Space Buns Tutorial


If you’ve ever wanted to try space buns but didn’t know how to do it, look no further! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that will have your hair looking as fabulous as those worn by Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid. You’ll also learn how to accessorize your buns with scrunchies.

Braided space buns are a fun twist on the original

Braided space buns are a variation of the classic space bun. They are created by French braiding the center section of hair from the scalp to the ends. This fun style can be worn in many different ways. For a fun twist, you can paint temporary hair dye on your roots for added flair.

Braided space buns look especially cool when accessorized with a bandana. They are not difficult to make and don’t require much commitment. You can choose from several different styles and shapes to find one that works for your hair. They work well on most types of hair, but make sure to customize the style to your hair type.

Braided space buns have a ’90s vibe and are a fun twist on the classic space bun style. They look equally cute on kids and women. They can be a great option for mommy-and-me photoshoots or birthday parties.

Gigi Hadid or Ariana Grande rocked space buns

The space bun is one of the hottest hair trends of 2015 and it has been a hot topic on social media this past week, but who rocked it better? Is it Gigi Hadid or Ariana Grande? These two models have different looks, but both have a similar vibe. Gigi wore a plaid skirt with a cropped blazer. It was reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s mod-inspired looks.

While the ’90s Spice Girls and Gigi Hadid rocked space buns with their signature hairstyles, this trend has become a more accessible look for everyday wear. Gigi Hadid has worn the style in Japan to promote her Tommy Hilfiger collection. Gigi’s version is not overly costume and doesn’t scream “Star Wars” – despite the name!

To rock the space bun, you should start with dirty hair. You can either let it stay in a messy bun or have it surgically straight. To make the space bun look effortless, pull two pigtails high on your head. Then, apply a strong hold gel or hairspray to smooth out the pigtails and secure them. You may also want to use a styling cream to smooth the hairstyle if you have curly hair.

Creating voluminous space buns

To achieve the voluminous space bun, you must make sure that your hair is clean and dry. Moreover, it should be tangle-free. Then, you should part your hair in the middle. This will help you create the bun of the desired size. You can also use ponytail extensions to achieve voluminous space buns.

Space buns are a fun way to style your hair. They look great on people with all kinds of hair. You can even try this hairstyle if you are dealing with short hair. These buns are easy to create and are a good choice for people who want to add a playful element to their look.

Space buns are easy to create and look stunning on all types of hair. They look great in any color. You can even go for a multi-colored hair look by coloring the top half of your hair white and the bottom half black. Then, you can tie it up with a bobby pin and rock your space bun!

Accessorizing with scrunchies

If you’re into wearing space buns and want to add a feminine touch to your style, try accessorizing with scrunchies. You can wear them high for a more polished look, or low for a more casual look. They make for a great alternative to hair jewelry, and you can even match the scrunchie to the color of your top.

The space bun style is very popular among women, as it looks fun and flirty. It’s not difficult to do and it keeps your hair out of your face. You can try using any size scrunchie to keep your space bun looking stylish and playful. You can also add face-framing pieces to complete your style.

Space buns are also great for people with two-toned hair or three-toned hair. Using scrunchies of different colors is a great way to show off these multicolored locks. Your hair will look like a kaleidoscope when you wear your hair up in this style.

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