The Hotel Celajes in Costa Rica


Located in the center of the beautiful town of Belmar, The Hotel Celajes is the perfect choice for a relaxing holiday. It offers a spa, restaurant, and a range of activities. It also has Eco-credentials and physical distancing measures in place.

Restaurante Celajes

Located inside the world-renowned Hotel Belmar of Monteverde, Costa Rica, Restaurante Celajes offers guests a unique Costa Rican experience. This family-run hotel allows visitors to embrace responsible tourism and learn about circular farming and sustainable agriculture.

The restaurant’s cuisine reflects the flavors of the Monteverde area and is prepared with local organic ingredients. Guests can enjoy a private dinner or a picnic lunch. In the bar, guests can enjoy a variety of delicious craft beers that are brewed onsite.

The hotel also features a tea room, juice bar, and yoga studio. The juice bar serves freshly squeezed juices and loose-blended teas. Yoga classes are offered daily. A spa treatment is also available. There are massages, reflexology, and Cranial Sacral massages available.

The Hotel Belmar is also home to Finca Madre Tierra, a carbon-neutral farm that produces free-range eggs, vegetables, herbs, and cheeses. It also allows guests to experience the real life of a Costa Rican farm.


Located in the lush and mysterious mountains of Monteverde, the Hotel Belmar is a rustic Austrian-style chalet. It’s built of locally crafted furniture and hardwoods and features an impressive vegetable garden and waterfall. Two Swiss-style chalets are also onsite, making it a genuinely eco-conscious resort. In addition, the Belmar is home to a natural spring lake and several endangered species.

The Belmar also boasts an impressive spa that offers a variety of massages and body treatments, including a hot stone massage and reiki therapy. It also features a sauna, a computer station, and four outdoor swimming pools. The spa is a great place to wind down after a day exploring the cloud forests and the local wildlife.

The Hotel Belmar has received awards for its sustainable efforts, such as a certificate for five levels of sustainability. Aside from its eco-friendly amenities, it also has a self-guided trail. It’s also home to a waterfall and a natural spring lake.

Activities offered

Located in the luscious green mountains of Monteverde, the Hotel Belmar offers a peaceful escape. This rustic Austrian chalet-style eco-lodge is situated on a nine-acre private reserve, which includes a waterfall, pond, and stream. In addition, the property consists of a self-guided nature trail.

The Hotel Belmar also boasts a microbrewery, which hosts live music on Saturday nights. The hotel is also home to the country’s first carbon-neutral farm. This farm provides eggs, cheese, and coffee for the hotel. The hotel also offers a sustainability tour of the farm, a must for visitors looking for an eco-friendly experience.

Belmar’s main restaurant serves farm-to-table cuisine. This includes organic produce, baked goods, and some Costa Rican specialties. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace.

Physical distancing measures

Keeping guests safe and reducing the risk of infection is a top priority for the accommodation sector. The CDC recommends that facilities such as hotels and casinos follow essential health and safety measures, including limiting the number of people on each floor.

The most apparent protective measure is ensuring that employees have access to adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and use the PPE properly. This includes eye and mouth protection, gloves, face shields, and disinfectant wipes. The hotel’s action plan should do this.

Another simple measure is to ensure that all guest rooms are adequately cleaned after each guest checks out. This will not only reduce the chances of contamination but also reduce the number of potential transmissions. Likewise, the hotel should ensure that engineers regularly sanitize its air conditioning systemsedentials

Located in Monteverde, Hotel Belmar is one of the leading eco-friendly hotels in Costa Rica. It is a family-run hotel that is committed to environmental responsibility. As such, Belmar has been certified as carbon neutral for many years.

Hotel Belmar is a rustic Austrian chalet-style eco-lodge. The property is located within the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, home to numerous rare and endangered species. Hotel Belmar is also a certified National Network of Private Preserves member. It features an organic garden and a self-guided trail.

Hotel Belmar is one of the first hotels in the Monteverde area to participate in the Carbon-Neutral Certification program. The program is the oldest and most rigorous sustainability certification in the world. As part of the program, Hotel Belmar matches donations made by guests, resulting in a carbon-negative travel experience for those who stay at the hotel.

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