Rustic Mornings Cafe & Brunch Spot


Rustic Mornings is a delightful garden cafe and all-day breakfast spot. The chef, Portia Baluyut, is inspired by her late grandmother’s celebrated recipes. The resulting cuisine is a delight for any palate. She proudly serves her grandmother’s delectable recipes to the public.

Spinach artichoke dip

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, consider adding Spinach Artichoke Dip to your rustic morning menu. This creamy dip is a combination of spinach and artichokes and is served with housemade bread. It’s best when served warm but tastes great at room temperature as well. At Seven Pantry, you can find familiar favorites, as well as some interesting dishes.

Creamy curry kofta balls

If you are looking for something exotic but still light and healthy, Rustic Mornings has it. They offer several meatball dishes to choose from, including Creamy Curry Kofta Balls, which have the exotic flavor of curry at its best. This dish is a great option for a lunch bowl and comes with steamed rice.

Rustic Mornings also offers Sausages and Hashbrowns that pair perfectly with Buttermilk Pancakes. One of my favorite dishes on the Rustic Mornings menu is their Curry Kofta Balls, which are savory meatballs wrapped in curry and served with steamed white rice. They are an excellent accompaniment to your meal, and I highly recommend trying them.

Waffle churros

The menu at Rustic Mornings includes a wide variety of breakfast and brunch options. Among its signature dishes are the buttery waffles and pancakes served on popsicle sticks, as well as the Waffle Churros, a sweet treat topped with cinnamon powder.

Rustic Mornings is a popular all-day breakfast and brunch spot in Marikina. They serve an extensive brunch menu and are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also purchase the restaurant’s pancake mix, maple syrup, and waffle mix, which is also sold at the Waffable branch.

Party trays

The Rustic Mornings menu features Party Trays for up to 10 people, perfect for a potluck. The menu also offers breakfast baskets, including homemade pancake mix, maple syrup, and ground coffee, which are great holiday gifts. If you want to impress your guests, you can order a party platter for pick-up or delivery.

The menu includes Filipino favorites, such as Spanish Callos and Seafood Paella. Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is located in Marikina City and has three-time slots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All-day breakfast

Rustic Mornings offers an extensive menu of brunch and all-day breakfast items. This cafe is most popular for its waffles and pancakes, which come with its signature syrup. They also offer a delicious twist on the classic French toast, called the Waffle Churros, which are fried dough balls covered in cinnamon powder. A Half Plain, Half Churros plate is also available.

Rustic Mornings started as a private dining venue but it has since expanded to an all-day breakfast and lunch establishment. Portia Baluyut Magsino’s passion for food and her mother’s love of collecting trinkets have resulted in an elegant yet affordable dining experience. The intimate dining room accommodates up to 100 guests.

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