief among people that to be able to show on the first web page of the search engines, either you need to pay Google, or you need to be a big company. This is not always true. Your website can do a great deal to help itself to get good visibility on the search engines. I will express several tips and tricks about other articles that will help you climb your way up in search engines like google and stay there.

And we have arrived at the point where typically, the technology used to design your internet site impacts humans and search engines. There are so many different ways to generate a website that it will not be possible for me to describe all of them below. I will concentrate on technologies that might be very popular.

A website with a lot of movement and impact on graphic design will probably be constructed with Flash technology (Adobe). It is very difficult to surpass a properly designed Flash website about eye candy; they are ideal. The downside is that they do not list well on Google. They are also high-priced when you order them, along with expensive to maintain.

You can have the common HTML website, now with PHP, CSS, and Javascript (Sun/Oracle) technology, and create several impressive graphic arrays while still being search engine friendly. There are hundreds of tools around to create this type of website. Via Dreamweaver (Adobe) and Frontpage (Microsoft) that allow you to have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What Anyone Get) environment so you can survey your website, to a just straightforward text editor where the codes can be written.

So the recommendation is that if you wish to have an effective website without breaking the bank, stay away from a complete Flash website.

But I would like pretty graphics! Yes, I understand you want them; we all perform. If the explanation I have given you has not convinced you that it is not a good idea, then there is certainly even another thing to think about: I am sure at some point in time, you will want to modify, add or delete images or text in your web site. This is a point most business owners do not think about when purchasing a website.

The traditional way website designers make more money from you can by charging you for modifications. Yes, I have heard a lot of horror stories about all of them. Small companies are getting expenses of $500 or more per month just for changes! I had a client who once told me exactly how he disliked being caught by his designer. These were charging him fee right after fee. He was sold on the thought of paying a very small amount for his website to realize later he had to pay thousands just because of the changes he had to make every month. This exercise happens regardless if your website is Flash or non-Flash.

Likewise, if your online designer moves somewhere else, otherwise you don’t like him anymore; when you have a Flash website, if you have the source file for the idea, you will not be able to modify the idea at will. Another big negative aspect.

But here is the main reason. While technology and procedures to make websites evolve, business people and small business owners have an additional way to have more control of their internet sites: A back door. Sure, a back door aimed at your web will allow you to create a new site, edit or delete written content, add new graphics or pictures, etc. I am not necessarily talking about access to the records where you can see the code, almost certainly, you will not understand it at any rate. I am talking to an again door that is technically yet another website to change the content within your website.

These solutions have a place for big corporations. They also have people contributing with written content daily; they don’t have to worry about site design, and the system does it for the coffee lover. Well, now that solution referred to as CMS (Content Management System) is available for small businesses way too. I will talk more about these people in other articles. For the moment, just think how great it will be if you experience your own CMS website. They may be designed with typical and typical elements such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. I try to use the less achievable elements of Javascript because these elements don’t index properly in the search engines either. And also, yes, with a CMS and traditional HTML websites, you might have Flash elements that will add spice to your website. Read also: https://espaipriorat.org/category/digital-marketing/

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