SimplyInsured Reviews – What You Need to Know


SimplyInsured Reviews are an excellent resource for learning about a company before you apply. The reviews will tell you about the company’s culture, working conditions, compensation, and training opportunities. You’ll also learn about the salary ranges and interview skills needed to be hired at the company. Even more important, they will give you the lowdown on any negative aspects of the company.

SimplyInsured’s termination_date field

If you need to terminate an employee, you must set the termination_date field on their Employee object. When this field is set, SimplyInsured will send an email notifying the employee of the termination. The email will also include information on COBRA. After that, the insurance carrier will notify the employee of COBRA eligibility.

SimplyInsured automates onboarding by analyzing thousands of insurance policies and finding the most affordable, best-value plans for small businesses. In addition, it streamlines the ongoing administration of the plan and makes switching plans easy for employees. It even helps businesses save time.

As a Y Combinator-backed startup, SimplyInsured is focused on making health insurance easy for small businesses. Its founders were early employees at Cardpool, a health insurance startup that Blackhawk Network acquired in late 2011. The startup aims to provide health insurance quotes to small businesses in plain English. Besides helping small businesses compare and switch plans, it also helps them identify hidden costs and potential savings.

Its free benefits administration

If you are looking for a health plan that is affordable, simple and provides the right coverage for your employees, consider SimplyInsured, which offers medical, dental, and vision insurance nationwide. Their free benefits administration service makes the process simple and painless. Once your employees fill out an application, SimplyInsured will review it in just 10 minutes and let you know if they are approved. They also offer full-time dedicated customer service to help you with any questions.

SimplyInsured makes the process of setting up new benefits simple for businesses. It integrates with payroll services to automate employee insurance deductions. Their mission is to focus on individuals and businesses by offering solutions that increase savings. They also make it easy for employees to switch insurance plans without hassle.

The company’s free benefits administration service allows employers to compare quotes and see how much they will save each employee. It claims to save businesses $500 to $1,000 per employee each year. Its most significant challenge is being able to serve a small number of companies.

Its competitors

SimplyInsured is a health insurance exchange that offers a variety of affordable health insurance plans. It offers payroll integration, claims fighting support, and 24/7 customer support. The company plans to expand its sales team with a recent Series A round of funding. Its algorithms are based on a user’s age and location to determine the most affordable plan.

SimplyInsured is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. Its CEO and co-founder have an approval rating of 81%. SimplyInsured has several competitors, including Sherpaa Health, CollectiveHealth, and Maxwell Health. However, many of them have lower approval ratings than SimplyInsured.

Its competitors’ salaries

If you’re wondering if Simplyinsured’s salary is good, it’s essential to look at how the company ranks amongst competitors. You’ll better understand the company’s culture, working conditions, and compensation. You’ll also better understand the company’s training and development programs. Finally, you’ll also get an idea of the company’s reputation, which is essential if you’re looking for a job with Simplyinsured.

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