Review Smart X Bot – Net89 atau Smart X Bot


If you are considering investing in a forex robot, you may consider Smart X Bot or Net89. This robot will allow you to trade in forex without having any prior trading experience. In addition, it comes with a minimum investment and offers unreal monthly payouts. The trading system is also backed by Smart Ecotrade, a company that invests in AI infrastructure for 2020 and beyond.

Robot trading forex Net89 Atau Smart X Bot

Robot trading forex Net89 Atau Smart x Bot is a program that automatically trades for you. These programs are usually installed on MT4 accounts. Both beginners and seasoned traders alike can use these programs. These programs will help you earn profits as quickly as possible.

While many traders have found success using Net89 or Smart X Bot, others have questioned the system. While Smart X Bot does seem to be working well, the name “Net89” evokes connotations of money games.

Trading system

Choosing the right trading system is crucial to successful trading. However, not all robots are created equally, and a trading system that performs well one day may not perform so well the next. For this reason, you should look for an algorithm that has been back-tested in different market conditions and on various currency pairs. Moreover, you should also check the results of live trading on live markets to determine its effectiveness. Another essential factor to consider is the drawdown. It is the difference between a period’s high and low points, and a robot should be able to match this drawdown.

SmartX Bot is an Indonesian trading robot that trades on the euro-dollar currency pair. It aims to make at least 1% a day in profits. It also trades in scalping mode, which only opens one position simultaneously, ensuring a low drawdown. If combined losses exceed a certain level, SmartX Bot will stop trading until you decide to enter or exit a trade manually.

Minimum investment

SmartXBot is a trading robot that operates in the euro-dollar currency pair. It aims to generate profits of 1% a day by opening and closing only one position at a time. The trading robot uses scalping mode, which ensures low drawdowns and keeps trades profitable. Unlike a human trader, the robot is designed to stop trading automatically if combined losses equal more than 1% of the investment. This robot is only available to registered individuals with a broker, and the minimum investment to review it is USDT.

Unreal monthly payouts

When a bot claims to make monthly profits, it’s essential to be skeptical. This is because making monthly profits in actual trading is virtually impossible. Only Ponzi schemes can promise such profits, and they often include prizes or other incentives to get people to buy investment packages. So unreal monthly payouts from bright are likely to be worthless.


SmartXBot is an Indonesian trading robot that trades in the euro dollar. It aims to gain at least 1% of its capital per day. It uses scalping techniques and only opens one position at a time. This ensures a low drawdown. The software automatically stops trading when its combined losses are adverse. Moreover, it is only available for deposit and withdrawal from regulated brokers.

SmartX Bot claims to make monthly profits, but this is not feasible in actual trading. Such profits are obtainable only with Ponzi schemes. Such investment packages usually offer prizes and incentives to lure investors.


If you have been thinking about investing in a robot trading system, it is essential to understand the risks associated with this investment. First, there is the risk of receiving incorrect trade recommendations from an untested system. Additionally, there is a possibility that a company might program its software with deliberate bias, which could harm your trading results. This is why it is vital to do proper due diligence on the company and the trading robot you are interested in. It is also crucial to check out third-party evaluations of the system.

There are several risks associated with SmartX Bot. First, it is essential to note that SmartX Bot is not regulated and deals with unregulated brokers, making it impossible to prove its performance. Also, the company does not provide an investment package that will allow investors to make a profit in the short term. Moreover, the system requires you to get a sponsor or a referral to make money.

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