Rouse Chamberlin Homes Reviews


Whether you are searching for a home in a small town or a sprawling city, you will find that Rouse Chamberlin Homes has a wide variety of homes to choose from. They build single-family homes and townhomes in the surrounding counties and offer both immediate delivery homes and complimentary design consultation. They also have a solid reputation for exceptional customer service.

Customer satisfaction

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, Rouse Chamberlin Homes has something to offer you. They are an award-winning builder in the Philadelphia area that has been building quality new construction communities for 36 years. Their homes are designed to complement today’s lifestyles, and their customer satisfaction is top-notch.

As a result of their dedication to customer satisfaction, Rouse Chamberlin Homes has been recognized with several awards. They received the Reader’s Choice Award as the top builder in Chester County. The company’s goal has always been to build quality neighborhoods, and they are dedicated to delivering the Rouse Chamberlin Home Ownership Experience. By partnering with GMH Mortgage Services, LLC, they can provide an opportunity like no other in the marketplace. GMH Mortgage is licensed in 21 states and they share the customer-centric approach that Rouse Chamberlin Homes exemplifies.

As a result of the strategic partnership between Rouse Chamberlin Homes and GMH Mortgage Services, LLC, the company can offer financial incentives to buyers. Whether you are looking to buy a new home or purchase an existing home, GMH Mortgage Services can help you find the perfect mortgage for you.

Stormwater discharge pipe

Using a combination of state-of-the-art imaging technology, a 98-year-old sewer line was rehabilitated. The result was a smaller pipe and reduced indicator pollutant concentrations. This cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) saves time, and money and minimizes impact on the environment.

The project involved a 98-year-old sewer line that had allowed 10 GPM of groundwater to infiltrate the property. The problem was traced to nearby swales. This was not revealed on the property’s approved plans but was identified through the use of a rapid visual inspection of the stormwater pipe network. This small improvement saved the property thousands in assessment costs.

The project also required four redirected house services. This oh-so-small improvement was attributed to the CIPP. The redirected services reduced indicator pollutant concentrations by more than 80%. The redirected services required the use of a 325 LF 12-inch cured-in-place pipe. The resulting system is said to be the smallest pipe in the state of Pennsylvania.

Quality-built homes throughout the Delaware Valley

Whether you are looking for a townhome, single-family home, or immediate delivery home, Rouse Chamberlin Homes can build your new home from the ground up. They have a solid reputation for quality construction and excellent customer service. They offer free design consultations.

In the late 1970s, Bill Rouse and Steve Chamberlin met over lunch. Both men had started their own real estate companies, but they decided to collaborate to build quality, affordable homes. They discussed what challenges they faced and how they could overcome them. Bill suggested starting a company and Steve agreed to start Rouse Chamberlin Homes. The two men pledged to build quality, affordable homes, and solid investments.

Rouse Chamberlin Homes is located in Exton, Pennsylvania, and builds single-family homes and townhomes in surrounding counties. They offer free design consultation, and they have a reputation for building quality, affordable homes. They are also a premier home builder in the Delaware Valley.

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