Virginity Rocks Hoodie Threatens School Suspension


If you are a huge fan of Virginity Rocks, you’re probably already familiar with the viral image of a woman with lips inside a “Rocks” hoodie. This design has been circulating on social media and has become the subject of numerous memes and selfies. Now, the Wentzville School District has threatened to suspend a boy who wears the hoodie to class.

Wentzville School District threatens to suspend son if he wears ‘Virginity Rocks’ sweatshirt to class

The Wentzville School District has threatened to suspend a 13-year-old boy for wearing a Virginity Rocks sweatshirt to school. This has drawn criticism from both religious and secular groups. But the message of the shirt – which promotes responsible sexual activity – is one that is supported by many people in the community.

Londyn Piglowski received the sweatshirt as a birthday gift from a classmate. He had previously worn the hoodie to school, but never got in trouble. However, when he went to social studies this year, he was pulled out of class and told to take the shirt off. Piglowski didn’t take it off and was sent to the principal’s office.

The school was apparently adhering to a policy about writing on clothing. The district’s dress code prohibits clothing that encourages immoral, illegal, sexual, or violent behavior.

Burgundy hoodie

Virginity Rocks is a chastity movement. Its motto is “virginity rules.” The burgundy hoodie is an interesting and fun t-shirt. Many people enjoy wearing the hoodie, even those who don’t share the beliefs. Some wear them as a mockery, while others wear them to express themselves.

The burgundy hoodie has an all-burgundy colorway with a yellow and white script that says “virginity rocks”. The front has a kangaroo pocket and a soft fleece-lined interior. The hood has adjustable drawstrings to keep you warm.

Aside from the burgundy hoodie, there are a number of other Virginity Rocks shirts, sweatshirts, and hats to choose from. They are all 100% cotton, and are ethically sourced. Their t-shirts have a ribbed waistband, a classic fit, and are screen printed on top of a soft and lightweight fabric.

Design with lips inside “Rocks”

Virginity Rocks is a chastity movement aimed at encouraging young people to keep their virginity. The program was started during the Reagan administration, and was backed by both the church and state. This abstinence program focuses on teaching teens about the dangers of early relationships and the importance of keeping a vow of abstinence. In the past, a significant percentage of teenagers who took the vow did not live up to their commitments. It is now estimated that one in six teenagers has not remained abstinent after three years of taking a vow.

A hoodie with the design with lips inside “Virginity Rocks” has been gaining popularity among teens. These shirts are available in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Those who support the message wear these hoodies as an expression of their beliefs. However, there are also those who consider the hoodie a form of mockery.

Selfies and memes

Probably the most popular and most controversial hoodie is the Virginity rocks hoodie. This hoodie has spawned a series of selfies and memes that confuse people. Despite the controversy, many teens wear the hoodie as a fashion statement.

The phrase “Virginity rocks” has been around for many years, but its usage has jumped into the spotlight lately. This phrase is a catchphrase used by Christian organizations to appeal to young people who are against imposed piety. Wearing the shirt has gained popularity among teens who champion abstinence.

While this has been around for a while, it has taken on a new meaning thanks to a YouTube personality named Danny Duncan. The YouTube personality is an advocate for young people who maintain their virginity, and his slogan is a “virginity rules” motto.

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