Visit the Lakeside Garden Center in Annandale, Minnesota


Located in Annandale, Minnesota, the Lakeside Garden Center is a great place to find many plants, flowers, and herbs. It also specializes in container gardening, custom containers, and decorative patio pots. Whether you need a new potting soil or a new plant container, you’ll find everything you need to make your home garden successful at Lakeside.

Qiandao Lake

In the Qiandao Lakeside Garden, you can witness the ancient villages that once flourished beneath the water’s surface. A skylight suggests the infinity space, while a minimalist spiral staircase leads to a wide-open lake view. In the distance, you can also see the mountains.

The Lakeside Garden was designed by TOPOS Landscape Architects and resulted from a 1-hectare site. The landscape architects transformed a slope into a dramatic sequence. The garden has several distinct spaces that are perfect for gatherings and events. Each area is complemented with a distinctive theme, which helps visitors find their way around the site.

The lake is situated in Jiangnan Province, near Shanghai and Hangzhou. It is accessible via a scenic cruise, private boat, or bicycle. You can also hire a private car to go to other nearby attractions. The gardens are a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Autumn is the most beautiful season to visit Qiandao Lake. It’s full of beautiful colours in autumn, and the islands in Hongye Bay are filled with melons and other fruits. The water in Qiandao Lake is crystal clear. During winter, the lakeside garden becomes quiet and serene.

Visitors can reach Qiandao Lakeside Garden by train from Hangzhou East or South Railway Stations. From there, it takes 50 – 70 minutes. From there, take a taxi or a private car. Alternatively, the scenic area of Thousand Island Lake is only 28km away.

Tide Plaza

The Tide is a multi-layered network of public spaces, including a five-kilometre elevated walkway and garden platforms. This system will provide a rich environment for social interaction, recreation, and wellness. It will link diverse ecosystems, emerging neighbourhoods, and the river. The Tide’s elevated gardens will be supported by 28 unique structural supports, channelling water and gravity loads down to the riverbed below. The Tide’s elevated platforms will also feature integrated landscape systems, lighting, and electrical distribution.

The Tide’s plantings are designed to reflect the unique local context. Phase I tree planting, for example, uses native species of birch, poplar, and salix. The Tide will also feature ground cover and ornamental grasses. This landscape will complement the lakeside garden’s tranquillity and ambience.

The Tide Plaza lakeside garden offers a unique gathering space. Its flowing form and the kinetic screen will welcome guests. The surrounding water will be the backdrop for informal performances, such as the Di Mian De Zhi Ma Hei. The tidal wave of the lake will be a welcoming prelude to any gathering.

The Lakeside Garden is perfect for families with children. Clusia Cove, located on the northern edge, is a water play area with an eco-pond and cafe. The lakeside garden includes a play area with water slides and a water playground. This water playground is an interactive water playground where children can experience tidal patterns and the water ebb and flow of a natural ocean.

Lakeside Sunken Gardens

If you want to visit a well-established botanical garden, then the Lakeside Sunken Gardens are the perfect place. Located at 1825 4th Street North, they have been in operation for over a century and are one of the oldest roadside attractions in the United States. Visitors can enjoy a stroll through four acres of beautifully landscaped plant life.

In 1903, George Turner Sr. bought six acres of land and began draining the shallow lake below sea level and planting exotic plants in the rich soil. He also opened a nursery that sold plants and fruits. In the 1920s, he began charging visitors a nickel to walk through the gardens. A bronze fountain was installed on the north retaining wall. The original cement lion’s head fountain was replaced with a bronze version.

One of the unique aspects of Lakeside Park is its sunken rose garden. It features over 2,000 rose plants in 150 varieties and a fountain. The park also has playgrounds and tennis courts. There’s something for everyone at Lakeside Park. Whether you’re looking for a place to play with your children or take in a gorgeous view of the lake, this park has it all.

The Sunken Gardens are four acres of well-maintained botanical gardens. They are located near the centre of St. Petersburg, Florida and are about 15 feet below street level. The gardens include several separate gardens with specialized plants and animal habitats. There’s also a tortoise habitat, a flamingo flock and several connected pools with koi.

Jim Scott’s garden

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to spend a day, visit Jim Scott’s lakeside garden in Lake Martin, Alabama. The space is spectacular and has evolved over the past 12 years. Visitors can enjoy the garden’s elevated walkways, a hidden cave, and a bottle of wine. Visiting Jim Scott’s lakeside garden will leave you with awe and wonder.

The expansive garden at Lake Martin in Central Alabama is so vast and diverse that it’s impossible to plan it with a GPS. The result is a 12-acre landscape full of surprises. Because Scott isn’t a landscape architect, his garden is not a traditional garden, but it’s surrounded by moving water and features waterfalls, streams, and ponds.

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